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3 Facts About Unions You Need To Know

Unions confuse many of us AFK Arena players, right? I totally admit that I did not full understand the whole system of unions right from the beginning until I spend some time to get more familiar with it. And I can promise you it is really worth it.

So, if you also feel that unions are something you don’t understand completely or you’re not 100% sure about I have below absolutely everything you need to know.

#1 – Union Buffs Apply Always

When you look at the unions it clearly looks as if the buffs there only apply if you use all the heroes of one union in your team, right?

afk arena unionsThe reality is, they always apply. Let’s take the “Master & Apprentice” union that consists of Brutus and Khasos. If you fill them and get your buffs you also get the full buff when you only use Khasos or Brutus in your team – they always get the full buff.

This makes the unions really beneficial when you look at the buffs!

#2 – Union Buffs Stack

If you get two or all three buffs unlocked because you have access to the required heroes rarity they will stack!

Looking here that doesn’t mean that the HP +1200 +10% buff will get removed when the second buff with ATK +250 +5% is activated.

When you activate the second buff with the Elite+ heroes your Brutus and your Khasos will get the HP buff and the ATK buff as well. With the third buff they have ALL of the buffs active and this is actually a huge bonus you will get there, especially when your heroes are not fully ascended and Leveled to Level 200.

#3 – Manage Unions On Autopilot

Actually handling unions is easy – once you set them up you will always see the explemation marks that will tell you “hey look here, there’s something you need to take care of”. That’s normally either that there’s higher rarity hero available that you can add or a friend left the game and became inactive and you need to substitute his heroes if you used them.

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