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Abysmal Delves Guide (Peaks of Time Realm 14)

Congratulations on unlocking Abysmal Delves, the 14th realm in Peaks of Time.

Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm as fast as possible

Recommended Hero Levels: 200-220+*

The Abysmal Delves is actually not a hard realm in Peaks of Time, actually quite an easy one. If you have solved the Burning Woods you can directly tackle this realm without problems.

The only thing you should have is a strong carrier hero like Shemira at Level 220+

There’s also not much more about this realm than collecting relics to get stronger to do the boss battles at the end.

The only small puzzle is finding the hidden chest at the end to get 100% completion, but I have this in this guide here as well 🙂

So, without any further ado let’s jump right into the walkthrough, right?

afk arena abysmal delves step 1Step 1

As I said there’s no specific order in which you should do the camps in the Abysmal Delves – simply check them out and do them in ascending order of difficulty so you can get the relics without risking too much.

If you have the option to get Firebringer & Icebringer or Sunstone & Moonstone relic together you can be sure that you will get this realm done easily, so watch out for those relics 🙂

afk arena abysmal delves step 2Step 2

Now it’s time to get the Ice Hammer, this will allow you to break through several obstacles that block your path.

You find the Ice Hammer at the bottom left side on the ice side of the map after fighting through several camps. The boss fight for the Ice Hammer can be quite challenging so make sure that you have picked up all the relics you can before doing this fight.

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afk arena abysmal delves step 3Step 3

Next up is getting the Fire Hammer. Along with the Ice Hammer it will give you access to the two final boss fights and the Crystal Chests to complete the Abysmal Delves realm.

You will need to Ice Hammer to get the Fire Hammer so make sure you have completed the fight in Step 2.

Then you can walk to the bottom right side where you will be able to remove the obstacle and fight another boss to get the Fire Hammer.

afk arena abysmal delves step 4Step 4

Now it’s time for the boss fights and they should really be the last fights left on the map.

Again, you hopefully picked either Moonstone & Sunstone or Firebringer & Icebringer or the boss fights can be really challenging.

The fire boss has a Lvl 300 team with 2 Lucius and Athalia in it so you might tackle that last and get the ice boss first, because then you have one extra legendary relic than can buff you a lot.

afk arena abysmal delves step 5Step 5 – Hidden Chest

So, after this you now should have collected everything in the Abysmal Delves except one single Golden Chest.

This is the hidden chest and you can now get access to it by going to the left side of the map.

There you see the frozen pond and when you step on it you will see a path appearing that you need to follow – at the end you will get the last Golden Chest and have completed this realm.

Please mind that you can’t access this path before getting the Ice Hammer and the Fire Hammer 🙂


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