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New 1,000 Diamonds Codes! AFK Arena Redemption Codes

About every month AFK Arena has new redemption codes that can give you easily some free DIamonds, Summon Scrolls, Rare Crystals or Coins.

All you need to do is enter the code in your account and redeem the reward – but what are the codes?

If you don’t want to follow several people and the official AFK Arena accounts on social networks you can also check back here as I will always post here the current redemption codes 🙂

How To Use AFK Arena Codes

Using redemption codes in AFK Arena is quite easy… all you need to do is to go to your profile and settings and there you will see a button called “redemption code”.

redeem code in afk arena

Just enter the code from below (with the status active) and you will get the rewards 🙂

All AFK Arena Codes (Updated Frequently)

Here I will list you all codes and also add new codes as soon as they will get released. Normally we always see around one code per month and also special redemption codes during festive days like Mothers Day.

Here’s the full list.

New Code (July 4th)

Status: Active

Another 1,000 Diamonds code just got released, so redeem while it is active (not sure how long it will be)!


The code is 2nzzy8y67v

New Creator Codes (July 11th)

new creator codesStatus: Active

There are two new creator codes for new content creators in Japan/South Korea available, each rewarding 5x Summon Scrolls, 1000 Diamonds and 1500k Coins. In total that’s 10x Summons, 2000 Diamonds!

The codes are HaruruAFK and YuJaeseok

New Code (July 4th)

weekend redemption code in afk arena rewards

Status: Expired

Just in time for the weekend, we have a new redemption code that will give 300 Diamonds and 20 Epic Soulstones

Redeem before it expires 😉

The code is 2gq55jii87

New Code (June 13th)

dev q a redemption code

Status: Expired

No idea for what this new code actually is, but it will reward you with 1,000 Diamonds so not asking any questions here 🙂

No comment how long it will be valid, so redeem now before it expires.

The code is vm894xsucf

Abyssal Extension Code (June 5th)

dev q a redemption code

Status: Expired

To compensate the bugs with the Abyssal Expedition a few days ago, there’s a redemption code to make up for it, rewarding us with 1,000 Diamonds. Not sure how long this code will last, very likely until the Abyssal Expedition ends…

The code is vxvtzgtz6f

Children’s Day Code (May 29th)

dev q a redemption codeStatus: Expired

Away from the Children’s Day Event that rewards some nice rewards as well, there’s also a redemption code that will give you 1,000 Diamonds

This code won’t last long so be quick to redeem it.

The code is vdgf3ak6fc

Mother’s Day Code (May 10th)

dev q a redemption codeStatus: Expired

To celebrate Mother’s Day we get 1,000 Diamonds from a new redemption code in AFK Arena as well.

This code won’t last long so be quick to redeem it.

The code is ufxsqraif5

Labor Day Code (May 1st)

labor day may 2020 redemption codeStatus: Expired

You can get 30 Summon Scrolls for May 1st as this is Labor Day and this is actually a really nice redemption code that everyone here will find useful 🙂

The code is uf4shqjngq

New Code (April 27th-April29th)

dev q a redemption codeStatus: Expired

Here’s a fresh code that is only valid for 2 days so be quick to use it to grab your 1,000 Diamonds now.

The code is u9rfs27rd9


Mr. Pumpkin Code (April 23rd)

mr pumpkin redemption codeStatus: Expired

Just freshly released to honor Mr. Pumpkin and will reward you with 300 Diamonds and 5 Summon Scrolls. Redeem while it’s hot 🙂

The code is mrpumpkin2

Spring Code (April 20th, 2020 – April 23rd, 2020)

spring codeStatus: Expired

To celebrate spring we have a new code that will reward 1,000 Diamonds until April 23rd so be quick to redeem it before it expires.

Also mind that some of the below codes still work 😉

The code is u3gpi6heu6

DEV Q&A Code (April 13th, 2020)

dev q a redemption codeStatus: Expired

In the most recent developer q&a session on Reddit there was a code included that is valid until May, 13th and will give you 1,000 Diamonds

The code is tt9wazfsbp

Birthday Code (April 9th, 2020)

Status: Expired

The next birthday code has been released and it rewards a little better than the past anniversary code – with 600 Diamonds, 10 Summon Scrolls and 5 Chest of Wishes.

The code is happybday0409

Anniversary Code (April 7th, 2020)

anniversary codeStatus: Expired

We have a big event coming up for the 1st Anniversary of AFK Arena and in addition there’s also a new code that will give you 300 Diamonds, 20k Gold and 100 Dust.

The code is afk888


4,000 Diamonds (No April Fool!)

Status: Expired

No joke, even though it sounds like one – you can get 4,000 Diamonds with two new redemption codes:

The first code is Don00001 and will reward 3,000 Diamonds:

the second one is Te9gig7y58 and will reward another 1,000 Diamonds:

Enjoy those pulls 🙂

New Code (February 17th)

Status: Expired

I actually don’t know the reason, but there’s another new code going around which will give you 200 Diamonds and 20 Epic Soulstones that you can use.

Code is s7yps9phsj

korean website redemption codeKorean Website Code (February 14th)

Status: Expired

To celebrate 30k members on AFK Arena Korea Website, there’s another code rumoring around the chat that will give you 10 Epic Soulstones and 100 Diamonds. Not the world, but it’s free, right? 🙂

Code is s4vyzvanha

new redemption codeNew Code (February 12th)

Status: Expired

I know, I know after the recent redemption codes this one looks pretty cheap but it’s still 60 Summon Stones that will get you a fodder hero, right?

Code is rvgv3b8g4i

Lantern Festival Redemption Code (February 7th – 10th)

lantern festival promotion code proofStatus: Expired

Grab yourself 60 Epic Summon Stones for a free epic hero plus 300 Diamonds with the promotion code to celebrate The Lantern Festival.

The code is Yuanxiao

7 Days Of Lunar New Year (January 23rd – February 5th)

Status: Expired

Lunar New Year will give us 7 redemption codes, every day one new one and you can claim them until February 5th!

Here are the codes and the rewards:

  • Day 1: Code 1fanfengshun rewards 188 Diamonds + 4 Gold Boosters
  • Day 2: Code 2longtengfei rewards 188 Diamonds + 4 XP Boosters
  • Day 3: Code 3yangkaitai rewards 2020 Diamonds + 4 Dust Booster
  • Day 4: Code 4jipingan rewards 188 Diamonds + 4 Gold Boosters
  • Day 5: Code 5fulinmen rewards 188 Diamonds + 4 XP Boosters
  • Day 6: Code 66dashun rewards 188 Diamonds
  • Day 7: Code 7xinggaozhao rewards 188 Diamonds + 10 Faction Summon Scrolls

Go ahead and use all of them before they will expire!

redemption code november 2019New Year Promo Code (January 1st – 3rd)

Status: Expired

Let’s start the new year with a new promo code that will give 300 Diamonds and one epic hero with the code AFKNewYear2020

Enjoy 🙂

redemption code november 2019Thanksgiving Promo Code (November 28th – December 11th)

Status: Expired

For Thanksgiving there’s a new promo code Thanksgiving2019 that will give you 300 Diamonds and one epic hero through the 60 epic summon fragments.

afk arena september 2019 redemption code

Update Promo Code (September 26th, 2019)

Status: Expired

Right after the recent update we got a new promo code that is misevj66yi

This code will give you 500 Diamonds, 5 Summon Scrolls & 60 Rare Hero Souldstones on redemption.

autumn redemption codeFree Gwyneth In Autumn (Sept 12th – 19th)

Status: Expired

You can get a free epic Gwyneth card this week with the redemption code m6h4wepz7u

This promotion code will be available until Thursday, September 19th so make sure to grab your copy now!

jenrmb3n3a code

YouTuber Promotion (July/August 2019)

Status: Expired

This code was given to several YouTubers to promote them and anyone can use them to get 500 Diamonds, 5 Summon Scrolls and 60 Rare Crystals for using the code jenrmb3n3a

mothersday codeMothers Day (May 5th to May 19th, 2019)

Status: Expired

To celebrate Mothers Day, AFK Arena has a special redemption code to redeem 500 Diamonds this week with the code 2019mothersday


bunnyfufuu codeYouTuber Codes (April 2019)

Status: Expired

There are several new codes from YouTuber that will give you a whopping 1,000 Diamonds, 120 Rare Crystals and 100K Coins.

The codes to get this are bunnyfufuu, orangejuicegaming, lachlan, iamwildcat and top5gaming

global launch redemeption code

Global Launch (April, 12th to May, 10th 2019)

Status: Expired

To celebrate the global release of AFK Arena there’s a code that will give you 10 Summon Scrolls, 100K Coins and 5 2 Hours Time Lapse and the code to get it is afklaunch

redemption code new year 2019New Year Code (January 2019)

Status: Expired

Wow, yet another code shortly after we got the extra code for Christmas 2018 😀

Get 200 Diamonds with the code happynewyear2019

christams 2018 codeChristmas Code (December 24th – 30th, 2018)

Status: Expired

Celebrate this years christmas with some nice extra Diamonds with the code christmas2018 🙂


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