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AFK Arena Twisted Realm Guide & Best Team (Arden, Burning Brute, Kane, Evil Nemora, Ice Shemira)

The Twisted Realm is one of the latest additions to the guild grounds in AFK Arena and is the main resource for Twisted Essence, which you will need to enhance your branches in the Elder Tree to specialize your heroes.

In this guide I will give you the basics plus the best teams you should use for each individual boss fight in the Twisted Realm.

How The Twisted Realm Works

So, basically, you will see different bosses appear that you can fight. Similar to Guild Hunting, but the bosses change and are different after a couple of days.

afk arena twisted realm damage rankingDuring the period you will have a certain amount of attacks that you can use to pull of your best possible attack – it’s all depending on total damage deal, like you know it from Guild Hunting.

afk arena twisted realm rewardAt the end, you will receive your reward depending on what place on the ladder you’ve reached. The more damage you delt the more Twisted Essence you will get, easy as that.

With the limitations of attacks you can use you should check out the section below to see the best teams to use against each individual hero.

Best Teams To Use

Now let’s jump right into the important question that you have – which team should I use?!

Well, depending on the bosses you have active there are different teams useful. Luckily, we got them in prior events so there are some kind of best-practice for every boss out there and also some teams that have proven to work best 🙂

twisted realm unhinged ardenThe Unhinged (Arden) *NEW*

The latest boss in the Twisted Realm is Arden, called The Unhinged in his boss version.

You have a shield that will take 50% of the damage and the roots that are crowd control while dealing damage with his bolts.

The main goal here is to keep him from casting his shield to keep the damage up and right now this here is a great team setup against Arden in the Twisted Realm:

Rosaline and Belinda are great support heroes and Rowan will help to keep your heroes alive while still boosting their damage.

For this boss fight in the Twisted Realm you don’t need a tank and Shemira and Rowan will do a proper frontline with Shemira silencing Arden most of the time anyway. Shemira will not only deal damage against him, she can also silence Arden that keeps him from casting his shield too much. Again, it’s 50% damage reduction so you need to interrupt the shield or you won#t get in too much damage here.

Baden is working great with his summons because it will be very likely that they will catch the Lightning Fury and none of your heroes will even get hit by them and you get the additional damage compared to using a setup with a tank like Lucius who simply doesn’t deal much damage.

If you have the Twins decently ascended you can use them instead of belinda to boost damage but otherwise Belinda will be your best catch here (and very likely you have her at a nice ascension tier).

afk arena burning brute best team guideBurning Brute

Performing well against the Burning Brute in Twisted Realm is about the right timing to break through the shield in the right moment to deal maximum damage.

You will fight most of the time against a shield that will take away 80% of your damage so this is what the real challenge here is all about.

The Burning Brute is a little buggy right now and the best team you want to use is this one here:

I know, I know this is a super heavy setup running, especially if youäre F2P but it’s the best team (I have an alternative below for you as well!).

Talene will dive under the bubble and deal great damage there without that damage reduction while healing your team up so if you have her, no matter what ascension tier, use her!

Alternatively, here’s a team that is easier to form:

Yes, you don’t use any full tank here because they will go down so fast that there’s no use for using them at all.

Baden will go in and do the tanking at the start while Rowan will keep him healed up. The nice thing about that is that Baden will start to summon his copies that will start dealing full damage as they are under the shield and start to distract from Baden.

Wu Kong is able to get under the bubble and deal damage there and Cecilia works well as main carry hero in this setup.

I know that many of you do use auto ultimate skills but this time you should be more careful to have them all ready when the shield goes down (the orange dome around Burning Brute) to make sure that you deal as much damage as possible.

Please note that Burning Brute is pretty buggy in Twisted Realm right now and after having his shield down the first time he will very likely take out your entire team or most of it, this is (unfortunately) the reality for all players now.

afk arena twisted realm kaneKane

You might recall Kane from the Peaks of Time 8 where he was the end-boss and got mightier and mightier with every path over the lake you built?

No? Anyway… his ability is that he will kill your hero that dealt the most damage after 15, 40 and 65 seconds so you need to work your team around that so you have enough damage to actually deal some before your damage dealers will get taken out. There’s no way to evade that Hell’s Judgement Kane uses.

In general the best team would be one healing hero, one solid tank and then filling that up with your best damage dealers.

Here’s a team that seems to work fine:

Rowan is a nice healer to use but you can also swap in nemora as well. I personally prefer Rowan because he also buffs your whole team and provides additional energy if you have his Signature Item.

What you want to do here is to not use Belinda’s ultimate manually in the first 15 seconds so Talene will get killed by him. The thing is, Talene will not die and get into phoenix form so you don’t use your hero after 15 seconds.

In this setup you can swap in Shemira or Wu Kong for Talene if you don’t have her (if you have her even at epic, still use her). Wu Kong will have his copies that can get killed but deal less damage and if you run Shemira with Belinda you will have one of the survive the first 15 seconds. Works as well, but as I said, Talene is a must-use here if you have her.

Evil nemoraDemonic Entity (Evil Nemora)

You might recall her from the Halloween 2019 Event where she summons some creatures.

So, the main objective you have is that you can deal with these summoned creatures or they will not only keep your heroes busy, they will also slow down the progress you make.

Well, that’s the best team to use:

Shemira in combination with Rosaline will carry your team and you actually need Shemira because without her AoE damage you won’t be able to deal with the summoned monsters very long! If you use Rosaline you also have to make sure that Shemira is the hero with the highest power rating or Rosaline might follow another hero and that would be a total waste in this lineup! These both heroes are what you need, the others are more optional.

I like to have Rowan on the team because he will buff the power of Shemira and also provides some solid healing that will keep you up when it can become ugly. You could use Nemora but I think that Rowan’s support is better.

Lucius helps here as a tank with his shield and give your heroes a break to recover and you should have Shemira’s ultimate rolling all the time anyway so there’s no way one of your heroes will die.

ice shemira twisted realmIce Shemira

Ice Shemira gave us a visit during this years Christmas Festive Event and is quite nasty do deal with due to her freeze effect.

You will need a team that’s able to actually work through that by not dying off too fast and still being able to deal decent damage.

Well, that’s the best team to use:

This is a setup that works well here and Ice Shemira is one of the nastiest boss fights in the Twisted Realm! With Ezizh you can suppress her abilities and the Twins help to remove the cc effects. Place Ezizh in the back row to prevent him getting that ice beam.

If you don’t have Talene you can swap in Shemira or Belinda to deal good damage.

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