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Ancient Ruins Guide (Peaks of Time Realm 5)

Congratulation on unlocking Ancient Ruins, the 5th realm in Peaks of Time.

Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm  as fast as possible

Recommended Hero Levels: 135+

For me this is the most annoying realm in Peaks of Time and I’ve been going through a ton of trouble here until I solved that puzzle so you will find my walkthrough really helpful, I can promise you that (if you’d know what I went through here ????)

So, let’s start.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 1Step 1 – The first step is the easiest one and it is nothing else than clearing all the camps that you can reach on the left side and also the right side.

This is the beginning and you shouldn’t have much trouble doing that and collecting all the relics.

If you do struggle here already you are not strong enough for Ancient Ruins and you need to improve either level or gear of your heroes first and save yourself a lot of trouble.

So if you’re done with this step your map should look exactly like this:

ancient ruins walkthrough map

Do you see the chest next to my position on the map? This is the last one you should clear and it is also a benchmark for you because that’s the strongest one to beat with Level 140 heroes. You want to collect all relics and if you can beat this, you can beat Ancient Times 🙂

ancient ruins walkthrough step 2Step 2 – Do not use the portal on the left! What you now need to do is trigger the yellow lever on the left side and move up to the north.

This will give you access to the whole north-eastern section of the map and you now need to clear up all the camps here as well.

There are two mercenary camps that will give you additional heroes as well and all the additional relics should give your team a nice boost to not have problems beating all the camps.

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Do not take the wilders in the mercenary camps as you will see mostly maulers in the battles in Ancient Ruins and they will not be useful when the opponent team always has a 25% faction bonus on them.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 3Step 3 – now it’s time to activate the blue lever and walk back to the bottom left side (south-west) and use the yellow lever again!

DO NOT USE THE RIGHT PORTAL! If you use the portal now you are stuck and need to start all over again!

What you do now after you used the yellow lever you will enter the portal on the left side.

Again, blue lever, yellow lever and use the left portal next to the yellow lever 🙂

ancient ruins walkthrough step 4Step 4 – here is one of the tricky parts and that’s these three camps here that you see after you entered the left portal. They will not drop any relics and they wil respawn every single time when you enter the portal.

This is not only annoying, this is also tough to beat if you need to beat if more often than you actually need and could break your success in Ancient Ruins because one of them has Level 145 heroes! This is also why I suggested you to clear all the camps earlier 😉

So, if you follow my strategy you will not have to beat them more than you need to, so fight your way up through them now.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 5Step 5 – After defeating two of these camps (no need to fight all of them), you can walk straight to the left again and you will see one camp ahead of the green lever.

Go there, clear the camp and collect the relic.

After that you need to use the green lever.

The bad thing is you can’t access the last section because it’s now blocked by the yellow and the blue stones.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 6Step 6 – now you walk all the way to the right side to the blue lever again and use it.

Now you’re trapped in this small compartment but there’s a portal that you will now use.

This will take you back to the spot you have reached in step 4 and youu need to fight through these two camps again. No worries, this is the right way to do it so just defeat them a second time.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 7Step 7 – after you defeated these respawning camps once more, the road to the green stone is open and you can go there.

Before you enter this area and clear out all the camps you need to use the yellow lever once more, this is really important!

I know it’s really annoying and imagine how long it takes to figure that out 😀

So, walk to the yellow lever, pull it and then enter the area behind the green stone and clear the camps there in the middle.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 8Step 8 – you’re still here? 😉 Just kidding, I know it’s annoying with all these levers but it’s the right way to do it. So, after you cleared the camps and you’re in the middle where the red lever is, pull the red lever (no need to use the portal!).

From here you can now walk all the way up to the north east part where a camp behind a green stone is.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 9Step 9 – Behind the green stone there’s a camp that you need to clear.

In case you don’t know which one I mean, it’s the one in the picture on the left side.

After you cleared the camp there, it’s time to walk to the blue lever again *sigh* I know it start to get annoying but this is still the best way to do it 🙂

So, walk to the blue lever now… you’re almost there

ancient ruins walkthrough step 10Step 10 – Activate the blue lever and it will unlock you the north western region with the last camps.

Once you pulled it it should look like the setup I have in the picture on the left side.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 11Step 11 – now you can walk all the way up and you have access to the last unlocked area with several camps and also a shrine where you can resurrect one hero.

If you cleared all of them there’s only one single boss camp left to finish Ancient Ruins so don’t give up 🙂

After you defeated the camps you can buckle up as much as you can because there’s only one fight left so ressurrect if you need to this is the last chance to do it.

ancient ruins walkthrough step 12Step 12 – This is the last step before the final fight!

You will see yourself in front of a red pillar and don’t get mad now – you can simply walk through to the red lever in the middle, pull it and walk back up there. There’s no more puzzle left (I know, hard to believe, right?).

When you’ve done this you can fight the boss of Ancient Ruins.

The boss has Level 170 heroes but if you have Level 140 heroes and with all the relics you shouldn’t have much problems beating him.

Congratulations, you just have beaten Ancient Ruins in Peaks of Time on AFK Arena!

Ready for the next realm in Peaks of Time? Check out here my walkthroughs for the other realms.


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