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Best Burning Brute Teams (Event)

Another event with a special boss is on and this time it’s the Burning Brute! This time you will be able to collect Astrobells that you can directly convert into an epic hero of your choice from a range of different heroes.

The problem? Well, Burning Brute isn’t giving away his Astrobells that easily and has several special powers to make it hard for you and your team to actually get them – that’s why I decided to give you here an overview about him and his skills and show you some team compositions that tend to work well against Burning Brute.

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Best Teams To Beat Burning Brute

Before we talk about specific team, I’d like to give some insights on what your general plan attacking the Bruning Brute should be.

The Burning Brute has the ability to decrease any incoming damage by 80% except of the two times he falls asleep. This is the period when you should fire as much as you can.

This is when you hit the 20% goal and the 50% goal. So, when you are at like 15% or 45%, turn off auto and wait until you hit the 20% or 50% and then fire all the ultimates that deal damage manually as much as you can – in between, you can stay with auto skills but you need to make sure that your heroes use their ultimates in that 20% and 50% mark or you’ll never deal remarkable damage against the Burning Brute!

So, let’s have a look at the teams…

Team #1

This team here seems to exploit some of the Burning Brute mechanics right now:

Here’s another team that can get you 100 Bells if you don’t have the Twins.

Rosaline should be set into one of the top frontline spots so she can walk into the shield and deal full damage all the time instead of the 20%. This is important so Slot 1 is for Rosaline, no matter what hero she will follow she will still be inside the shield of Burning Brute!

Kaz deals the main damage, even if you have her at low ascension put her in Slot 2 and don’t forget to put Dura’s Blade/Eye/Drape on her as well. Alternatively, you can also use Baden here.

Ezizh seems to work on preventing the Burning brute to actually shield back after you reached the 20 seconds mark. This means from that point on no damage is reduced and you will deal massively more damage than intended. There’s no replacement in this team for Ezizh! His debuffs work also additionally so even with low ascension this team crushes the Burning Brute right now.

Rowan is a great choice to keep your team alive, energized and also buffs nicely as support. You can use Nemora alternatively but I would recommend Rowan instead to pull off more damage.

Lorsan is the alternative if you don’t have the Twins, you simply need him to buff your other heroes ultimates to deal a lot more damage to be able to pull off enough damage during the battle.

Team #2

This is the team that worked quite well on the test servers:

Lucius is the tank, obviously, and he’s doing it well. If you have another primary tank you can use him as well because there’s no huge AoE damage from the Burning Brute that requires the shield – but I prefer the shield because it makes Lucius regenerate himself.

Rowan will buff your team stats and also give out some heals and against the Burning Brute it should be enough to keep everyone alive. This event boss doesn’t require much healing, it requires clever damage dealing.

And that’s what Belinda and Rosaline will do, especially when you hit that 20% and that 50% mark on the Burning Brute it will be manually using their ultimates all over the place.

Baden is also a nice one here because, like I said, there’s no AoE damage and his summons will stack and stack and deal some real nice damage. There’s nothing taking them down so they will stack up and have some decent additional damage output you really find useful against the Burning Brute.


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