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Best Heroes Tier List (Patch 1.60) – with Peggy & Raku

I wanted to write a full tier list for AFK Arena for a reason – most lists I saw either used old data and didn’t really include the latest balancing changes or they simply listed some heroes.

For me, a tier list also includes some explanation of why a hero is S+ or why another hero isn’t. This is why I wanted to make a full list for the heroes that you should go after and that you want to have and ascend/level up in AFK Arena. Still, I also have several heroes in there that are worth using in mid-game and extremely helpful so having them is not a waste of time 🙂

Update! Updated with all heroes, including Peggy & Raku (Patch 1.60)

Overall Tier List

Here are heroes that perform well in all game modes and that you should always aim for and ascend and level up. Please mind that this list assumes the same ascension level for the heroes so you will see Hypogeans and Celestial heroes quite high although they are really hard to ascend.


I reworked how the table works, to give you a better navigation and more information. Now you can also see what furniture, Signature Item and Artifact. To see all details of a hero please select the “+” behind the tier:

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HeroFactionTier (Total)Early GameMid GameEnd GamePvPBossesSignature Item RecommendedRecommended ArtifactFurniture RequiredDescription
Ainz Ooal GownS+SSS+11S10A8+30Windbinder9/9super-strong ultimate that will melt away an enemy team in a matter of seconds. The only problem is that when the enemy team has control heroes he can go down fast before casting his ultimate. Still, a beast hero in AFK Arena10.1
AlbedoAAA+A+9A+9B6+30Waistband9/9decent tank with nice abilities to deal AoE damage and gets shields as well.8.4
AlnaSAA+S10S10A8+30Chaos9/9probably one of the strongest support heroes you can imagine in AFK Arena with extreme buffing and also decent damage dealing abilities. Once equipped with Signature Item and furniture you can expect her to give all enemy teams a really tough time.9.6
AnokiC+BBC+5C+5C4+20Waistband0/9Finally the cc hero that the Mauler faction really needed and with his throwback and initial shield that can be really useful to defend against enemy sniping heroes like Athalia or Silvina he’s working really solid and give your Mauler team setup a nice boost4.8
ArdenDA+BD1D2D1---Arden is very underrated by many players and looked as a fodder hero but he can be really powerful with his silencing and rooting effect to make him a tough hero to battle, especially in PvP. Still, later in the game without furniture or Signature Item only viable in very rare occasions in Faction Tower1.3
ArthurB+BB+A8B6B+7+30Barricade9/9the only dimensional hero you can get withut paying real money and also a strong one that will gain strength and importance later in the game with his buff and the right team composition. Also, don’t forget that Arthur can be linked to any hero so you will get him ascended right away.7.2
athaliaAthaliaABAA8A8B+7+30Eye3/9Athalia is also really strong here. She not only deals massive damage, she will also teleport directly after the start to the enemy on the opposite side and deal massive burst damage and also prevent them from generating energy for a short period of time. This is really effective to take out a healer or dangerous caster in the enemy team at the beginning, well, except the fact that she deals massive damage during the whole battle. Also getting her from the Challenger Store makes it a good option to ascend over time without having to rely on luck.7.8
BadenCC+C+D2C4A8+10Chaos3/9Baden is nice in guild hunting as his summoned shadows will get behind the guild boss and stack up dealing damage. Other than that he will die really quick and won’t get that much impact, but for having him on boss fights worth ascending him3.8
BelindaC+SSC4C+5A8+10Windbinder9/9Belinda can pull off huge burst damage waves and also buff two allied heroes. She is also really strong against Wrizz in team hunting and also in mid-game a huge game-changer when she can build synergies with a hero like Raine and take out half of an enemy team with a single crit aoe ultimate. The only hero that you very likely be using from start to end in AFK Arena.5.1
BrutusBrutusBSA+B6C+5B6+20Blade3/9super strong hero in the earlier stages of AFK Arena but he will lose that strength later because his damage will get less and less important. Still a nice niche hero later in the game who can survive a direct 1-on-1 burst with his last gasp ability. If you pull him taking him to ascended is no mistake and you can run him in campaign until Chapter 26/27 without problems.5.7
CeciliaB+AAB+7B+7B6+20Shroud0/9She has really solid damage but her primary thing is that she is a mage killer with silencing. It’s a niche role but you will run into setup where you really need her and in PvP she is a solid hero.6.8
twinsCelestial TwinsSBA+S+11A+9A+9+20Tidebearer3/9They will boost your team insanely. You have healing, extra energy and this crazy haste from the ultimate that will make your team simply fly and kill and the enemy is hardly able to manage that. The only downside, they can go down very fast so make sure to keep them protected!10
DaimonA+ASS10A8B+7+30Call3/9Daimon is the versatile Graveborn we needed and he is really good at standing ground and keeping alive with stealing health as shield from his opponent so the opponent will basically hurt himself while his doll can deal some good damage. When in the right team he can over-roll the enemy team.8.8
DrezCC+BD+3C+5B+7+20Eye9/9Drez is a raw ambush damage dealer that is useful if you need to take out a certain hero. There’s no splash damage or anything else other than his damage buff but he has useful moments when you face teams with certain backline heroes or a boss fight.4.4
EironnEironnAB+AS10B+7B6+30Shroud (PvE) or Call (PvP)9/9Eironn is an excellent damage dealer later in the game and will become one of your main carry heroes when combined right. He dies too fast earlier in the game but don’t neglect him, he will become a beast that can single-carry a chapter for you.8.3
estrildaEstrildaC+BB+C+5C+5C+5+30Chaos3/9She is considered as a tank in AFK Arena but she’s not the best tank, to be honest, and more like a tanky support hero. What makes her really great is her inspire that helps to build energy faster in PvP where she can actually make a difference.5
EzioB+BBA8B6B6+20Call9/9Although Ezio makes fights pretty squishy, he doesn’t need to be the main damage dealer to still be able to execute half the enemy team with his ultimate and his invincibility effect can really slay the enemy team with only Ezio left. Strong, yes, but squishy as f…7
ezizhEzizhA+BAS10A8B6+20Tidebearer3/9He (or it) also belongs in this tier in AFK Arena simply because he is a solid tank and has great crowd control with are damage and can also prevent enemy heroes to use their ultimates – especially in PvP this is great but also useful in Arcana Labyrinth paired with a good healer. Combined with Rosaline or Twins you can even silence the enemy team to not even get their ultimate off, making him incredibly powerful in PvP.8.6
FawkesC+B+B+C+5C+5D+3+30Eye9/9Also belong in this tier not only because he deals very solid damage – his main priority is clearing away enemy buffs, especially ones like Brutus shield (and you know how hard this one can be) or banishing single enemy heroes for a moment. Performs really well in teams where you need some damage and support as well. Banish doesn’t work against bosses so forget him in Guild Hunting.4.6
feraelFeraelAB+AA8A+9C4+20Eye9/9this is also a really strong supportive hero with great damage dealing. His ghouls will prevent enemy heroes from building energy and he can also stun an enemy hero and take him off the battle for 3 seconds.7.5
FloraB+AAB+7B+7B6+20Eye3/9On paper she seems really strong, especially when ascended with Signature Item at +20 and her synergy with Talene and Eironn in the current meta, she has the potential to be an insane DPS AoE carry here, but only a handful of people have her ascended so I didn’t want to put her that high on the list before we know if she’s really that strong.6.8
GorvoC+CC+B6C4D+3+20Waistband3/9Gorvo is average anywhere and this makes him hard to rate in this tier list. I think he can do well in Faction Tower but for everything else you can find better alternatives.4.8
grezhulGrezhulB+C+BB6B+7A+9+30Vitality9/9Is not that great as a tank but has some nice additional skills that make him pretty strong in my opinion. He will cast a shield and his summoned skeletons will confuse enemy heroes at times. His main role although is dealing a ton of damage against bosses, so getting him long-term, also for the Faction Tower, is really recommended6.9
gwynethGwynethB+BAB+7B+7B6+20Eye9/9Opinions are different on her but I really favor Gwyneth here in this tier list for the fact that she can deal such massive damage and even one-shot enemies when her flaming arrow proccs (and you can also put her face-to-face with the enemy you want her to attack with it). Her debuff is also really strong.6.8
hendrikHendrikC+B+B+B6C4C4+10Barricade9/9Early in the game you can use him as a tank but I don’t think that he brings enough to the table and is not worth the space in your team and you have plenty of alternatives above that you can use5
isabellaIsabellaD+C+C+D+3C+5D2+30Eye3/9Isabella is early in the game stronger for the fact that she can target the backline heroes and give you a lot of power with that, however she is not that strong later in the game because she’s not very durable and her damage output is simply not strong enough to keep up with other meta heroes.3.4
IzoldAAA+A+9B+7A8+30Chaos3/9Izold is extremely durable and the more you ascend him and get him stuffed with artifact, Signature Item and furniture, the more durable he will become. Especially end game he really starts shining8.2
JOKERB+AAB6A8B6+30Shroud3/9Joker can pull out damage similar to Ainz but he’s squishy. He can be extremely well or only average and this depends on RNG. Wouldn’t place him top on prio list, even for dimensionals but if you got him you will find several spots to use Joker well.6.6
kazKazC+A+B+C4C+5B6+30Grace3/9In most game modes you will see Kaz being really squishy as her survivability depends on having that dodge pop in the right situations but she kann be really useful against bosses, especially Wrizz in the Arcana Lab with the right relics to stack up damage. Also in the Faction Tower you will use here effectively.4.7
kelthurKelthurBC+BB6C+5C+5+30Shroud9/9Kalthur is, compared to the other Graveborn heroes here, really weak and squishy. He can be useful as addition in the Faction Tower to throw into a Safiya’s debuff but that’s only a small niche and doesn’t give him any reasonable place in the tier list.5.5
KhasosC+C+C+D+3B6B6+30Chaos3/9Early in the game he can be a real nice carrier hero but that declines later in the game and the damage output is not nearly high enough to make him a decent PvP or guild hunting hero.4.5
KhazardAAAA+9B+7B+7+30Windbinder9/9This guy is like Shemira with crazy crowd control. His Ultimate works similar like Shemira’s ultimate but he gets enemies frozen and debuffs them with his other skills and takes them out of the battle that any enemy teams will have a really hard time dealing with him.8
KrenB+BB+B+7A+9B6+20Eye3/9super AoE which works really well for the Mauler faction and combined with a hero that knocks back, like Skreg or Seirus, dealing a good amount of damage. Still not that versatile and his AoE is not useful against bosses that well to make him a really strong hero.7.4
LorsanB+B+B+B+7B+7C+5+20Windbinder0/9Lorsan is great when putting his mark on a hero that will supper more damage from other heroes ultimate attacks and that’s great for PvP but also for all kind of guild bosses where you can elevate the damage drastically.6.6
LuciusCBSD+3D+3B+7+10Waistband0/9The first real tank on the list and also a really well-working one. He can tank some good damage and his ultimate will cast a shield around your whole team that will help them healing back up until he can use his ultimate again. It does not only sound really helpful, it really is – but he will lose his strength later in the game. Great invest early/mid game.3.8
LucretiaSBB+S+11A+9A8+30Eye9/9She got stronger and stronger over time and can work in many teams right now where she can cheese huge level deficits. One of the strongest options right now and worth putting in the Stargazer 9.8
LycaA+A+A+A+9A+9A8+20Shroud9/9In general, I’d put her rather in the A Tier but the fact that she will make your team have the ultimate ready faster at the beginning of a fight makes her such a vital help in PvP that I placed her here in the S Tier – and if you do PvP she is absolutely mandatory to have in your team.8.8
MehiraAAA+A+9A+9C+5+30Windbinder9/9Mehira is really annoying to deal with and her debuffing is really hard, also when she makes the complete other team stop attacking you and attack each other for several seconds. With her Minions, she has basically 3 lifes because she will sacrifice them when she get dealt fatal damage.8.2
MezothB+AAA8B+7C+5+30Waistband3/9A crazy hero for sure. He has a lot of hitpoints, can take enemy heroes out of the battle and hits like a truck. Even players in end-game having him ascended to Elite+ get crazy well results using him so he might even get ranked higher in the future.7.1
MiraelDSC+D1D1D2---A nice carrier hero early in the game with great aoe damage, but gets useless later in the game. Still a must-have early and useful when ascended to be a fooder hero later so don’t hesitate to ascend and using her.1.2
MortasABB+B+7A8S+11+20Tidebearer3/9incredible support hero when it comes to buff and boost allies, especially meta for boss fights where you can also use him along with the Twins to boost your main damage dealer. Not strong earlier in the game but also in late-game really important to squeeze out enough damage for your team.8.1
NakoruruBAAB6B6B6+30Eye3/9Very solid crowd control and decent damage output make her viable, for sure, especially looking at PvP. Her main objective will be getting a problematic backline hero under control, similar to Athalia, Nara or Orthos.6
naraNaraABB+A8A8B6+30Chaos3/9Nara is not the best but a great addition to your team to deal with heroes that will give you a hard time, like a Brutus. She can basically drag them and then simply execute them with 6 times damage while ignoring any shield in invincible effects. Use her to snip certain heroes if you are stuck and you will understand why she is still a hero you should have somewhere in your roaster.7.6
nemoraNemoraBA+A+B6C+5B6+10Tidebearer9/9Yes, Nemora doesn’t look like much but her healing will give your team such a boost in durability with her strong heals and you might have seen this in teams that have Nemora – it’s almost impossible to take them out unless you can take Nemora out. Her charming skill is also really useful and can turn the strongest enemy heroes against the enemy team and even use their ultimate against them.5.7
NumisuNumisuBC+B+B6C+5B6+10Call3/9Provides some great healing and buffs attack speed so can help the right team setup out (paired with a hero that has a strong auto-attack especially). The damage is not that great and also no crowd control.5.7
OdenB+B+AB+7B+7B6+20Windbinder9/9Oden has the purpose of draining other heroes energy while still dealing damage – and I don#t have the feeling that this makes him really powerful. You can counter certain heroes but it’s hard to actually target a specific hero with him so it can be squishy using him.6.8
OrthosB+BB+B+7A8B6+30Waistband3/9Orthos is overall working well in most setups and his stopped time is nice but shines in PvP where you can really disrupt the enemy team with his ultimate. Doesn’t really work in Guild Hunting but if you’re into PvP he is one of the top choices if you manage to ascend him.7.1
OscarC+C+C+C4C+5C+5+30Eye3/9Oscar is designed to snip out enemies and targeting the weakest enemy helps with that but I found that you should rather use him in addition to another DPS hero to really be fast enough and he seems to lack that last bit of damage spike to carry the whole team damage wise.4.5
PippaAA+A+B+7A+9B+7+20Warden3/9away from the fact that she looks super amazing, she is super powerful in mimicing either Tasi, Nemora or Arden ability, all quite useful. She is a pure crowd control hero but can be squishy as her main ability selects randomly if she will heal, put enemies asleep or deals damage. Still a great hero to use.7.6
QUEENBA+A+B6B+7C4+30Eye9/9on paper, she’s working really well. The real problem is when the level deficit gets higher and higher, she tends to go down within seconds.5.9
RaineB+C+C+B+7B6B6+10Call9/9Raine is a controversial thing and she can be nice in certain team setups but overall she’s not a hero that stands out6.5
RigbyD+C+C+D+3C+5D2+30Vitality9/9Alright, how helpful can a drunk dwarf be in reality? Not really and in AFK Arena it’s similar with Rigby. On paper Rigby should be a tank that deals AoE damage but in reality his damage is not really making an impact and he will die far too early to make it worth ascending him. Can be used as tank early in the game, but nothing more.3.4
RosalineB+A+A+B6A8A8+20Eye3/9Super helpful by filling your strongest hero energy bar up so your strongest ATK hero will have basically double the energy and can use ultimate twice as much plus some decent damage output herself. A nice addition to get a rael big bang that puts the enemy team into trouble.7
RowanS+ASS+11S10S10+30Call3/9Amazing support hero that can also heal. The buffs are great to increase your whole team damage and the heals he provides are instant and don’t energy to build up (other than Nemora) so you can be sure that it will heal every single time when a hero needs it. With the artifact also free energy for your whole team, use him as much as you can! The best support hero in the tier list, for sure. I forgot, his potions also work after he died.10.5
safiyaSafiyaBC+B+B6B6B+7+20Windbinder3/9Looking for a support hero that deals incredible AoE damage? Look no further, you found Safiya. She’s incredible at buffing your team, supporting your primary tank and dealing great damage to the enemy team that will carry you in the later stages of the game and also in PvP a lot.6.2
SatranaBB+B+B6B6C+5+30Windbinder9/9Satrana was supposed to be a wilder alternative to Belinda dealing massive AoE damage but she is in fact not able to survive long enough against many setups and her damage is not that superior to make up for that.5.8
saurusSaurusAC+B+B+7A+9S+11+30Chaos3/9He’s a beast, especially with his maxed Signature Item where he can stack up damage like crazy as well as keeping the team alive. Especially when fighting bosses he is one of the new meta heroes and long-term absolutely worth ascending and maxing.8.4
SaveasDS+BD1D1D+3---The low- and mid-game carrier hero that will get you far there with insane damage output and his life leech. Later in the game he will be useless and also not that great in PvP, but easy to ascend and can be a fooder hero for ascension later so a must-have early in the game in the Mauler faction.1.4
SeirusD+C+C+D2C+5D2+10VitalitynoneWith Seirus you can start horrible discussions. The thing here is, he is not that well of a tank but if you use him as control hero as well you can make good use with him in the right situations. I find him quite squishy to play but with the right setup he is not useless.2.9
ShemiraShemiraCS+S+D+3C4C+5+10WindbindernoneShemira is an insane carry hero through early and mid-game in AFK Arena. The problem is that her damage output and versatility and vulnerability against many heroes will make her pretty much useless end-game. Still, getting her to ascended and use her up to Chapter 30 is without doubt one of the must-do-things you should do.3.7
SkregBAA+B6C+5C+5+30Vitality9/9Skreg can be a nice carry hero in the later stages of the campaign but he really sucks at guild hunt and PvP because his ability is too slow to keep up with the fast-paced PvP battles or he’s not useful against guild hunt bosses as they are immune to any control skill.5.5
SkriathB+BAB+7B+7B+7+30Warden9/9Skriath was supposed to be really strong when released with his sand storm but it turned out that he is dying so fast that he is not the best option as the support hero in your team but has some pitfalls. Amazing for Faction Tower.7
SoliseC+ASC4C+5B6+30WindbindernoneSolise has nice crowd control and AoE damage but she can be squishy to play and sometimes hard to keep alive so I only see her shine in PvP right now. Also a nice option in the Faction Tower4.7
TaleneS+S+S+S+11A8S+11+30Blade9/9Hands down, Talene is one of the strongest hero in all game modes and all stages in AFK Arena right now. It’s very hard to get her and to ascend her. She will deal massive damage, has the ability to resurrect when died and can even heal allies. This makes her top of the tier list here and even at epic or legendary ascension really powerful (run her at epic at Chapter 21-23 is no problem at all).10.1
TasiTasiAA+SA+9A8C4+20Eye9/9I know this will be a controversial one but Tasi is just really strong with her silencing and sleeping heroes. I don’t think there’s a more powerful crowd control hero and you can use her in most game modes except team hunting. Only downside, you can’t use that on guild hunt bosses.7.7
thaneThaneCC+C+D+3C+5D+3+30Eye9/9I know many here will disagree and give examples when a maxed Thane will one-shot ultimate a whole team, but the reality is that there are enough ways to control Thane and counter him and this makes him not a viable option in most cases for me and there are more better options above.3.6
TheowynC+BBC+5C+5C+5+30Eye3/9 at least, better 9/9She can be super strong once maxed out and fully equipped with Signature Item and full furniture. The problem is that before that point she is really squishy and not that useful in most team setups.5
thoranThoranA+AA+S10A8B+7+30Call9/9Has the ability to take out an entire team out of nowhere when he’s the last survivor. This is squishy in lower levels and also useless in Guild Hunting but in the end-game PvE you will find this really useful. Not reliable in PvP that much but a nice option you still have.8.8
TidusBBAB+7B6C+5+30Shroud of Verdure3/9Another poor Mauler hero that is simply not strong enough. Actually okay to use in Faction Tower but other than that simply dies too fast to make a great spot in your team.6.3
TorneC+BBC4B6C+5+30Waistband or ResilencenoneSuper interesting with dealing solid damage and also taking one enemy out of the fight. A really good combination for Graveborne but not that overpowered.4.8
UkyoCBBD+3B+7C4+30Chaos9/9Deals massive damage but not in relations that are completely off the chart. His interrupting is useful but for the fact how expensive he is I can’t put him higher here in the tier list.4.4
UlmusD+C+C+D2C+5D+3+10DrapenoneThe only real useful thing about Ulmus is his strong crowd control that makes him decent for PvP but he really sucks at all other game modes big time3.1
VurkC+BBC4C+5B6+30EyenoneAway from the fact that Vurk can be squishy to play with high chances to die early, he can also deal great damage and pierce to backline heroes with his shots, especially combining him with heroes that drag enemy heroes together. He starts getting better in end-game rather than early or mid game.4.7
WarekCBBD+3C+5C4+10Chaosnonenot that much of a tank on the objective to stay alive very long, but with his throwing around enemies can be a nice backline tank that helps interrupting certain heroes.3.8
Wu KongAS+S+B+7A+9B+7+20Chaos9/9Wu Kong is an amazing support hero slowing down the enemy heroes’ attack speed so much while being durable on his own with clones and also his protective layers from his Signature Item. Especially in PvP it’s so hard to take him out and his debuff will ruin the whole enemy team entirely.7.6
ZaphraelAB+B+A+9B+7B6+10Windbinder9/9pretty much a glass hero that doesn#t survive that long and can make your fights squishy. He can be strong with good RNG but also die off really fast.7.8
zolrathZolrathABB+A+9B+7B6+30Carnage3/9Resetting the battle is pretty useless in most cases with Zolrath but can be devastating in PvP where you will dominate with him, for sure.7.8


I hope you liked my tier list and I’d appreciate some feedback. If you disagree or want a different approach you can let me know in the comments 🙂


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