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Black Woods Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

A new realm in Voyage of Wonders is out and it’s called Black Woods. It’s not that challenging after all and the opponents are quite decent and the puzzle aspect makes fun but is not that complicated – and as far as I’ve seen it you can’t get stuck anywhere.

Black Woods General & Rewards

The main objective in the Windfall Gorge is to use the beacons to light up the paths to reach the final sections of the map.

What’s The Reward In Black Woods?

afk arena black woods rewardsWell, the rewards fit the difficulty level of this Voyage of Wonders realm and they are not overwhelming.

You will get hearts and dust for the upcoming events as well as 10x Regular Summon Scrolls and a Hero Choice Chest along with several boosters and regular emblems.

afk arena black woods hero choice chestSpeaking of the Hero Choice Chest, it’s more a chest that early to mid-game players will like, not too special heroes in there with Brutus, Rosalina, Tasi, Shemira, Wu Kong or 10x Faction Summon Scrolls.

I think at least some faction emblems would have been nice but after all it’s still free stuff for investing a little time here so complaining is a little hard for that 🙂

Black Woods Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve Black Woods.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 1Step 1 – right after the start you need to follow the path and fight the two camps and get the two Golden Chests here.

No surprise, there’s no other way 🙂

Then you will find the red valve there that you need to turn 1x time clockwise.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 2Step 2 – right after that it’s time to get some more relics and the easiest enemies from here are the one on top of your current position.

Go there and fight the 3 enemy camps there and collect the relics and the Golden Chests.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 3Step 3 – the next enemy camps from here are the ones next to the red beacon.

There’s no strict order on how you fight the camps but I tried to give you them in ascending order so you won’t have problems and can collect the relics as easily as possible 🙂

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 4Step 4 – now walk to the blue valve at the bottom area and turn it 1x clockwise.

After that, fight the camps to the right side of it and collect the relics and Golden Chests you can get there as well.

You should now have 2 beacons light up.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 4-1After you have done this you need to walk upwards a little bit and you will find the blue lever that you need to use now.

This will open up the next section of the Black Woods for you.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 5Step 5 – now it’s time to un-block the path to the top for a later point and the camp here is the next-easy camp to beat for a relic.

After you have used that blue lever you can get into the section you can see in the image and fight that camp and use the railroad switch to move that railroad cart to the left side.

You will need that step later.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 6Step 6 – now go to the top left corner of the Black Woods map and you will find a path with several camps and Golden Chests there.

Now you need to fight all of them to get the relics or you will get trouble later.

The fight shouldn’t be a problem at all.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 6-1At the end of the path you will find a railroad switch as well that you need to use to move that blue-path-disk-thing to the right position so you can later activate the beacon with it.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 7Step 7 – time to light up some beacons. Go down to the neutral valve and turn it 1x clockwise.

After that, use the blue lever once more to flatten the path to the beacon.

You will now see the bottom left beacon lighten up.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 8Step 8 – now go to the blue valve and use it 4x times counterclockwise to light up more beacons that will open you access to the last part of the Black Woods.

The upper beacon needs to be lit after you’ve done that so follow the instructions carefully.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 9Now go to the red valve and turn it 1x time clockwise.

This will light up the upper right beacon and you’re done with solving the puzzle.

After you’ve done that you need to use the portal right next to you.

afk arena black woods walkthrough step 9-1 Step 9 – fight now through the enemies there, which shouldn’t be a big problem.

After that walk towards the north where you find the upper Crystal Chest behind several enemies. All those enemies there will drop legendary relics and give you a lot of extra power to finish the final fight.

Now you only have the last final fight left that you also should be able to do without trouble and you’re done with Black Woods 🙂


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