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Burning Woods Guide (Peaks of Time Realm 13)

Congratulations on unlocking Burning Woods, the 13th realm in Peaks of Time.

Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm as fast as possible

Recommended Hero Levels: 200+ with one carry hero 220+

If you want to clean Burning Woods you will need to do two runs because fighting one boss will burn the opportunity to get the second boss. This is actually the only real mystery about this realm – other than that, Burning Woods is actually quite straightforward to solve.

Run #1 – Ezizh & Silvina

So, let’s do the first run for Ezizh & Silvina, on my opinion a little easier to solve than the other boss fight against Lucius and Athalia.

afk arena burning woods step 1Step 1

In the first step, right after having used the initial Fire Altar you need to fight through the camps.

Do not use the Water Altar now and waste it’s power – you’ll be able to fight the camp at the left side later.

So, go through all of these camps and collect your relics, they will be very important later when you face the boss fight.

If you see some really bad relics right after the start you might also consider re-starting the Burning Woods to prevent wasting time later.

afk arena burning woods step 2Step 2

Now you need to get the advice at the camp (no, it’s no mercenary camp where you can get an additional hero).

After that go to the stone where an Ezizh Level 300 is waiting. The battle itself is manageable and if you struggle you can clear some more camps around for additional relics.

So, as soon as you have done that battle you will see the top Fire Altar being activated. Ira will disappear but we do that boss in the next run anyway.

afk arena burning woods step 3Step 3

With half the map on fire now you want to go back to the point where you started and use the Water Altar this time.

This will shut down the fires and you can now access a huge part of the map with a lot of Golden Chests and relics as well.

Now do fight every camp and get every relic you can find (except the boss fight in the top left corner – there’s one more step that we need to do. But if you do that too soon you will get fewer relics, what you don’t want to.

afk arena burning woods step 4Step 4

Important! Did you clear every single camp and relic that you can reach by now?

Fine, then use the Fire Altar and the start and the Water Altar right after that. If you do that before you will burn a couple of camps so you won’t get as many relics.

So follow this order!

Now it’s time to go around another time and get all the remaining camps and relics to get ready for your boss fight of this run.

afk arena burning woods step 5Step 5

Time for the boss fight when you have enough relics – it’s a Level 300 Silvina and Ezizh.

The fight itself isn’t that hard actually with that pairing as long as you have a Lucius and Shemira in your team that will tick them down while keeping your team alive. Rowan or Nemora for healing also helps.

After having done that boss fight (and collected the Crystal Chest), it’s time to finish this first run of Burning Woods because there’s nothing more you can do now.

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Run #2 – Athalia & Lucius

Restart the realm and actually you now take the opposite route to get to the island with the other boss fight.

afk arena burning woods step 2-1Step 1

Right after the start you again will take the same route as above but you won’t fight the Ezizh on the portal, this is the difference!

After you have done that you go back and use the Fire Altar at the beginning. This will open the path to Ira now.

Attention! If you use the Fire Altar at the start you will burn a couple of camps that give you relics and against this boss fight with Athalia you really want to have every relic you can have.

afk arena burning woods step 2-2Step 2

Now you walk up to Ira’s camp and stepping on there will give you a portal that will take you on the island with the second boss fight.

Do open the portal now (otherwise Ira will then leave again) but do not use the portal! You need more relics!

You now repeat Step 2-4 from your first run to get all the relics you can get – the portal will now stay and take you to the final island after that – but you will need all the relics.

afk arena burning woods step 2-3Step 3

Now it’s time to do the boss fight.

If you struggle here you might need to do another run of that second route to get Firebringer and Icebringer to ultimately keep Athalia from wiping our your entire team.


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