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Cinder Grottoes Guide (Wandering Balloon)

Cinder Grottoes is the next realm that has been joining The Wandering Balloon pretty much one year after it made it’s debut in Voyage of Wonders. It has a more challenging puzzle aspect and, be careful, you can potentially get stuck here! It starts off easy but the way you move the portal point gets more tricky later.

Cinder Grottoes General & Rewards

You have a ton of portals and they always port you to the portal stone that you need to flip through the map to reach the next section. Within the sections you have different levels and you need to pay attention that you block the path correctly to get the portal stone to the right position before using the next portal.

Talking about rewards, well, it’s nothing new that the rewards become less when a realm switches from Voyage of Wonders to The Wandering Balloon and Cinder Grottoes are no difference here:

afk arena wandering balloon cinder grottoes rewards

I mean it’s still fine and the basic items you get here can be used by everyone, especially the emblems and coins. After all, it’s basically free rewards so it’s hard to complain, right?

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The Cinder Grottoes Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve Cinder Grottoes.

Step 1 – obvious start, defeat the camp and get the relic and then step into the portal that takes you to the next section (1). The blue portals will always take you to the portal stone that you will move to different locations through the map of Cinder Grottoes in this realm.

Don’t use the hub to send the portal stone to the next section first before you follow the path as shown in the image (2) to the next portal. If not, the portal will take you back to exactly that point. In this section no problem but there are situations later where you can get stuck if you use the portal too early before the portal stone is in the right spot.

Now use the portal hub first and send the portal stone away before you go to the blue lever and use it once (3). This is important, otherwise the portal stone will get stuck in front of the next statue, that’s not what you want. Then you can go upwards and follow the path of camps and Golden Chests to the next portal and use it.

Step 2 -now use the portal hub in the next section again first (1). After that, follow to path there to the next portal that you’re going to use that will take you to the next section.

in this section you will need to use the red lever (2) first before you use the two portal hubs. In the image you can see the order with the numbers 1-2-3 in which you need to use them.

Once you’ve sent the portal stone to the next section, you need to leave this section by using the red lever once, stepping on the red stone when it’s in the upper position and then use the red lever again so it will take you “downstairs”.

Now follow that path along until you get to the next portal and use it – it will take you to the previous section

Step 3  – now follow that path along until you get to the next portal and use it – it will take you to the previous step in the Cinder Grottoes but that’s alright.

Step 7 – here you need to use the portal hub directly and then go right to the portal to enter the next section of the map.

afk arena cinder grottoes walkthrough step 8Step 8 – here you need to move the cart to the upper position (1) before you need to use portal hub (2). Important! Before you use portal hub (3), you need to use the blue lever first!

Once you’ve used the blue lever and turned the cart as a stopping point, you can use portal hub (3).

After that, you can use the portal in this section.

afk arena cinder grottoes walkthrough step 9Step 9 – last section of the Cinder Grottoes before you can do the final boss fight.

Move the cart to the lower position (1) before using the portal hub (2). Now you also need to use the purple lever (3) before you use the portal.

This will get you to the final section where you find the Crystal Chest behind the boss fight. It’s 5x Ezizh you need to fight but surprisingly easy compared tot he first “shock” seeing it 🙂

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