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Demonic Incursions Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Demonic Incursions and, as always, we have s free rewards, a storyline and some clean fun on the way.

Demonic Incursions General & Rewards

The storyline is alright and you basically follow the storyline and solve some puzzles on the way. We’ve had better stories and puzzles in previous Voyage of Wonders but I still found this one here alright and, I admit, the previous ones have been setting the bar quite high.

The main disappointment of Demonic Incursions is that the main reward is 10x Faction Summon Scrolls.

afk arena voyage of wonders demonic incursions rewards

In the choice chests you will have the choice between boosters for dust, gold or exp. I know it’s basically free rewards and we had a ton of free stuff recently but I think Stargazing Cards as main reward would be more then reasonable.

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Demonic Incursions Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for Demonic Incursions.

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Step 1 – right at the entrance of Demonic Incursions you need to talk to the villager (1) and then follow the path to the right where you need to talk to the remote villager (2). After that, go to the very right and clean the camps there to collect the two Golden Chests.

Step 2 – go back to the entry area and take the bottom left path (1) and after you’ve beaten that camp you need to talk to the remove villager living right left from it (2). Then go to the bottom left spot (3) and clean that camp and collect the Golden Chest there (3):

then walk around the lake to the top side of it and also clean the camp there to collect that Golden Chest as well (4):

Once done, you need to follow the path to the north (5) through those three camps and you will see that the tile (6) will collapse once you’ve crossed the path, but there’s still a way back so no panic 😉

Step 3 – then collect the left Golden Chest (1) and the right Golden Chest (2) before taking the gate in the middle (3) back to the starting area of the map:

Then talk to the remote villager again (4) and then to the other remote villager (5) on the right side of the map of Demonic Incursions before leaving the area in the bottom direction (6):

Step 4 – now go to the bottom railway and use the cannon as it is to destroy that camp (1) that will make you a lot of trouble otherwise. No worries, you’ll still get the relic. Then move the cannon 1 tile to the right and use it again (2) to destroy the fence. Last but not least move the cannon to the very left position on the tracks and use it once more to destroy the boss camp on the upper railway (3):

Step 5 – now set the upper portal in the tracks to the center position (1) and use the cannon 2x times (2) so you will remove the fence and the boss camp on the left side from your position. After you’ve done that, set the left railway portal to the upper left position (3) and use the cannon (2) one more time. Now it’s time to collect the two Golden Chests there.

Step 6 – next up is setting the bottom cannon on the railroad to the very left position (1) and the fight the camp there to free up the path (and collect the Golden Chest, of course). Make very sure that you have set this up like that as you will see the tile (2) disappear once you step over it. It won’t mess your progress up or force you to restart the Demonic Incursions but it’s annoying.

Then you need to fight that boss camp on the railroad tracks so you can move the portal to the very upper position (3). Next up is the railroad with the portal to the very right side (4) that you need to set to the very bottom position before fighting through the boss camp (5) so you can head back to the starting area so you can walk back to the cannon at the bottom that you need to fire now (6):

This will destroy the last fence in your way towards the final area of the Demonic Incursions.

Step 7 – head back and fight through that upper camp and collect that Golden Chest (1). This should be the last Golden Chest to collect so double-check that. Once done, go back to the villager that you talked to in the very first step (2).

Once you do this, all the mercenary camps at the entrance area will move down to the final area and transform all camps until the final boss fight into relics so you don’t need to fight them but get the support needed for the final boss fight (3).

That’s it, you’ve successfully beaten Demonic Incursions and get the (quite disappointing) final rewards with the 10x Faction Scrolls.

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