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Dreamscape Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The next realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called the Dreamscapes. I really liked this realm, it was a lot of fun playing it and the way the puzzle is presented in this Voyage of Wonders really got me. Challenging but not exhausting like other realms we had, I’m sure you will also like it.

Dreamscape General & Rewards

You’re in a dream and need to find the so-called “Aspirations” that are spread around the realm map. Each time you will defeat a camp, you will see connection tiles disappear and roots growing larger and blocking paths.

The key to solve Dreamscape is doing all the fights in the right order and execute all the puzzle parts (lever, cannons) in the right order or you might even get stuck and have to restart! Update! You can’t get stuck anymore. You can always reset the tiles by defeating the “Nightmare” camp in the center, which is an easy battle, and then continue 🙂

Oh, yes, and you can get the new dimensional heroes JOKER and QUEEN to support you as mercenaries in Dreamscape.

Your main objective in Tempesteous Twisters is to guide a twister through the different island by using wind altars. The way you send the twister you will create a path for yourself. This path should be in a way that you can reach all rewards and camps to get to the final boss battle.

afk arena dreamscape voyage of wonders rewardsI have posted the rewards here some time ago already as they have been leaked before Dreamscape was available on the test servers and the developers haven’t changed anything about the rewards.

We get 10 Faction Emblem Choice Chest and 10x Stargazing Cards along with some yellow and purple emblems and boosters.

In my opinion that’s alright as the realm isn’t that crazy hard to beat and everyone could use some Stargazing Cards, right?

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Dreamscape Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here:

afk arena dreamscape walkthrough step 1Step 1 – right at the start you will find yourself on an island with two mercenary camps where you can pick QUEEN and JOKER for support.

Take them (unless you already have them) and then use the portal to actually get into the dream where the actual realm is.

Step 2 – the first path you take is at 9 o’clock. Fight the camp and then go to that section.

All you need to do here is collect the Golden Chest and the Aspiration, do NOT use the cannon.

Step 3 – now take the camp at 7 o’clock and use the yellow lever you will find behind it. Do NOT fight that camp! just use the yellow lever.

Step 4 – now go to the 5 o’clock section and you will find a blue lever there. Use the blue lever.

The blue lever lowered the blue stone but there’s still a barrel blocking your path. So, next you will go back to section 2 (Step 3) and use the yellow lever once more. This will un-block the path for the cannon that you have in section 1 (Step 2). Go there and use the cannon now:

Then go back to section 2 and use the yellow lever once more before you can head back to section 3 (Step 4) and collect the aspiration and the Golden Chest there:

Step 5 – now that you collected the rewards, head back to section 2 but activate the blue lever when leaving section 3 and use the portal as well that will take you back to the center:

afk arena dreamscape walkthrough step 5

Step 6 – Now head to section 2, fight that camp and collect the aspiration and Golden Chest behind it:

Step 7 – now you need to fight the camp in the very middle of that center island. Once you’ve done that, you will see a “Strange Golden Egg” appear that you need to steal. When you do this, all camps and connection tiles will reset. Do that now:

afk arena dreamscape walkthrough step 7

Step 8 – next up is the path at 2 o*clock and you need to collect the rewards right away and then use the cannon to destroy a camp in the section below. Do NOT fight that camp next to the cannon now!

Step 9 – easy one… now fight the camp at 11 o’clock and collect the rewards and aspiration there a well:

Step 10 – now enter the very last section of Dreamscape at 3 o’clock and collect the final Golden Chest and last aspiration there as well:

Step 11 – now it’s time for the final boss fight. Go to the center of the map and fight that camp there and the “Strange Golden Egg” will appear again, you already did this in Step 7.

When you now steal the Golden Egg agin, the final boss camp will spawn in the center position of Dreamscape. The fight itself isn’t that complicated after all and you will see the Crystal Chest when you’ve beaten the fight.

Good luck and have fun with this Voyage of Wonders realm 🙂


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