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Elder Tree Guide / Upgrade Order

The Elder Tree introduced classes in AFK Arena that will gain additional abilities and also stat boosts in the Elder Tree by investing Twisted Essence that you gain during Twisted Realm boss fights (and some other event related rewards).

In this guide I will show you what Elder Tree skills are “sweet spots” and which ones aren’t that great to give you a general upgrade order to get the “biggest bang for your buck (aka Twisted Essence)” 🙂

Flawless Droplets & Twisted Essence

There are two “currencies” you use in the Elder Tree is called Flawless Drops and Twisted Essence and they are basically skill points that you need to collect in order to level up your Elder Tree.

Flawless Droplets

So, with every hero epic you get for the first time or every hero that you ascend to a new ascension tier you will get Flawless Drops – when you get another copy of that hero you won’t get additional Flawless Droplets.

afk arena flawless droplets

Let’s say you get your first epic copy of Lucius, you will get a Flawless Droplet for that. Now you will get another epic Lucius and this time you won’t get any Flawless Droplet because you already got one for the first time you got that Lucius. But if you now do ascend those to an Epic+ Lucius you will get Flawless Droplets for ascending Lucius for the first time. If you now get 2 more epic Lucius and ascend them as well you won’t get any more Flawless Droplets. Hope this example makes sense to you…

Those are used to upgrade the main roots of the Elder Tree which will give all of your heroes a slight boost in stats.

Twisted Essence

After you have upgraded with enough Flawless Droplets you’ll be able to start specialization in the Elder Tree, according to the different classes which each hero belongs to.

This gets now more individual because it heavily depends in what kind of heroes you use. The more heroes of one class you actually use actively the more sense is there to start spending your Twisted Essence there.

You can get Twisted Essence either from the Twisted Realm or along with your Gold, EXP and items from the map AFK Reward.

Elder Tree Upgrade Strategy

So, let’s talk about the strategy when upgrading your Elder Tree.

The main root upgrades with the Flawless Droplets won’t give you much option, you will collect them when getting more epics and ascending but it doesn’t make much sense to ascend something just to get Flawless Droplets. Simply upgrade as much as you can when you get them.

The hero classes and the Twisted Essence however leaves a lot more room to strategize.

Which Elder Tree Skills Are Worth It?

Here are my thoughts on the different branches of the Elder Tree that specialize your hero classes.

Class Level Tier Comment
5 C Good but triggers only once per battle
15 S Nice effect without cooldown
25 A Works nice against summoners and can save you here and there
5 C Can help but normally isn’t just not enough to turn anything around
15 A Nice burst, even if your tank is going down early
25 B Alright additional healing to keep tank alive
5 B Good against shields, but can also be useless
15 B Only small shield and long cooldown. Often not helping
25 D Once per battle and quite weak.
5 S Plain boost without cooldown, really powerful
15 C Not that much, only useful in longer battles
25 D Only triggered once in a battle and it only triggers when ally is pretty much doomed anyway.
5 B Good effect, but only activated one in battle
15 A Nice additional help that can turn a battle with an ally that is in trouble
25 B Powerful effect but long cooldown and long duration

Taking this all into account, you will have the following recommended upgrade order that you should follow:

You basically want to get the Level 5 abilities first, they are quite cheap and non of them is absolutely useless (and you very likely won’t be able to get to Level 15 straight anyways).

Then you want to prioritize support and ranger, depending what your main hero setup is like. Mage and warrior can be delayed for now and then you need to go for the full ranger and support first before you get the last tank skill. From here you can go after mage and marrior last abilities.

Dura’s Sustenance (Support Tree)

The Level 5 Skill your support heroes will get a shield for the most-injured hero once the support hero casts their ultimate for the first time. This is helpful and can help, but actually I don’t see that drop that often before because they need to fill their energy bar first. Still quite alright for only need 5 levels.

The Level 15 Skill gets activated the hero that gets the shield will also get healing equal to the attack rating – so this is normally 10-30% of their health and only in a few situations making much of a difference because the hero will regenerate himself anyway. Still useful here and there and worth getting.

The Level 25 Skill this one here would be insane but the cooldown is killing it quite off and the gained energy is not that much that it’s actually doing a very high impact.

Dura’s Sorcery (Mage Tree)

Level 5 Skill is actually a nice one that will boost damage after the mage class hero used his ultimate for 3 seconds. It won’t change the world but with heroes like Shemira or Belinda in this class it is a nice buff.

The Level 15 Skill is quite useless for me. Yes, it’s 30 energy for every hero and with multiple mage heroes it’s some energy but it’s not that much that it will make a huge difference, especially as it only can be used after having used the ultimate so you won’t get an energy advantage over the enemy team.

Level 25 Skill is a bad one. It’s only triggered once per battle and when it’s getting triggered the ally is normally pretty much done anyway, only really rare occasions where this ability has been turning the tides.

Dura’s Might (Warrior Tree)

The Level 5 Skill will make warrior heroes tank crushers and helps a lot against shields like the one from Lucius – my only problem is that there are not that many heroes in that class that you would use as your favorite damage dealers.

The Level 15 Skill is well, alright, but I think the 3 seconds is quite short to give any real advantage unless that warrior hero is under heavy fire and can escape with that shield (what I highly doubt) and the level 25 Skill give a very short Life Leech boost that will not make much difference in just 3 seconds because it won’t make the damage output higher but rather only give some minor healing.

For me, the warrior tree is the weakest of all of them because the blessings are only very temporary or specifically (require the enemy to be under shield)

Dura’s Fortitude (Tank Tree)

The tank tree is very much on spot and already the first skill with the automatically healing will give you such a big boost. You can have your tank healed automatically for 25% over 10 seconds when he falls below 30% health. For me even the single one to get first of all others.

The AoE damage from the Level 15 Skill is nice to have because it’s 3% and you can get it multiple times when you have a tank, like Brutus or Lucius, that heal themself back up. Also when a tank is going down fast, he will at least deal some burst damage.

The Level 25 Skill is quite alright because you get more health but the Level 5 and Level 15 are the ones that you’re really after. I’d recommend you to go to Level 15 here in the tank tree and then progress in the other trees first.

Dura’s Celerity (Ranger Tree)

The level 5 ability is the worst of all her, also because only triggered once during a battle, but the plain stat increase can help with good rng.

Level 15 ability is nailing it, simply dealing a nice amount of damage that can’t be dodged (not working for bosses!).

Level 25 is really nice against summoner enemy heroes.


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