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Fastest Way To Get VIP Points & Raise VIP Level

In this guide, I want to show you how you can raise your VIP Level (even without spending any money at all) plus the VIP Levels that you should go for because they have the best perks.

Sounds good? Let’s go.

This post is updated with the latest changes to the VIP System & Perks!

Best VIP Perks

Unlike many other sites, I don’t want to just make a huge table with all the perks of all the different VIP Levels here – you can see them in the game.

What I rather want to show you is the most important perks that are really useful in AFK Arena:

VIP Level 1-5 (F2P About Player Level 100)

You primarily get more free entries for the arena, additional loot from the AFK time and more daily quests you can do there are not much of great perks happening here.

They are useful but not a game-changer when looking at the bigger picture

VIP Level 6 (F2P Player Level 120)

This is actually the first milestone you want to get because you will unlock one additional attack against Wrizz and Soren that means some nice extra loot just for free every day. Plus you will get the Quick Battle Feature that allows you to copy your first attack on them and don’t require you to do all three fights manually.

Also, you can now skip the fight in arena battles that is really helpful as they can get annoying with time and skipping to see the result for a fight you can’t re-run is always nice.

afk arena bounty auto fill vip perk

Also, you will get the Autofill for Bounty Quests so you don’t have to choose the heroes manually anymore – this lets you activate all quests in a few seconds compared to the annoying manual selection.

VIP Level 7-9 (F2P Player Level 180-200)

The most important part about these levels is that you will get 1, 2 or 3 days of AFK rewards – while you only get 12 hours before that. It’s handy if you have days where you can’t check right in the morning or something else comes across your daily routine – this will give you more loot overall.

VIP Level 10-20 (P2P Only)

Also not any more special perks except more loot and other stuff from the other perks. Nothing to actually invest any more money if you do.

Best Level?

VIP Level 6 and Level 7 are the ones to reach that will help you most by unlocking additional things that really make an impact.

It’s hard to earn VIP Level 9 but below I have you some valuable information that should help you out.

How To Get VIP Points (With & Without Spending Real Money)

I think the best thing to understand how it works is showing you the amount of VIP Points you need to reach every rank:

  • VIP Rank 1: 100
  • VIP Rank 2: 300
  • VIP Rank 3: 1,000
  • VIP Rank 4: 2,000
  • VIP Rank 5: 4,000
  • VIP Rank 6: 7,000
  • VIP Rank 7: 10,000
  • VIP Rank 8: 14,000
  • VIP Rank 9: 20,000
  • VIP Rank 10: 30,000
  • VIP Rank 11: 50,000
  • VIP Rank 12: 80,000
  • VIP Rank 13: 150,000
  • VIP Rank 14: 300,000
  • VIP Rank 15: 500,000
  • VIP Rank 16: 1,000,000
  • VIP Rank 17: 2,000,000
  • VIP Rank 18: 5,000,000
  • VIP Rank 19: 7,500,000
  • VIP Rank 20: 10,000,000

A lot of numbers but what do they mean? There are two things how you can actually earn VIP Points in AFK Arena.

Earn VIP Points By Leveling Up

The only way to get free VIP Points without spending any money in the shop is by leveling up your player level (not your hero level).

The rough rule of thumb is that every 20 player level gained you will get a new VIP Rank – so for VIP Rank 4 you need to be Player Level 80, VIP Rank 5 is Player Level 100, VIP Rank 6 os Player Level 120, etc.

This sounds easy but gaining a new player level gets harder and harder with each level gained and it will take months to gain player level 100-120 but that’s your way when you can’t/won’t spend any real money on the game.

Update! Even though finishing a chapter on the campaign map will give you VIP XP now, it’s not enough to get you to the next level actually – you still need to rely on the rule above where every 20 XP Levels will be one VIP Level (at least for F2P).

From The Shop

Every time you purchase something from the shop there are Diamonds involved, right? So, every Diamond purchased from the shop are worth one VIP Point.

vip points in afk arena

When looking at the table above you see that it can get pretty expensive but at some point leveling up is so hard that it’s impossible to exceed the higher VIP Levels without actually purchasing anything with real money.

In my opinion the perks are nice to really nice but not worth spending hundreds or thousands of Dollars for Diamonds just to get them – if you want to spend money wait for good deals but don’t have your VIP Level as the primary motivation 🙂


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