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Updated! Wandering Balloon – Fields of Stone Guide

The Wandering Balloon is a new game feature in AFK Arena that lets us re-play past Voyage of Wonders realm and the first featured realm there is The Depths of Time, a really nice Voyage of Wonders we had back in November 2019.

In this guide, I have you a full walkthrough including all the general info you need for this realm.

Fields of Stone General & Rewards

You see different lasers on the map that have two different functionalities – they block your way or they will stop another laser’s shooting when pointing at them. So, your main task is to move them around so you can pass certain areas of the map.

We’ve seen some really crazy puzzles to solve in Voyage of Wonders and this one is fairly easy, a little bit like the Fallen Souls realm.

What’s The Reward In The Fields of Stone?

The main reward will be 10x Faction Summon Scrolls as well as some emblems.

The GOlden Chest will reward you with 1 epic hero and 2 fodder heroes as well as some boosters and 100 Diamonds.

Best Team

In the Fields of Stone, you won’t find much special buffs or debuffs for any faction but you’ll also won’t get any resurrection or healing fountain neither.

This means you should have some healing or shielding ready to keep your team alive. Most enemies are Maulers and Hypogeans so a team consisting of a balanced Lightbearer setup will be helpful – heroes like Rowan, Lucius, Belinda or Rosaline will give you a nice advantage here.

Anyway, whatever team you find balanced will help but I’d not recommend Wilders just because the factional disadvantage will give you a harder time than needed.

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Fields of Stone Walkthrough

Now let’s make a quick walkthrough and in my belief it’s the fastest way to clear the Fields of Stone.

afk arena fields of stone walkthrough step 1Step 1: Right after the start you’ll be able to get the first Crystal Chest that contains 5x regular Summon Scrolls.

All you need to do is to defeat the first camp right in front of you (no worries enemies are really weak) and then move the red laser to the left position so you can walk straight up and collect the Crystal Chest 🙂

afk arena fields of stone walkthrough step 2Step 2: Now set the red laser to the middle position so it will deactivate the blue laser and you can take on the enemy camp on the left side, collect the chest there and continue your way to the top.

From here you simply follow the path where you will face two other camps that you will need to fight.

Step 3: Once you’ve done that you arrive at this section here:

afk arena fields of stone walkthrough step 3

First, you need to block the red laser by using the right switch and once you did that you walk over to the other one to release the red laser again on the blue laser. The blue laser will then get deactivated and you can collect the chests and continue the way on the top through the camp.

By following that path in the Fields of Stone you will arrive at a yellow lever that you need to use and then you will arrive at the final section of the map where a small puzzle awaits you.

It’s actually not that hard if you follow this order here:

afk arena fields of stone last puzzle

What you do is basically using the upper blue laser to activate the left red laser. After having done this you can walk down and use the second blue laser to keep the left red laser deactivated so you can walk back up and use the upper blue laser to deactivate the bottom red laser.

This will open you the path towards the final boss of the Fields of Stone and you’re ready to claim your second Crystal Chest 🙂

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