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Updated! Wandering Balloon – Frosted Expanse Guide

The Wandering Balloon is a new game feature in AFK Arena that lets us re-play past Voyage of Wonders realm and the first featured realm there is The Depths of Time, a really nice Voyage of Wonders we had back in December 2019.

In case you have troubles or you just want to beat it in your first try I have here a full walkthrough showing you how to clear it step by step.

Frosted Expanse General & Rewards

The puzzle component is not that hard in The Frosted Expanse, you will basically show snowballs that either clear fire that will block your path or permanently trigger levers.

This is again a realm where you won’t get any relics from fights, the relics you can get are already in fixed spots. The positive thing is you can check them when entering the Frosted Expanse and check if they are good and restart right away without having to fight half the realm to see if there are good relics or not.

What’s The Reward In The Frosted Expanse?

While the reward have been pretty sweet when this was featured in Voyage of Wonders, rewards have changed for the Wandering Balloon.

The Crystal Chests will reward you with 6x Faction Summon Scrolls and 1200 Diamonds in total. The Golden Chests, and there are a ton of them, will reward you with a total of 300x Summons Stones and 50x Epic Summon Stones as well as a ton of Gold, Poe Coins and boosters as well.

Best Team

There are several healing fountains but no mercenary camps so your normal A-Team will do the job here. If you have Nemora and Lucius this will help and healing wouldn’t be that wrong as well.

There are no real crazy combos you need to fight and you will see a lot of Lightbearers and Wilders as well.

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Frosted Expanse Walkthrough

Alright, it’s time to have a look at the walkthrough and there are only a few smaller puzzles that you have to solve.

Unlike earlier Voyage of Wonders realms there are also no situations that can get you stuck. Update! If you do the boss battle at the flame in the middle before getting Talena you need to restart! (Thanks Lou for posting that!)

You can use the snow cannons multiple times in case you miss so everything is quite smooth here.

frozen expanse walkthrough step 2

Step 1: The first step will be checking the relics you can get and see what they offer. They are randomized so you might need to check in several times and finish/restart the Frosted Expanse until you get the relics that will really boost your team setup.

Step 2: Right after the start you pick your first relic and do the first fight that will set the trees in fire. Use the snow cannon and it will clear the path. The best way from here will be to walk down and go to the right.

The reason is that there’s another relic that you can fairly easy collect along with several chests that contain boosters as well as the first Crystal Chest rewarding you with 500 Diamonds.

frozen expanse walkthrough step 3Step 3: Once done with the bottom right side you will continue to the other side and soon see a small puzzle.

Solving it is easy, simply step on the button so the right lake will freeze. From here you will move the snowman cannon to the right side and trigger it.

The snowball will destroy the fire on the top and you can proceed your path and go to the left first where you will find several chests as well as the second Crystal Chest at the end. Collect that now.

frozen expanse walkthrough step 4Step 4: Now you walk back and you find that tome in the center that you need to use.

It will unblock the path to a lot of chests behind it that will be your next step to collect.

Do not do the boss fight now, you will need help from Talene that you will get from clearing the last section! If you do it now you will get stuck and need to restart the Frosted Expanse

frozen expanse walkthrough step 5Step 5: Now you will see another small puzzle that basically means you need to place snowballs on the buttons by using the snowman cannons while switching the yellow lever to block them there. You can see in the image what the end result should look like.

This will freeze the two lakes on the right side and when done properly you can pass.

Don’t forget the relic that you can collect here as it will be the essential buff you need to clear the next section that opens to the left side.

frozen expanse walkthrough step 6Step 6: In this section you will find a ton of chests and some enemies as well as the third Crystal Chest.

frozen expanse walkthrough step 7Step 7: This is the last section and puzzle in the Frosted Expanse that you need to solve. Again, it’s also quite simple.

All you need to do is to move the middle snowman to the top position to make the snowball stay on the upper button. After that you need to move the cart to the right position (like you can see in the image) to make the second snowball from the top snowman cannon stay on the lower button.

This will freeze the two lakes that you need to pass to get access to all the remaining chests and enemies that you can clear now.

frozen expanse walkthrough step 8Step 8: Now the final part. In the upper right side you will see a flame with a fight that will give you Talene’s help. You will need her to clear the boss fight in the center that you skipped in Step 4! So, clear everything here and do that fight, normally it’s not too hard and you can do it with several tries and get her. You will also get the last Reward Chest behind it.

Once done you can walk to the center and do the boss fight there and use Talene in your team and it will be not too hard. You NEED to use her for the boss in the middle in her team or you will get stuck!

After that boss fight, you can do the cleaning and collect all the chests that you haven’t collected yet.

That’s it, you solved the Frosted Expanse and probably can now do some solid leveling with all the experience and dust boosters 🙂


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