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Full Artifact Guide For AFK Arena (October 2020)

Artifacts are unique gear items that will boost your hero a lot more than any other equipt with certain special benefits. In this guide I want to show you all you need to know about the different artifacts, including where you will find them and also give you an overview what artifact you should use on which hero.

Let’s get it started.

All Artifacts & How To Get Them

There’s a total of 7 different artifacts in AFK Arena and you can have only one of each of them:

Dura’s Grace in an artifact that will cast a shield and prevent mind control when fully enhanced. It’s a great fit for every hero that is in the front line or really vulnerable like caster or healer. It’s the first artifact you can find in Peaks of Time and in the first real, Ranhorn’s Strife (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Grace artifact).

Dura’s Eye is the second artifact you can unlock and it will boost attack speed, critical damage and also haste at the fully enhanced level. It’s a perfect fit any hero that deals damage and can deal critical damage for a nice extra boost. You can find it in Secrets of the Forest in Peaks of Time (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Eye artifact).

Dura’s Call is the third artifact available and will generate additional energy for the hero that has this artifact equipped – the best use is for heroes that have really strong impact ultimates that you want to charge as fast as possible. You can find it in Rest in Peace in Peaks of Time (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Call artifact).

Dura’s Drape will give your hero additional health recovery during the fight. I personally don’t find this artifact crazy helpful compared to the others but it’s better than nothing and useful on either your second tank or casters that often get damage in the second line to prevent them going down fast. You can find it in the Far Frontier in Peaks of Time (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Drape artifact).

Dura’s Blade will raise the attack stats for the hero every 3s until the end of the battle and makes it a perfect artifact for heroes that deal constant damage, like Brutus, Shemira, Gwyneth and so on. You can find it in Vipers Marsh in Peaks of Time (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Blade artifact).

Dura’s Chalice of Vitality restores health every second for the firest up to 45 seconds of the battle and unlike Dura’s Drape this is a great way to keep tanks alive. You can find it in the Savage Wastes in Peaks of Time (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Blade artifact).

Dura’s Conviction is the perfect artifact for damage dealing backline heroes that will not only raise their attack stats when there’s no enemy hero around, it will also use a shockwave to protect the hero from enemies and pushes nearby enemy heroes back. You can find it in the Solar Plane in Peaks of Time (read here a full detailed guide how to get Dura’s Blade artifact).

What Heroes To Use The Artifacts On

As artifacts are unlike gear and you can’t have them multiple times you want to make sure that you put them on the heroes that will get the most bang out of the artifact.

equipped artifact afk arena

With the September 1.47 Update it became possible to simultaneously equip an artifact on different heroes, but switching is not that easy anymore. Please pick your heroes below carefully, depending on how much you use them before you lock in an artifact!

Lightbearers Artifacts

Hero Artifact
Estrilda Grace > Eye > Vitality
Belinda Eye
Raine Call
Rosaline Call
Lucius Call > Grace > Vitality
Cecilia Eye
Rigby Grace > Drape
Oscar Eye > Call > Drape
Thane Eye
Fawkes Call > Eye > Blade > Conviction
Hendrik Grace
Rowan Call
Gwyneth Eye > Blade > Call > Conviction
Hogan Grace > Vitality
Angelo Call
Morvus Eye > Blade > Call > Conviction
Mirael Eye > Blade > Call > Conviction

Maulers Artifacts

Hero Artifact
Brutus Blade > Eye > Grace
Khasos Eye > Blade > Conviction
Vurk Eye > Blade > Conviction
Anoki Vitality > Grace > Drape
Drez Grace > Eye
Numisu Call > Conviction
Warek Eye > Grace
Skreg Grace > Vitality
Tidus Call > Eye > Blade
Skriath Call > Conviction
Safiya Call
Satrana Conviction > Eye > Blade
Antandra Eye > Blade
Ankhira Grace > Vitality
Golus Grace > Vitality
Saveas Eye

Wilders Artifacts

Hero Artifact
Nemora Vitality > Grace > Drape
Kaz Grace > Eye > Blade
Lyca Grace > Eye
Ulmus Vitality > Grace > Drape
Gorvo Grace > Vitality > Drape
Eironn Grace > Eye
Saurus Blade > Call > Eye
Lorsan Eye > Call
Solise Call > Eye
Tasi Call
Seirus Grace > Vitality
Ira Call > Eye
Ogi Vitality > Grace > Drape
Arden Call > Eye

Graveborn Artifacts

Hero Artifact
Grezhul Grace > Drape > Vitality
Shemira Blade > Call > Eye > Grace
Isabella Eye > Blade
Ferael Call > Eye
Thoran Grace > Drape > Vitality
Kelthur Eye > Blade
Daimon Call
Oden Call > Eye > Blade
Theowyn Vitality
Izold Grace > Drape
Torne Call > Drape > Blade
Nara Grace > Drape > Vitality
Baden Grace > Call > Eye
Niru Grace
Silvina Eye
Vedan Grace > Call > Blade > Eye

Celestial & Hypogeans Artifacts

Hero Artifact
Athalia Eye
Elijah & Lailah Call > Eye > Grace > Vitality
Orthos Grace > Drape > Vitality
Talene Eye > Call > Blade
Wu Kong Grace > Vitality
Flora Eye > Blade
Zaphrael Grace > Vitality
Ezizh Grace > Call
Mehira Call > Eye
Lucretia Call > Eye > Blade
Zolrath Grace > Vitality
Khazard Eye > Call > Blade
Mezoth Call > Eye
Arthur Blade > Eye > Grace
Ezio Grace
Ukyo Eye
Nakoruru Eye


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