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Gold Rush Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Gold Rush. To be honest, this is probably the most fun storyline we’ve ever seen where you hunt the thief through the map by setting up traps to hunt your rewards. Really entertaining.

Gold Rush General & Rewards

The storyline is basically Rowan getting robbed by a thief that looks like Wrizz. The thief will always use the optimal path towards the next Gold so you need to tactically interrupt him and hit him with fire balls to get the Golden Chests from him until you have the final Crystal Chest. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun doing Gold Rush.

The main reward is the same as the past realms offered, that’s 10x Stargazing Cards.

afk arena voyage of wonders the sealing sword rewards

In the choice chests you will have the choice between boosters for dust, gold or exp. Also some coins for furniture, engravings and 60x Epic Soulstones for one epic hero card. I think it’s alright looking at the difficulty level of Gold Rush.

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Gold Rush Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for Gold Rush.

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Step 1 – right at the start you see how the thief robs Rowan and you have a small conversation where Rowan will promise you a reward for helping him catching the thief. Set the first trap (1) so the thief will walk into the right position so you can fire the cannon at him (2). This will release a Golden Chest that you can collect and he will walk away.

Don’t follow him but walk downwards where you need to fight a camp, collect the relics and then use that cannon there (3) to remove the barrel.

Step 2 – now follow the thief’s path to the middle section of the Gold Rush map until you reach the tracks where you need to move the cart to the upper position (1) to make the thief take the right path next. Fight the camps next to it and then it’s time to set up the next trap next to the tracks (2).

Walk back to the left part below the starting position and use the cannon there (3) to hit the thief one more time to get another Golden Chest from him.

Step 3 – again, follow the thief to the right section where he is headed and use the upper Battering Ram there (1). Follow the stone and use the next Battering Ram (2) to push the stone to the bottom.

Then walk to the right side where you have the next trap to be set for the thief (3) and he will follow you to your position.

Step 4 – go back to the stone you pushed in the previous step and use the Battering Ram next to it (1) to push it further to the bottom where you free the cart on the track. Next use the railroad switch twice to move the cart completely to the right position (2) before pushing the stone back up with the bottom Battering Ram (3):

Step 5 – back to the middle section of the map of Gold Rush and you need to go to the bottom to use the railroad switch ONCE (1). The cart’s target position is one step away from the very right position (2):

Then use the Battering Ram next to the stone once more (3). This will make the stone stop at the cart and you have a new position to push the stone.

Step 6 – now use the Battering Ram next to the stone (1) and the stone will hit the thief and release one more Golden Chest and send him to the next position which is a open spot at the very bottom right side of the map.

Now follow the thief and when you get closer, he will turn into a boss camp (2). With all the relics you should be able to beat him and he will release all the remaining Golden Chests as well as the final Crystal Chest that you can collect now.

Now you have finished Gold Rush and I hoped you enjoyed the hunt as much as I did.

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