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Guide For Soren & Best Heroes To Use

Soren is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting. I know that many people have problems with their performance against him and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Soren – especially since there are fewer attacks you can do against him to actually test your team setup for the best outcome.

so I decided to write this guide to cover the mechanics of Soren and give you some tips on the heroes that work great against him.

Soren Mechanics & General

Before we get into the best heroes to use (which also depends heavily on your hero roaster), I’d like to give you some background info about the abilities that Soren uses and that you have to deal with – the better you understand them the better you can tailor a team that can deal with that.

Char – Soren will blast an AoE magical damage against everything for 2 seconds and this can take parts of your team out. He will do that 4 times during the battle at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer until the end of the battle).

Frighten – in addition he will also cast this every 9 seconds and this will charm all of your team in front of him to attack each other.

Best Heroes To Use Against Soren

Your team must two things successfully if you want to pull off a nice score against Soren.

Your main strategy is completely different depending what hero levels you have.

Earlier Game (Hero Level 200 and lower) it’s all about surviving Soren as much as possible and you will need heal to recover from his AoE and preferably a hero that gets behind Soren’s back to prevent that he will charm your whole team.

End Game (Hero level 240+) you won’t need to worry that much about healing anymore and you want to gain as much damage you can for a better score.

Below I have multiple team suggestions for you.

Best Soren Team – Endgame (Hero Level 240+)

Frontline Heroeshere are the heroes that do right now help getting the highest score against Sore:

Saurus is mandatory as he will provide that much damage with his ultimate that he’s almost impossible to be replaced. You should have him ascended quite well at this point, otherwise put him high on your priority list! Rosaline will double the ultimate frequency of Saurus perfectly or buff any other hero with a high attack rating.

I don’t see any really useful replacement in the frontline for these 2 heroes. If you really need to swap, use some hero like Rowan, Cecilia or Talene.

Backline Heroes: now here you want to buff heroes and provide damage as well, the heroes that work best here are…

Twins are insane when it comes to buffing and Rowan can also be a nice buffer here. Then use either Warek, Cecilia or Belinda with the highest attack rating you have, they all deal about similar damage.

Best Soren Team – Midgame (Hero Level 200-240)

This is the transition part where you can start swapping the roles. It’s hard to give you one team here as it absolutely depends on your roaster.

Here are the things you can try to do and see how it affects your performance and final score against Soren:

  1. Swap Lucius out for Saurus
  2. Swap Silvina out for a damage dealing hero like Warek

Ultimately you need to get the heroes I recommend above, they will give you the 1B+ scores against Soren.

Best Soren Team – Early Game (Hero Level 200 and lower)

Frontline Heroes: in the frontline you want to have a solid tank that can take some damage, if you have Lucius it’s a good choice. Next up I’d also Rowan to have a steady frontline.

Backline Heroes: Frontline Heroes: you need a good mi from buffer, damage dealer and also one hero that will get into the back of Soren so he won#t charm your whole team at once, a good choice will be:

Remember, you can also swap as you need. I’d say Silvina is not replaceable here but you can get her ascended to Legendary+ easily. Belinda is the damage dealer here so if you don’t have her asceded you can also use any other caster or range damage dealer like Shemira as well.

Lyca can be swapped against any other support hero that will buff. If you don’t have any other support hero, use another damage dealing hero.

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