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Guide For Soren & Best Heroes To Use

Soren is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting. I know that many people have problems with their performance against him and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Soren – especially since there are fewer attacks you can do against him to actually test your team setup for the best outcome.

so I decided to write this guide to cover the mechanics of Soren and give you some tips on the heroes that work great against him.

Soren Mechanics & General

Before we get into the best heroes to use (which also depends heavily on your hero roaster), I’d like to give you some background info about the abilities that Soren uses and that you have to deal with – the better you understand them the better you can tailor a team that can deal with that.

Char – Soren will blast an AoE magical damage against everything for 2 seconds and this can take parts of your team out. He will do that 4 times during the battle at 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer until the end of the battle).

Frighten – in addition he will also cast this every 9 seconds and this will charm all of your team in front of him to attack each other.

Best Heroes To Use Against Soren

Your team must two things successfully if you want to pull off a nice score against Soren.

On one hand you need shield/heal to survive and recover from his AoE damage that deals massive damage and can take parts of your team out which basically means this is it.

On the other hand you will need to counter his charming because during that time your heroes won’t deal damage against him. The key here is that he will do that to all of your team heroes in front of him so getting a hero in his back will force him to turn around and only that single hero will get the damage and charm while the rest of your team can continue to build energy and deal damage.

And for that there are several heroes that can do the trick. Here are the ones I recommend you to use.


Lucius is by far the best tank you can use for Soren because of his shielding that will protect them and help regenerate your team. He can be squishy sometimes but sometimes his shield comes in the right spot (or you use it manually using the timestamps I have above when Soren uses his Char ability)

Nemora should be your choice if you haven’t Lucius high enough to use him or he is not leveld up as much as needed. Nemora can also provide great durability for your team and heal them up again. I recommend you to use her healing manually to time it well with the AoE splash damage of Soren

Counter Soren’s Frighten

Here you have various options, depending on what heroes you have and what level and ascension they are. You only need ONE of them in your team so you also have enough heroes that can deal damage 🙂

Silvina (lower) – below Level 160 she works well by jumping behind Soren so his Char will not demolish your team and make the damage dealers stop dealing damage and attacking each other. In higher levels she dies off too soon to make her really keep up with Soren.

Warek – if ascended and with a decently leveled Signature Item he is also a great option jumping behind Soren to keep your team away from getting charmed and attacking each other. The only downside is that you really need him ascended and leveld up to make an impact here.

Thane – also useful to make Soren turn around. For me the problem is that his jumping around is quite random and it happens sometimes he will not get behind Soren and the whole attack will go up in flames pretty quick.

Numisu – an alternative if the above ones don’t work for your hero roaster. His totems will also make Soren turn along with Lucius shielding but this is also quite squishy and you need him leveld up fairly high so the totems won’t simply blow off in a matter of seconds.

Grezhul – he’s also a nice way to make Soren go after his skeletons but I wouldn’t recommend him also being the main tank, for that he simply is not tanky enough.


The best option is to take your best damage dealers depending on your personal roaster of heroes you have available, but here are some that are a little better than others to fight Soren.

Shemira – as always she is a top damage dealer with amazing durability healing herself up all the time.

If you have her you really want to have her in your team for some nice buzz.

Lyca – I know she can be squishy sometimes but her general buff for your whole team she provides along with the factional bonus make it worth using her if you fight Soren.

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