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Guide For Wrizz & Best Heroes To Use

Wrizz is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting but also in the Arcane Labyrinth in the 3rd floor if you choose Hard Mode.

I know that many people struggle and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Wrizz so I decided to write this guide to cover the mechanics of Wrizz and give you some tips on the heroes that work great against him.

Wrizz Mechanics & General

Before we get into the best heroes to use (which also depends heavily on your hero roaster), I’d like to give you some background info about the abilities that Wrizz uses and that you have to deal with – the better you understand them the better you can tailor a team that can deal with that.

wrizz high damage

Bombs Away – this is his ultimate that will deal massive area damage against all of your heroes and that is able to take out your team. This ultimate occurs on pretty much fixed timestamps so if you have a hero that shields it’s good to know when to use the shield ability – the times are 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer untill the end of the battle).

Molotov – every 9 seconds he will throw this attack at the closest hero of your team and it will burn and deal magical damage over time and also deal some damage when he uses it.

Enrage – this causes Wrizz to deal more and more damage the more damage your team has dealt on him.

Best Heroes To Use Against Wrizz

It’s hard to give you a fixed setup of heroes because you might not have some of them or didn’t level them up that much – that’s why I decided to seperate this into a Beginner (Level 100 Heroes and lower), Advanced (Level 100-160 Heroes) and Endgame (Heroes Level 160+).

In general you want to have heroes in your team that:

  • Tank, preferably with shield like Lucius or Grezhul
  • Healer to get back after the Bomb Away so your team won’t get wiped out with the following Bomb Away
  • Heroes with high burst damage or general high DPS output

I also point out some heroes below that work quite well for that stage in the game – some do work great in the early stages of the game while others become really good later in the game but suck in the beginning. If you have them you should use them.

The heroes you can ALWAYS have in your team fighting Wrizz are:

Belinda – available early in AFK Arena she deals amazing damage and buffs. Also her factional advantage over Wrizz as Lightbearer will boost that. She is also an amazing pair with Rosaline who will give her practically double as much energy.

Rosaline – as I said she pairs very well and deals some nice damage herself and also has a factional advantage over Wrizz. Her biggest advantage is that she will stockpile all her energy for your strongest hero and boost the damage even more.

Lucius – the best tank to use simply because his shield comes in super handy and will protect your whole team from the Bombs Away ultimate that Wrizz uses four times during the battle. He will make sure that your whole team will survive the whole time.

Nemora or Rowan – the best healer to use in my opinion. They will heal your team up when Wrizz used his splash damage and keep your team alive so they can all deal damage the whole time. I know many feel that they rather want more DPS here but a healer is essential and those are the ones to use.

Baden – an ecellent damage dealer for Wrizz because he will summon more and more phantoms that will boost his damage and deal additional damage. As Wrizz only uses hiw splash ultimate four times it’s enough time to deal a ton of damage along the way. No matter at what point you have him, use him for Wrizz

Grezhul – also one of the tanks to use not only because of his stun. He also has the shield that is very useful and also deals a decent amount of damage that you will highly appreciate against Wrizz

Mehira – ok, I admit, she is hard to obtain and ascend but if yu got her she will do great work against Wrizz and put out a ton of damage against him paired with great survivability.

Below are some extra heroes to use (depending what level your heroes are currently) 🙂

Beginner Wrizz Team Setup (Heroes Level 100 and lower)

In the beginning you will not survive the whole timer and your team will very likely die off before the battle ends. You also won’t get past the 10M damage dealt point.

At this stage there are also some heroes that you can throw into your team if you have them:

Saveas – he is one of the damage dealers that carry in the earlier stages (but you can’t get him over Level 160). In that time he is excellent and will deal a ton of damage and also use life leech to stay alive. One of the best options you have at this level plus easy to ascend.

Silvina – same as Saveas. She has a great damage output but you can’t get her higher than Level 160 so no use in the endgame but a geat option until there. You can feed her to another here ascension afterwards easily 🙂

Golus – actually a hell of a tank in the early stages simply because he has the extra tankiness below 40% health and this is a great tank until you have a tank like Grezhul or Lucius for the fights against Wrizz.

Do not use them when your heroes go to Level 100+, they won’t be that effective after that point anymore

Advanced Wrizz Team Setup (Heroes Level 100-160)

Saveas, Silvina & Golus – you can also use them up to level 160 for the same reasons I named above.

Thane – at around Level 100 Thane will become a lot stronger and can become one of your primary damage dealer against Wrizz. He’s useless before that because he will simply die too easily but He will be strong Level 100+ and gain more strength even later.

Athalia – hard to ascend for F2P but in the later stages she will gain more survivability, especially with her Signature Item, and deal a ton of damage too Wrizz.

Shemira – she also dies too fast in lower levels but at Level 120+ she will get stronger and with every ascension she can become a great damage dealer and hero who heals up herself a lot and stays alive. If you use her Signature Item she will also gain a great damage boost against one enemy, so hitting Wrizz with her is a great option here.

Warek – while Warek can be squishy in lower stages he will gain a lot of strength against Wrizz at level 100+ and become a great option with his ability to deal a ton of damage while being the tank in your team.

Endgame Wrizz Team Setup (Heroes Level 160+)

Thane, Athalia, Shemira & Warek – for the same reasons above mentioned you can use them here for sure, they even get stronger in their higher levels and with their Signature Items on them.

Estrilda – at the highest levels Estrilda becomes good enough at tanking to become the primary tank and in addition also buffs your team heavily so the overall damage output will increase a lot.

Kaz – In the higher levels you can also use Kaz because her dodge gets soo high that she can survive some bursts easily while dealing some real nice damage herself.

Khasos – despite the fact that he can deal some nice damage he can also buff your entire team and provide life leech for the whole team. If you go into that fight with Wrizz without a healer you want to take him in your team to keep your team alive.

Fawkes – he becomes a beast in the end stages of AFK Arena and very handy against Wrizz as well, especially if you can use him to get the team bonus for the Lightbearers active with him that will boost your whole team.

Raine – with her Signature Item equipped she will skyrocket your whole team’s ATK and also deal very solid damage herself. One very nice option to use against Wrizz as well.

Isabella – if you have a good healer on your team you can also take Isabella whith very high burst damage that comes in also really helpful against Wrizz but without a healer I wouldn’t use her because the own team life leech can fire back at you.

Lyca – Lyca can also be a great addition with her haste at the beginning and the constant debuffing of Wrizz defense rating that will cause your whole team to deal more damage.

Ferael – last on the list here is Ferael in the highest levels because he becomes an excellent damage dealer with great survivability with a lot of damage output that you will appreciate.

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