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Guide For Wrizz & Best Heroes To Use

Wrizz is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting but also in the Arcane Labyrinth in the 3rd floor if you choose Hard Mode.

I know that many people struggle and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Wrizz so I decided to write this guide to cover the mechanics of Wrizz and give you some tips on the heroes that work great against him.

Wrizz Mechanics & General

Before we get into the best heroes to use (which also depends heavily on your hero roaster), I’d like to give you some background info about the abilities that Wrizz uses and that you have to deal with – the better you understand them the better you can tailor a team that can deal with that.

wrizz high damage

Bombs Away – this is his ultimate that will deal massive area damage against all of your heroes and that is able to take out your team. This ultimate occurs on pretty much fixed timestamps so if you have a hero that shields it’s good to know when to use the shield ability – the times are 1:16, 0:53, 0:29, 0:08 (timer untill the end of the battle).

Molotov – every 9 seconds he will throw this attack at the closest hero of your team and it will burn and deal magical damage over time and also deal some damage when he uses it.

Enrage – this causes Wrizz to deal more and more damage the more damage your team has dealt on him.

Best Heroes To Use Against Wrizz

It’s hard to give you a fixed setup of heroes because you might not have some of them or didn’t level them up that much – that’s why I decided to seperate this into a Beginner (Level 100 Heroes and lower), Advanced (Level 100-160 Heroes) and Endgame (Heroes Level 160+).

In general you want to have heroes in your team that:

  • Tank, preferably with shield like Lucius or Grezhul
  • Healer to get back after the Bomb Away so your team won’t get wiped out with the following Bomb Away
  • Heroes with high burst damage or general high DPS output

I also point out some heroes below that work quite well for that stage in the game – some do work great in the early stages of the game while others become really good later in the game but suck in the beginning. If you have them you should use them.

Best Wrizz Team – Endgame (Hero Level 240+)

Frontline Heroes: here are hero combinations that you can use in the frontline that will work really well:

Saurus is, without any doubt, the best fronline solution with an insane damage output and enough reliability to actually stay alive at the same time. Combine him with Warek and you will have a solid setup. Grezhul also works but is somewhat more squishy but a good choice if you haven#t your Saurus ascended so far

Backline Heroes: your backline should buff your frontline, especially Saurus.

Twins are mandatory, no matter what ascension level! They will buff so much and along with Rowan and Rosaline keep the Saurus frontline train rolling as crazy so you get insane damage output.

Alternative setups are Belinda with some additional damage or Lorsan as well, but Twins/Rowan/Rosa with Warek/Saurus in the frontline will deliver the best reults unless you have a full roaster of Celestial or hypogean heroes.

Best Wrizz Team – Mid-Game (Hero Level 120-240)

Frontline Heroes: take the tank you have here that is able to survive through the full battle.

You will very likely work on Lucius here and he helps a lot surviving that AoE from Wrizz and keep up all the time. He lacks damage dealing but you will still be able to get through the 1B damage with him.

Saurus or Warek will be good additions to deal in some more damage while not dying too early..

Backline Heroes:

Shemira is a great option, especially as she is your main carry in the campaign right now and you very likely have her ascended or close to it. Have her SI at +10 or +20 and you see her dealing nice damage, supported by the additional energy from Rowan and Rosaleen.

Belinda can be a substitution, depends how your hero roaster looks like right now.

Best Wrizz Team – Early-Game (Hero Level 120 and lower)

Frontline Heroes: take the tank you have here that is able to survive through the full battle. That can be Gorvus, Hogan or any other hero that is able to tank.

Backline Heroes: you very likely have Belinda who will deal a nice amount of damage as well as Saveas who is amazing in dealing damage early in the game.

Silvina can also be a great option against Wrizz, dealing good damage and normally not getting into trouble.

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