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Guild Wars Guide – Tactics & Setups That Work

Guild Wars is an event where your guild gets matched against one similar guild and you can win nice rewards by defeating the other guild. Sound complex? Well, it isn’t that complex and with the right tactic (that I will show you in this guide here), you can easily be in the guild that takes the victory in guild wars 🙂

How Guild Wars Work

So, if your guild decides to take part you will get matched against a guild with similar matchmaking stats.

The important thing is there are 5 rounds of battle, each lasting 24 hours and the guild that has won more rounds will take away the victory.

Every player that participates can use Elite heroes or above and all heroes will get adapted to Level 160 and get Mythic gear – basically all heroes are at the same level but the ones ascended higher will stay higher ascended. Still, this gives especially new players in AFK Arena the chance to take part in guild wars.

afk arena guild wars score card

So, I don’t actually want to make a ton of description here, just get you on the important same track before we actually take a look at the best tactics to succeed in guild wars in AFK Arena – if you have any questions use the “i” icon on top of the guild wars screen and you will see the full rule set again 🙂

Best Tactic To Win Guild Wars

The best tactic is divided into actually two parts – one is your personal tactic (how to attack and how to set up your hero teams) and the other part is how your guild handles attacks.

Below you will find both parts.

Best Guild Tactic

I could give this here a real in-depth guide that requires a lot of micro-managing your guild activities – but I now that 99% of you guys don’t have such a guild and don’t want to be in such a guild so I try to break it down to an easier applicable approach.

Win The First Round!

Winning the first round is something you and your guild should really focus on. Getting the better positions will not only give you a nice advantage in points that the enemy guild needs to catch up, you’re also in a better position for Round 2 and this will give your opponent guild a hard time. Always remember, the next round start will be determined by the previous round. Round 1 is the only round that starts on a plain field 😉

Hold Position

Points are rewarded by the position you get so try to get the highest position – I’d rather leave one attack open for the last hours of a round just to make sure to get more points rather than just using everything at the beginning and then have to watch what happened.

In general you only get the points for the highest position earned but that doesn’t mean you can just get a high position fast and then don’t care about your position anymore…

The lower players in your guild are the ones with the highest point earning potential and those are the ones that will bring you the victory normally.

Best Hero Tactic

So, you have three teams you can set up but if you want to take away the victory you only need to win with 2 of them. So, your opponent needs to battle all three of your teams in guild war but he wins as soon as he wins two of these fights.

afk arena guild war team setupSo here comes some basic thinking in where many players make a huge mistake – they think, well, just make one very strong team and one second strong team and a rubbish team so they can take away the victory.

The problem with this strategy is that the attacker can simply use his strongest team against your second-strongest team and his second-strongest team versus your rubbish team while using his rubbish team burning on your strongest team – then he has the victory.

The actual key of surviving this situation is making teams that will make the attackers second strongest team struggle so he can’t take the 2/3 victory in guild wars.

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