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Arcane Labyrinth Best Path (JAN 31st) & Tips

The Arcane Labyrinth is one of the best ways to consistently get epic heroes that you can use for ascension and you should farm it frequently.

In this guide, I wanted not only to give you some general insights about how it works but also give you the best path to choose to finish the Arcane Labyrinth in AFK Arena 🙂

Best Path To Solve The Arcane Labyrinth

Here you will find the current path for the Arcane Labyrinth:

Click on the image for a larger view

I will try to keep them updated with every new Arcane Lab and post it here, if you subscribe to the push notifications of AFKArenaBoss you will get them straight when I have finished them – or you can simply check here when a new lab path is available 🙂

General Tips For The Arcana Labyrinth

Here are some general things that you should understand first before I will show you the best way to go through the Arcane Labyrinth.


The difficulty of the enemies you face here is determined by the total amount of EXP gathered so far. So, there’s no way to get easier enemies by resetting heroes or simply not using your EXP to level them up in the mean to level them up once the Arcane Labyrinth started.

Also, if you used the EXP to level up more than 5 heroes and use the Resonating Crystal for additional heroes you will have a really hard time because AFK Arena expects you to have stronger heroes.

You might want to check out my leveling guide to fully understand how hero leveling works and how to level up your heroes in the best way possible.

TL;DR: There’s no way to get easier opponents.

Cancel Battles!

If a battle doesn’t run in a way you want it to have, like one of your heroes dies suddenly or you only have a little HP leaft on your heroes – cancel it before it ends!

important peak of time tip

You can cancel and re-run battles as much as you want to without losing anything and sometimes crit and proccs of relics are not in your favor so re-running can give you a totally different outcome.

You can also experiment playing your heroes in different locations and see how this works out.

Never finish a battle that ends up with a hero dying unless you calculated that this hero will die (but this is a 1:100 situation)

Choosing Relics & Supportive Heroes

Every relic you get will make your team stronger and is a lot more valuable than having extra heroes or healing them – your goal is building one squad that is able to beat and survive a battle well.

So here’s your priority when you need to choose between relics, additional heroes and healing fountain:

#1 – Check Heroes

Have a look at the mercenary camp and what heroes you see there. You only choose the heroes that you really could use, those are strong heroes that you don’t have and that will help me a lot. Examples are heroes like Brutus or Lucius, Shemara or a strong healer like Nemora or supportive heroes like Tasi that have amazing crowd control.

arcane labyrinth abandoned wagon

If none of these heroes are offered or needed you want to choose the relic that will boost your team a lot more than a nice-to-have hero.

#2 – Relics!!!

As I just said, you always want to go after the relics that will boost you and you need to get as many of them as possible to be strong enough to beat the last battles in the Arcane Labyrinth.

different relics wagons

If possible, you always want to choose the red-flagged wagons because they drop elite and legendary relics that are a lot stronger than the rare relics you see from the brown-flagged wagons.

When choosing your relics you always should favor in this order:

  1. Relics that will boost your crit and DPS of your damage-dealing hero
  2. Relics that will grow their stats over time, like with every battle a hero survives
  3. Relics that shield, protect, heal or limit debuffs

#3 – Healing Fountain & Resurrection

You should avoid them actually (except the five steps where you can only choose between the two of them) – and the reason is simple:

If you choose healing, you lost HP dramatically. The problem is that the fights get harder while you only gained healing in the last step – your team didn’t get any stronger but the opponents will. You just did delay the problem to the next battle where it will get even worst.

Choosing a relic will make your team stronger, even choosing an additional hero I names above will.

As I said in the beginning, you can re-run battles as often as you want to and prevent any unfortunate outcome that will make healing or resurrection necessary.

So just go after relics as much as you can.


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