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How To Earn More Guild Activity Points

Guild Activity Points are the value you provide for your guild and they can be a little confusing at first. In this guide i’d like to show you how you can earn more Guild Activity Points in AFK Arena.

Earning Guild Activity Points

Guild Activity Points show how active you are in AFK Arena and they are contributed to your guild total pool of activity points. I’ll show you in the second part below what you can do with the activity points but not let’s focus on earning those Guild Activity Points 🙂

Every guild member can earn 100 total Guild Activity Points every day by performing several actions.

earn guild activity pointsThese actions seems pretty random at first but it’s pretty easy – each time you eanr points in your daily rewards you will earn the same amount of Guild Activity Points.

So, as you can earn 100 daily points every day this is also the maximum each guild member can contribute to the activity point pool of your guild.

You can see the total behind every guild member and they are reset after 7 days, so there’s no member that can earn more than 700 points (finishing every daily task for 7 days straight).

What Are Guild Activity Points Good For?

There’s nothing else about it than getting 9,000 Guild Activity Points in total to be able to unlock a round of attacking Soren in the team hunting to get additional rewards.

Every time your guild has accumulated a total of 9,000 Guild Activity Points your clan leader is able to start the Soren hunt that lasts for 24 hours and then all guild members can use their attacks on him as well.

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