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How Wishlist REALLY Works When Pulling Heroes

There are a lot of false information going on around the wishlist in AFK Arena int he community and I have heard sometimes some really weird things, that’s why I decided to write this guide to give you all the important things you need to know to really make well use of your wishlist in the long run.

Sounds good? Great, then let’s dive right into it 🙂

What’s The Wishlist?

The wishlist let you determine certain heroes for the 4 main factions (Lightbearers, Maulers, Wildhearts and Graveborn) that you want to have higher chances to summon.

This is meant to help you to get more of them to help ascension of these heroes.

afk arena wishlist

This doesn’t mean that you will ONLY see those heroes and no other heroes, it will give those selected heroes only a slightly higher chance to summon, nothing else 🙂

What The Wishlist Really Does

As I said, you will still see other heroes of these factions appear in the hero summon but in the long run the heroes on your wishlist will have a slightly higher chance.

Now let’s clean up with some of the most common mistakes about the wishlist:

Selecting One Hero Only Will Help Getting That Hero

Wrong! If you have one hero in your wishlist he will get the same additional chances to get summoned than having all wishlist slots filled! This just means you will waste the full potential of the wishlist.

Using the Wishlist Will Give you Smaller Chances For Hypogean or Celestial Heroes

No! The way the summoning works is not changed, simply when you will see a mauler hero it has a slightly higher chance to be one of the mauler heroes on your wishlist – the wishlist won’t lower your chances to summon a hero like Athalia or Ezizh!

Does Wishlist Improve Epic Drops?

summon heroes with wishlist afk arenaNo. There are also rare heroes in the list and it only slightly improves the chances to get a certain hero of that rarity and not the drp chances of higher rarities in total.

Let’s say you fill your wishlist with all purple heroes you won’t get more purple heroes in your summons, but if you get a purple hero summoned the chances are higher that it will be one from your wishlist. Still, it could be another purple hero 😉

Position On The Wishlist Matter

There’s no difference if you have a hero in the first position or the last position on the wishlist – this is not the wishlist for Santa Claus 😉

How Much % Does The Wishlist Improve Chances?

There’s no official number revealed how much the chances for the heroes on your wishlist improve, but you can assume it’s something in the 10% area.

What Heroes Should You Select Here?

There are actually two strategies you can use here:

Get Heroes You Want

If there are heroes that you urgently want to unlock you can put them on the list – but be aware that this only affects epic drops and they are pretty low already.

The wishlist is no magical tool to unlock the heroes you desire fast, so I recommend you to put the heroes that are extremely strong in AFK Arena and you don’t have there for sure, like Brutus or Shemira.

Boost Your Ascension Progress

In the long run unlocking is a lot easier than ascending those heroes, because you will need many of that same hero to ascend past legendary rarity.

Once you have your team set up (see here which team setups are working well), put those on your wishlist to always have duplicates to feed.

If you have them all filled, select fooder heroes of the same faction that you will use to ascend – I wrote in my ascension guide how to use fooder heroes – to make sure you get the best chances to get the next ascension fast.

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