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Reroll Guide – Is It Worth It?!

You might have heard about rerolling in AFK Arena and I thought it will be helpful if I write a small guide about it so you know what it is, how to do it and also if it’s worth it.

What’s Reroll In AFK Arena?

Normally rerolling in a game means starting over from scratch and losing your game progress – in AFK Arena this works a little different.

If you reroll, you will start over on a new server but still keep your old game progress.

Basically, this means you start a new account without losing your old one and you can easy go back and play the old account.

There are few hundred different server in AFK Arena and you could technically start a character on each one of them.

image server list

So why should you do it?

At some point you will have longer wait times in the game until you can level up your heroes and proceed in the campaign map or the other game modes like King’s Tower or Peaks of Time.

Having multiple accounts will give you the opportunity to start a mini account you can play with while your other accounts are idle.

I can’t tell you if rerolling on a new server is the right thing for you, but if you think about getting a second account (or more) to play AFK Arena more I can show you how to do it right 🙂

How To Reroll in AFK Arena

Instead of showing you step by step where you can reroll in AFK Arena, I rather want to show you how to do it the right way 🙂

To start a new account on a new server go to your player settings > settings > Select Server and select a new server. That’s it you can now start on the new server and switch back to the old account at any time 🙂

how to reroll in afk arena

But that’s not the important thing!

After you have finished the tutorial and beaten Stage 1-12, you will get a free pull in the Noble Tavern that will give you an elite hero.

There are several elite heroes in AFK Arena that are worth it and if you start a mini account, you really want to have one of those to make it worth your time:

  • Brutus
  • Athalia
  • Shemira
  • Lucius

They are extremely powerful and unlocking them right at the start is really worth it. If you pull any other elite hero after the tutorial you should reroll again until you get one of them – now you have a strong mini account that will be a lot of fun to play 🙂

first hero pull after reroll

Is Rerolling Worth It?

In many games rerolling is neccessary if you leveled in a way that will get you stuck or did anything else that will cost more time and effort to repair than starting over.

In AFK Arena rerolling just means having multiple accounts and when you reach heroes Level 100 you will see that the progress you can do without spending money will get slower and slower – having a mini account will not only give you more time to actually play AFK Arena, it will also give you the freedom to try new team setups.

It doesn’t cost you the game progress and having a reroll account that has a strong hero like Brutus or Shemira does make a lot of fun 🙂

In my opinion rerolling is really worth it – if you don’t play the mini account you can just have it rest, your old account will stay active 🙂

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