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Roamer’s Rhapsody Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The next realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Roamer’s Rhapsody. This is the Voyage of Wonders realm for the 2nd anniversary of AFK Arena and the developers have done really well and gave us with Roamer’s Rhapsody a lovely piece of Voyage of Wonders recap.

Roamer’s Rhapsody General & Rewards

I know how frustrating it was to make those many runs in the previous Voyage of Wonders realm and this one is straightforward. There are some puzzles to solve but the main aspect is how nice the storyline is told and that you do a walk through all the different regions and puzzle aspects we had in the last year of Voyage of Wonders, it’s a recap and the reward is also worth it.

afk arena voyage of wonders roamers rhapsody rewardsI don’t think that anybody can complain here about this rewards. The main one is 10x Stargazing Cards that anyone can use and the soulstones, booster, scrolls and emblems are also worth getting.

Also, Roamer’s Rhapsody is not that hard to beat. The puzzles are decent and the relics you get are really strong so you shouldn’t have any troubles beating the camps.

Overall, a nicely done realm and one that earns the one being the 2nd anniversary realm.

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Roamer’s Rhapsody Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here.

Step 1 – you need to follow the mercenary camps through the whole map of Roamer’s Rhapsody and in the first step you need to make your path through that lake. To build that path you need to follow these step:

Use the red lever first and then step on the pathstone right next to it. After that, you need to go to the pathstone below the lake. Now use the red lever again and you can use the pathstone next to the blue lever. Then use the blue lever and step on the last pathstone behind the blue lever.

Then you can go to the Residences on the other side of the lake in the top north.

Step 2 – the next target is the Residences in the city on the left side. But first of all, clear the camps you have in the grassland and collect the relics.

Then you will come to the fire cannons. First fire the cannon on the upper position to destroy the barrel. Then, move the cannon to the lower position and fire it again to set the next cannon on fire:

Then go to the top cannon and move it to the right position and then fire the 2nd cannon again.

When you set the upper cannon on fire you need to move it left and then fire it again:

afk arena voyage of wonders roamers rhapsody walkthrough step 2 - 4

Don’t forget to clear the camps here as well.

Then fire the last cannon and destroy the last barrel in front of the second Residences.

Step 3 – now it’s time to go to the next section of Roamer’s Rhapsody. At the entrance, you will need to move the first laser up and then go to the bottom laser and move it to the right spot. Then use the yellow lever, this will block the second laser beam:

Then you can walk around it and use the yellow lever from the other side again. This will let you pass through and you can get to the third Residences.

Step 4 – now you enter the last area of Roamer’s Rhapsody and that is the Graveborn land. Fire the cannon at the beginning to destroy that barrel and then use the green lever on top. Do not change anything on the portal and use the other cannon once the green stone is lowered:

Now you need to clear the next barrel to pass. To do that, move the portal on top to the right position before you use the right cannon and this will destroy the barrel. Then fire it a second time:

To take away the next barrel, you need to move the purple portal to the right spot, then fire the bottom cannon. After the barrel is out of your path, set the purple portal again to the right spot:

The last thing to do now is to use the purple lever on the bottom to elevate the purple portal before you use the cannon from the previous step once more. Then step on the purple stone and use the purple lever again to get on that platform.

There you have the last Residences and your team ready for the final battle of Roamer’s Rhapsody.

Use the portal and it will take you directly there. Beat the boss and you can get the Crystal Chest with the main reward. You’re done 🙂

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