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Signature Items Tier List (1.40) & Guide For Emblems

Once your heroes reach Mythic Tier in the ascension you will be able to unlock and level up their Signature Item. Their Signature item is an individual boost item only available for that hero and can, for some heroes, really boost their effectivity.

The problem is you will need a good amount of emblems to level them up and they are quite rare in AFK Arena – that’s the reason why I wanted to write this guide here to give you some sort of recommendation which heroes you should invest your emblems in first.

The main reason of this guide is to help you not waste any emblems! Once you have spent your emblems on a Signature Item, there’s NO way to get them back and it can take weeks to recover from any mistakes! Choose your Signature Items wisely!

All Signature Items Ranked List

For the reason I simply can’t do a “do this hero’s Signature Item first than this…” I have grouped them in tier like heroes that have the best Signature Items followed by those who have very strong and so on.

afk arena signature item level up

Attention! Don’t invest in a hero you’re barely using, this should be more help if you have Hero 1 and Hero 2 and can’t decide which Signature Item you’ll level first 🙂

S-Tier (First Priority)

talene signature itemTalene – her Signature Item will make her stronger each time she will turn into Phoenix form and this happens a couple of times each battle, buffing her stats to a new crazy high. Not that she isn’t already a crazy strong here, her Signature Item makes her even more powerful

Twins – the amount of support and buffs they bring to your team is already pretty strong but with the Signature Item, they will start buffing each other as well for a huge amount making it worth upgrading their Signature Item if you use them without any doubt.

athalia signature itemAthalia – her Signature Itemis surely one of the strongest in AFK Arena and will give her a lot of durability during battles and also give Life Leech. If you’re using her it’s worth investing

ezizh signature itemEzizh – Ezizh already has insane power and can silence a whole team during the whole battle and his Signature Item makes his burning fire a lot more dangerous as well, so a really nice pick if you use him frequently.

mehira signature itemMehira – this Signature Item is also insane and gives mehira health whenever a teammate loses health and give 20% to her. She will be really hard to kill now and with a maxed Signature Item she even will gain additional energy when her health is full. This one is really sick!

khazard signature itemKhazard – with his Signature Item Khazard will turn into a freezing machine and freeze enemies with every critical strike and even increases the duration of all debuffs your have on your enemies when this happens. This will skyrocket your team.

rowan signature itemRowan – his Signature Item will give a ton of extra energy to your whole team and will boost every setup, not just himself and is really strong

A-Tier (Second Priority)

ferael signature itemFerael – also one of the strongest Signature Items and it will simply cripple the enemy team and prevent them from regenerating and also debuffing their attack rating a lot. Beast.

eironn signature itemEironn – in late game Eironn is a hero that many players like to use and his viability is really high. His Signature Item will plain increase the effect of his freezing by adding a debuff on them and adding more time they are frozen, making him a really deadly hero to use.

saurus signature itemSaurus – his Signature Item makes him so powerful with adding healing when fully stacked for himself and when maxed out at +30 even for the full team. You will turn Saurus into a beast against boss fights who starts also healing your team as well as insane damage in the right team.

wo kong signature itemWu Kong – his Signature Item adds protective barriers making him survive better until he can use his ultimate and also adds more additional protective barriers to him and his clones. With this Signatur Item, he gets really strong.

orthros signature itemOrthros – his Signature Item adds freeze and also reduces enemy haste a lot and this makes him survive longer and a more durable hero to use when he can be squishy at times without a Signature Item.

thoran signature itemThoran – Hands down, this is such an overpowered Signature Item giving him extra survivability and his Retaliation can wipe out a whole team at once when he’s the last survivor and the situation favors it. If you use him, get it!

safiya signature itemSafiya – her Signature Item power is insane and will boost her attack by up to 140% over a battle so if you have a durable team and use her this is a real good option.

B-Tier (Third Priority)

rosalina signature itemRosalina – if you use Rosaline in a great combination with the right hero they can already deal a ton of deadly things to the enemy, with her Signature Item it will buff the hero she’s following again for a lot more. If you use her frequently it’s surely no doubt that you should level her Signature Item as well.

lucius signature itemLucius – also really effective because it will simply stop the enemies enemy recovery rate when his ability pops and in the end stage even remove all their buffs.

belinda signature itemBelinda – also very useful and will boost the whole teams’ damage output by the additional damage. When maxing this Signatur Item out it will also gain additional energy and make Belinda extra deadly.

nara signature itemNara – when first looking at her Signature Item you will think this won’t make a big boost, but in reality, she will become an automatic assassin to take out enemies very effectively and her skill will become a lot more deadly.

C-Tier (P2W)

If you’re F2P, it’ll take you a really long time to get the above heroes to Signature Item maxed, so all other heroes come next. The heroes here should be your next step after having the above ones covered (if you have them ascended and use them).

gwyneth signature itemGwyneth – if you use Gwyneth with Arthur, this is a really strong Signature Item, especially the +20 that adds the additional arrows whenever a ally uses their ultimate. Along with plain attack stat buff, this is really worth the usage.

arthur signature itemArthur – his Signature Item is a double-bladed sword that will raise his natural strengths and weaknesses. If you have a solid composition with him like with Gwyneth, the Signature Item is really worth it, otherwise not the best choice.

tasi signature itemTasi – decreasing enemies attack ratings for a huge additional amount is useful and if you use Tasi, you will really appreciate this. Still, the above Signature items should be higher on your list

nemora signature itemNemora – similar to Tasi, the additional healing is nice and if you use her frequently also useful but shouldn’t be that high on your list of Signature Items.

lyca signature itemLyca – the additional accuracy can be really useful but as with Tasi and Nemora, I really suggest you to focus on the above Signature Items before upgrading hers.

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