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Stargazer Guide

Is the Stargazer Room better to summon in AFK Arena? How to get the Stargazer Room unlocked?

There’s a huge discussion going on about the right time and strategy to use Stargazing at in AFK Arena and there are several aspects that I want to look deeper into in this guide to help you find the perfect point when you should use the Stargazing Room.

What’s The Stargazer & How To Unlock?

The Stargazer Room is a different way to summon heroes and it will unlock as soon as you have cleared Chapter 15 in the story missions. You can find it in your Tavern at the very bottom.

The main reason to use Stargazer is getting Celestial and Hypogean heroes. They are the strongest in the game but the chance to get them from regular summons are incredibly low. You have about 4-5% chance to even get an Elite hero from regular summons and only 2% of that will be celestial or hypogean.

Translating that into numbers means you need 5,400 Diamonds on average per Elite Hero from summons and, again, on average you will get one Celestial or Hypogean hero every 250,000 Diamonds spend there. And this could not be the one you need or want.

In the Stargazer Room, you have a flat 2% chance for getting a hero of your choice, but each pull costs 500 Diamonds. Still, this gives you on average 25,000 Diamonds per copy of a Celestial or Hypogean her.

The downside is, you will get booster and only a few heroes on your way so you will lack fodder heroes to ascend your other faction heroes and slow down the process.

This is the main struggle between the Tavern Summons and the Stargazing Room.

In this article, I will show you several strategies to give you the best time when you should start Stargazing.

Best Point To Start Stargazer

As I said, Stargazing will slow down your progress ascending heroes a lot so starting too early can slow down your progress dramatically as you won’t get enough epics and fodder heroes to use to ascend and build your teams.

Attention! When getting your first 10x Stargazer Cards, you’re almost guaranteed to get an epic hero, use it wisely and see below which one you should go for!

afk arena the stargazer

There are some points that are possible so let me outline your choices:

Chapter 16 (Very Early, Money Spender Only)

This is the earliest possible option and you will have the best chances to get a strong end-game team lineup by focusing on those heroes. To do this in a way that makes sense, you need to be willing to spend money on the game, other wise you will hit a wall for quite some time (and I’m talking months here).

5 Ascended Heroes (Early But Possible)

This is the earliest reasonable point when not spending money but it’s quite dangerous. As soon as you have your core team of heroes ascended you can start the Stargazer. This will also slow down your progress, but not as drastically as starting at Chapter 16.

I personally think this is also a little bit early as you have a really inflexible team and very likely need mercenaries to progress. Also Faction Tower progress is almost impossible (and that’s where you get a good amount of Stargazing Cards!)

10 Ascended Heroes (Best F2P Option)

At this point, you have a lineup that will perform well in Faction Tower and campaign as well. At this point you can slow down the progress of fodder heroes but you will see that many other players at this point have their first Celestial or Hypogean hero finished. In general I think that this is still the best point to switch over to Stargazing! I started with 7 Asceded Heroes and have now my Talene at Mythic and work on the Twins (bit lucky).

15+ Ascended Heroes (Bit Late)

You made good progress with the heroes you have but in my opinion it’s quite late. No matter what, you will lose progress by daily farming Guild Hunting and Twisted Realm and should start earlier. You will also hit a wall here because you need the Celestial and Hypogean heroes for the last chapters of the campaign, no matter how well your normal faction heroes are ascended so start earlier with getting them.

Best Stargazing Strategy

There are not many opinion when it comes to the perfect strategy which heroes you want to stargaze in AFK Arena:

1x Celestial Twins first. They are mandatory in so many teams, especially for Guild Hunt, bosses and also Twisted Realm and having them even at epic is a huge help here. This has to be your first Stargazing pull unless you’ve been lucky enough to have gotten them earlier.

Now it’s time for Talene. She is considered as the most powerful hero of all in AFK Arena and all your Stargazing effort should go into getting her to Mythic to get her Signature Item. This can take a while as you need 8 copies to ascend her to Mythic, so prepare yourself to spend between 100,000 Diamonds and 200,000 Diamonds on that. Don’t panic! On average you will make 500-1,000 per day so depending on your luck you will not take forever or may out your credit card 😉

When you have Talene at Mythic, it’s time to now either focus on getting the Celestial Twins or Mehira to Mythic. This choice is up to you and both are very helpful. The Twins will help you more farming bosses frequently while Mehira is nice to push further in the campaign. For me personally, Twins are priority here.

Now I’d focus on Mezoth. He is an insane tank and even doing great in the Chapter 20+ as Epic. He can be your most-needed hero for the late chapters and a nice choice here. Khazard is also nice in combination with the twins later, so check your team lineup and see if you rather need a good tank or a damage dealer.

Ezizh and Athalia are only priority if you primarily want to go PvP in AFK Arena. You can get them from the Legend Challenges Store and you don’t need to use Stargazer unless you want to have them at 5-Star Ascended quicker.

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