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Tavern Token – How To Get & How To Use

Many players seem to be a little bit confused around Tavern Tokens so I wanted to write this small guide here that will give you every info you need about them – specifically how to get them, what they will reward you and how to make most out of the rewards.

Sounds good? I hope so 🙂 Let’s go.

How To Get Tavern Tokens

You can watch the Tavern Tokens basically as a loyalty program – with every hero you summon you will automatically get 1 Tavern Token (except friendship point summons, they won’t reward you anything).

So, no matter what hero you pull or if you paid Diamonds or got Scrolls, you will ALWAYS get 1 Tavern Token per summoned hero.

tavern tokens rewards afk arena

Those Tavern Tokens will cumulate on top of the screen and as soon as your bar filled you will get one of the rewards (more on that below) 🙂

What if Tavern Tokens exceed the bar? Okay, let’s say you only need 4 more Tavern Tokens for your next reward but you do a 10x summon so you will get 10x Tavern Tokens.

No worries, in this case the exceeding 6 Tavern Tokens will get counted towards the next reward – you don’t need to care about that at all 🙂

Tavern Tokens Rewards

It used to be 100 Tavern Tokens for 1 Epic Summon of a faction of your choice but AFK Arena changed that a while ago, rewarding some chests in between that will give you emblems that you need to upgrade hero Signature Items.

afk tavern token emblems

So, every cycle will work the same:

  • 30 Tavern Token will unlock 30x Primordial Emblems
  • 30 more Tavern Token will unlock 20x Primordial Emblems + 30x Amplifying Emblems
  • 20 more Tavern Token will unlock 20x Primordial Emblems
  • 20 more Tavern Token will reward 1x Epic Summon (a faction of your choice)

When you have finished that cycle it will start all over again.

afk arena epic summon card tavern tokens

If you finally got your epic summon, you can see that as a purple card on top and when selecting it you will see the screen where you can choose the faction you want that epic hero to be of (well, only Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder or Graveborn is possible).

afk arena choose faction tavern token summon

And this doesn’t protect you from getting an epic hero you might not really want to have ????

saveas epic summon

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