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Tempestuous Twisters Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The next realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called the Tempestuous Twisters. This time the puzzle aspect is not that complicated and I’d actually say that this is one of the easiest realms in Voyage of Wonders we had this year.

As always, I have a step-by-step guide below that you can use to solve the realm below.

Tempestuous Twisters General & Rewards

Your main objective in Tempesteous Twisters is to guide a twister through the different island by using wind altars. The way you send the twister you will create a path for yourself. This path should be in a way that you can reach all rewards and camps to get to the final boss battle.

afk arena tempestuous Twisters rewardsYeah, easy realm I said so you might have guessed it – rewards are not great this time, frankly spoken.

The main reward is 3000x Coins for furniture and 10x Faction Summon Scrolls.

There are also some Diamonds and soull stones in Golden Chests but overall I think it’s not that great.

I can only hope that this is because the Voyage of Wonders coming after Tempestuous Twister around Christmas will be loaded with rewards so the developers wanted to take a step back here.

Tempestuous Twisters Walkthrough

Now let’s do the step-by-step walkthrough.

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afk arena tempestuous Twisters walkthrough step 1Step 1 – the first islands starts quite easy and you need to use the left wind alter first and then the right wind altar.

This will take the twister next to the portal and you can clean that camp and get the Gold Chest there.

Once you’ve done that you can leave this island through the portal on the top right location.

Step 2 – on the second island use the wind alter next to the red stone first (left image) and then the one on top and then the one on the right (right image).

Actually it doesn’t really matter what order you do it, you only need to use all three wind alters to get the path free.

Once done, use the red lever on top to lower the bottom stone so you can pass to the portal at the bottom. Don’t forget to clear the camps on top and collect the Gold Chests as well.

Step 3 – on the third island you need to send the twister to the middle-left wind altar, then to the bottom one (left image). Then to the right one and in the last step to the top wind altar (right image). This will clear the path.

Then clear the camp and collect the Gold Chests as well as use the Fire Cannon on the left side once to destroy the barrel on top and the blue lever in the right side. Once you have cleared the section you can use the portal on top to get to the next island.

Step 4 – last island to cover before you can finish the Temptestuous Twisters. First, send the tiwster to the bottom right wind altar (1st image below), then to the bottom right and center one (2nd image below). Last step send it to the top right and then to the one next to the Crystal Chest (3rd image below). Once you’ve done that, you have successfully cleared the path.

Now it’s time to clear all the camps and then use both Fire Cannons as well as the yellow lever. This will open the path to the final boss fight and you can collect the top Crystal Chest and finish the realm of the Tempestuous Twisters.


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