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The Dusty Barrens Guide (Wandering Balloon)

The Dusty Barrens has now also joined The Wandering Balloon pretty much one year after it made its debut in Voyage of Wonders. It’s a nice puzzle inside this one here and I adapted the guide and fine-tuned it, including the rewards, with the current state it has in the Wandering Balloon.

You can’t get stuck in this realm and resetting carts can always get you back on track but the last part of the puzzle can be tricky so please check my step-by-step walkthrough below.

The Dusty Barrens General & Rewards

You have two barrens, one blue and one red, that you need to send through the map to claim the Crystal Chests. There’s even no need to fight any enemy camps to get the main reward, that’s just for the bonus Golden Chests.

Rewards in the Voyage of Wonders have been huge for The Dusty Barrens with 20x Stargazing Cards, but the developers have adapted the rewards now for The Wandering Balloon:

afk arena wandering balloon dusty barrens rewards

I mean it’s still nice with the Soulstoned, the Diamonds, the Scrolls and the emblems… For a realm where you don’t have to beat a single fight that’s quite alright 🙂

The Dusty Barrens Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve The Dusty Barrens. Please mind that I only have the solution for the puzzle here, you need to fight the camps in no specific order as you want to.

Step 1 – right after the start you need to move the cart to the upper position to free the way for the red barren (1). Once you’ve done that, you can send the red barren on its way and it will go to the next position on the map. After that, move the cart down and send the blue barren. The red barren needs to be in position so the blue barren will get to its next spot.

Now we need to send the red barren first as well to make the blue barren go on the right spot. To do that, we need to send the blue barren as a blocker first. Use the green lever on the top right and then send the blue barren (2), you will see it get stuck mid-way and that’s important for the path of the red barren.

Now move the cart to the bottom position and use the purple lever as you can see in the image (3). This will clear the path for the red barren to get to the next position. Once you’ve set it up correctly you need to send the red barren and you will see him travel to the correct spot.

Step 2 – it’s now time to get the blue barren to the next position. To do that, use the green and the purple lever once each (1) and move the cart back up to the upper position.

Now you need to reset the blue barren with the switch and use the switch again to send it again. It will now travel flawlessly to the next position.

Now you have the last section of The Dusty Barren in front of you, reaching the next position with them will give you the Crystal Chests and the order is similar to the last section, you need to get the blue barren in first to set the direction for the red barren.

Use the yellow and the blue lever both (3) and then send the red barren. It will get stuck on the blue stone but that’s correct, now the blue barren will go into the right direction. Now use the yellow lever and the red lever both (3) to clear the pathway.

Step 3 – once done, you also need to turn that turntable in the center as well (1). Also move the last cart in front of the endpoints to the upper position (2). Now you can send the blue barren on the path and it will travel to the endpoint.

Then move the car back to the initial position (3).

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Step 4 – turn the turntable in the center once again (1) to the initial position.

Now use all 3 lever (yellow, blue and red) and you’re good to go (2). Reset the red barren and send it on the track one last time and it will travel to the end position and when you select it there you will get the second Crystal Chest.

All you need to do now is to fight all the camps for the Golden Chests and you’ve successfully beaten The Dusty Barrens



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