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The Fabled Forest Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

Voyage of Wonders is back and offers a new realm that is called The Fabled Forest – and unlike the past one it’s less of a puzzle and has a clear route (that I will show you below). The harder part is getting your proper team together and use the relics wisely.

I have below all the steps and more tips that will help you to solve this realm.

Fabled Forest General & Rewards

Basically, in The fabled Forest you need to take the right route through portals and tiles that you can only cross once to build a path to the reward area where the sweet rewards wait for you.

It’s possible to pick a route that will get you stuck but there appears to be more than just one single route that you can take. I have blow the route that I took and that works but the route itself doesn’t make much difference because you will have to fight through all the enemies in The Fabled Forest anyway to finish it and there’s not much choice you have.

In general I’d say this Voyage of Wonders realm is a lot harder thatn the last one but it also offers you better rewards.

If you have a solid team that works well and pick the right relics it won’t be that hard to clear The Faded Forest 🙂

What’s The Reward In The Faded Forest?

Here are the rewards along some time boosters that you will get from the big reward chests in The Faded Forest:

the faded forest rewards


Now you will get 5x Summon Scrolls, 5x Faction Scrolls and a Chest of Wishes. The nice thing is you can get the chest without having to fight the final two bosses ????

You might remember the last realm in Voyage of Wonders where the rewards have been a little bit underwhelming in the Chest of Wished, right?

afk arena faded forest reward chestThis time there are some epic heroes that you can choose or 5 Faction Summon Scrolls. The heroes that you can choose of are:

  • Rowan
  • Skreg
  • Nemore
  • Baden

It could be better but they are decent as well – and if you don’t like the choices you have you can still get for the 5 faction pulls in order to get something else, right?

Best Team

The special thing about this realm is that not every camp you fight will give you relics – there are 5 static relic chests that you can get and you also have 2 Fountain of Healing on the map you can use. No reviving and also no mercenary camps that you can use to set up a team.

Your whole team will be a team that you’re currently using.

If you have a strong meta team like Shemira, Brutus, Nemora, Lyca, Tasi you’re really good to go and won’t have much problems. Also a team like Brutus, Shemira, Belinda, Fawkes and Lucius works well here.

Please mind! Relics are rare in The Faded Forest and sometimes you’re really unlucky to get the really good ones. I had to re-try it several times until I got the right relics that made me solve this realm.

Good relics are Deathly Embrace that will send enemies below 15% to an early grave (actually the most useful one that will give you a lot of boost) and also the ones that boost energy or shielding up. Also the powerful damage boosters are really helpful.

If you see that you have bad relics you can restart, don’t take it to the end because it’s very likely that you will fail.

… one more thing …

Retry battles a lot if you see that one of your heroes gets down a lot or even dies! If you do the same battle like 20 times you can have very different outcomes so use that feature to cancel a battle before it ends and start it again a lot here, this can make the difference between clearing the Faded Forest or not!

important peak of time tip

Let’s not go through the full walkthrough…

Walkthrough Map

Unlike other Voyage of Wonders or Peaks of Times realms, The Faded Forest requires a different technique.

As relics are static and not from battles, you should try to avoid all the battles you don’t need to take!

I have here a map for you that should help you a lot:

faded forest map

The red line is the main path you should take. Please have a close look at the green X, they are the triggers that you HAVE TO use or you won’t be able to build the path to the final reward island.

If you take a closer look, you see that there are sometimes optional battles that you don’t need to do.

Yes, it’s a treasure chest behind it but it makes more sense to take multiple runs here and focus on getting them in another run than wasting health and power for getting them.

My approach was trying to collect the Golden Chests when I saw that I got bad relics so I wanted to make the best out of that run and as soona s I saw good relics in the chests I approached the final island and went for the Crystal Chests.

Boss Fights

At the end you will have two extremely hard boss fights – but that’s for the third Crystal Chest and this one only contains 5x regular Summon Scrolls.

Still, getting them is nice.

faded forest boss 1The first one is against 4 Skregs and they are damn powerful! They are able to crush your frontline in the first seconds of the fight.

The best strategy is doing runs so you can get Icebringer and Firebringer relics and re-run this battle until it proccs properly. Yes, it can be frustrating but it’s the only way to do it if you haven’t got one of the strong meta teams.

faded forest boss 2The second one is against Zolrath and Orthros and they are insanely overleveled. You need to put all you can into taking down Zolrath first. If Zolrath survives he will reset the whole battle and that’s the point where you can’t win so take all you got against him as fast as possible!

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