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Updated! Wandering Balloon – The Fallen Souls Guide

The Wandering Balloon is a new game feature in AFK Arena that lets us re-play past Voyage of Wonders realm and the first featured realm there is The Depths of Time, a really nice Voyage of Wonders we had back in October 2019.

I have below all the steps and more tips that will help you to solve this realm.

Fallen Souls General & Rewards

Basically, you will need to carry a flame through different spots of the realm that will remove obstacles so you can fight the enemies and get rewards. There are not as many fights that you need to do and there’s also no way to get stuck in Fallen Souls (unlike former realms that could potentially force you to restart if you take a wrong route).

From what I’ve seen on the test servers this realm isn’t that crazy difficult if you have some decent Graveborn heroes – Shemira will help a lot if you got her leveled up.

What’s The Reward In The Fallen Souls?

Rewards have changed since this was featured in Voyage of Wonders, now you can expect these rewards:

The Crystal Chests will reward you with Poe Coins, a few Amplifying Emblems and 10x Faction Summon Scrolls. In the Gold Chests you’ll find 60x Epic Soul Stones, more Poe Coins and 120x Summon Stones.

Best Team

Right at the start you will get two legendary relics for free without a fight that will boost your Graveborn heroes – this means Graveborn heroes will be the best heroes to use in The Fallen Souls.

If you have heroes like Shemira you’re in a huge advantage here and the fight themselves aren’t that big of a deal neither. There’s no resurrection and no healing available but the enemy heroes are below your level and there are no really hard synergies or even Wilder heroes you need to take down.

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Fallen Souls Walkthrough

So, like I said in the beginning, this Voyage of Wonders realm has a puzzle so I want to give you step by step all the things you need to do to solve the puzzle and get access to the boss fights that are in front of the main rewrads.

afk arena fallen souls relics for startThe legendary relics you get are fixed so there’s no way to get other ones by restarting the adventure but I think they are working fine because we want to use Graveborn heroes anyways.

Collect them and do the first fight directly behind it and the journey begins. Right after that you need to pull the waggon on the tracks to the upper position and then activate the flame, this will flame up the next spot:

afk arena fallen souls step 1

Then use the second flame (the one you just activated) again to light upp the third flame. This is the point where you need to clear the upper section and all the other camps – not all camps are neccessary to solve it but every relic will make you stronger so I highly recommend you to clear all the ones you can reach at any point.

afk arena fallen souls step 2

Now you need to walk to the upper section and fight your way through there until you can reach the upper portal:

afk arena fallen souls step 3

There you need to set the portal there to the middle spot. Now that you’ve set the upper portal to the middle position like shown in the image above you can walk back to the second portal and use the fire again.

afk arena fallen souls step 4

This will open up the path to one of the Crystal Chests that cointains the Chest of Wishes. The boss fight is only a few levels higher than the normal fights and with all the relics you have collected by now it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now it’s time to get access to the final boss fight and the second Crystal Chest that contains the Single Stargazer Cards. To get that you will need to set the top portal to the middle position and the middle portal to the left position (like in the picture below)

the fallen souls step 5

When you did that use the fire at the top portal and you can fire up the left fire.

Now you should have this setup here:

afk arena fallen souls step 6

Now you can destroy the barrel and get access to the lever that will lower the portal stone below. This is the last piece you need to destroy the last barrel that blocks your way to the final fight.

After you have destroyed the barrel and pulled the lever you need to go back to the first portal and set it to the bottom position and use the first fire again, just like that:

afk arena fallen souls step 7

That’s it, the final barrel is destroyed and you can fight the final boss – this is also another boss fight that shouldn’t be that hard with all the relics you have and if you had some luck to pull the right relics. Choose the ones that favor Graveborn and use the Graveborn heroes and you are able to finish the adventure 🙂

afk arena fallen souls step 8


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