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The Forgotten Frontier Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Forgotten Frontier and it fits the theme of the upcoming Halloween season. Spooky, pumpkins and a lot of fun.

The Forgotten Frontier General & Rewards

As mentioned, the setting for The Forgotten Frontier is a graveyard and you need to use laser beams to light up certain areas of the map that will build your path through the realm. That’s basically it, the puzzle is not over-complicated nor can you get stuck.

Let’s talk about rewards… finally we get at least a decent rewards again as the previous two Voyage of Wonders really had disappointing main rewards. The main reward is 10x Stargazing Cards that probably everybody can appreciate along with several boosters and resources as we see it normally in Voyage of Wonders.

afk arena voyage of wonders forgotten frontier rewards

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The Forgotten Frontier Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Forgotten Frontier.

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Step 1 – after entering the The Forgotten Frontier move the upper railroad switch to the upper position (1) and the use the valve and turn it clockwise (2). This will lighten up the light beam and let you cross the area and reach the next part of the map to the right. Before going there, however, you need to take a peak at the Stone Tablet (3) to proceed the storyline of The Forgotten Frontier.

There you need to clear the camps and collect the Golden Chest (rather Pumpkin Chests) before traveling further to the right where you need to turn the next valve anti-clockwise (4):

Step 2 – do some more cleaning now of all the camps you can reach from here and collect all the Pumpkin Chests for the rewards. After that, move the railway (1) next to the valve you just used to the bottom position. This will light up the next light beam and if you go to the bottom, you will see the Tattered Notes (2), the next piece of the storyline of The Forgotten Frontier. Clear the camps behind it after it disappeared and also collect the Pumpin Chests.

Then go to the right to the next railroad switch and move it to the left position (3).

Step 3 – now step to the valve next to your position and turn it anit-clockwise once (1) to activate the next light beam at the bottom of the map. Fight the camps you can reach now and collect the Pumpkin Chests.

Then go to the railroad to your right and move the bottom one to the left position (2) to activate the next light beam. at the very right that will allow you to collect one more Pumpin Chest and when following the path there you will get to the Scribbled Handwriting (3) that will continue the storyline of The Forgotten Frontier.

Step 4 – after collecting the Pumpkin Chest there you also need to use the valve (1) once clockwise. Walk back the path and then use the both railroad switches there and set them to the right position (2 + 3):

Step 5 – now you need to revert some of your previous work… make your way back to the area where you have been in Step 3 and use the railroad switch there to set it to the right position (1) before using the valve next to it (2) clockwise once. Then go back to the previous area and also there you need to revert your previous work by using the railroad switch to the upper position (3):

Step 6 – if you have done everything correctly, you will see Belinda proceeding with the storyline of The Forgotten Frontier and the path to the top of the map opening up (1). Before clicking that Earie Village, make sure that you have collected every Golden/Pumpkin Chest for The Forgotten Frontier, you should only have the Crystal Chest with the final rewards left!

Then click the Earie Village and you will see a couple of camps full of Chief Enemies spawning… You need to beat only the upper one (2) and then you can walk up and collect the final reward (3).

That’s it, you have beaten The Forgotten Frontier successfully and can enjoy the rewards 🙂

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