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The Frozen Hinterland Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

A new realm in Voyage of Wonders is out and it’s called The Frozen Hinterland. Again it’s a realm that has some interesting puzzle aspects in it and you need to do it right or you won’t be able to win against the final boss (5x Talene) for great rewards this time.

So, as always, I have here my step-by-step walkthrough for this realm that you can follow along if you got stuck or simply follow along if you don’t want to solve the puzzles yourself at all ๐Ÿ™‚

The Frozen Hinterland General & Rewards

The main objective in The Frozen Hinterland is to actually clear your path through the lasers to get the secret weapon that will help you win the fight against the final boss.

What’s The Reward In The Frozen Hinterland?

frozen hinterland rewardsWe had quite bad rewards in the recent Voyage of Wonders, no doubt about that. This time the rewards are pretty nice.

You will get 10x Stargazer Tickets that are worth basically 5,000 Diamonds and 10 Summon Scrolls plus a ton of boosts as well. Also we have 200 additional Diamonds, some Emblems plus 480 Rare Hero Fragments (8 blue fodder heroes).

I don’t think that anyone out there will call this bad rewards this time ๐Ÿ™‚

There’s also a hidden chest that will give you 777 Diamonds, you will find the path to get it at the end!

The Frozen Hinterland Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve The Frozen Hinterland and beat the final boss.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 1Step 1ย – right from the start you will see two camps that will give you relics.

Do those fights and you will get to a red laser that will block your path to the north.

Walk to the left side of the map where you will start unlocking the map of The Frozen Hinterland.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 2Step 2 – now you will find the red lever and the first thing you will do is to lower down the lever to get the barrel on the lower ground level.

After that, fight through the two camps and use the cannon – the cannon will now destroy the barrel.

Before we go up there there’s something else we need to do.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 3Step 3ย – the red lever also opened up the path to the north of The Frozen Hinterlandwhere you need to go now.

Use the green lever there and you will see that the green stone with the cart on top will go up, this is important to do before we now go up to this section!

After you’ve used the green lever, go back to the area shown in Step 2.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 4Step 4ย – step on the red stone and then use the lever, this will get you on the upper section here.

You will find several camps there that you need to fight until you reach the snowball cannon and the blue lever.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 5Step 5ย – first use the blue lever to make the blue stone go up and then use the snowball cannon to get a snowball in the path of the blue laser. Use the portal now to get back to the ground level.

Step 6ย – now you need to use the red lever to get the red stone down to the floor again and walk up to the snowball cannon.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 6

Shoot the snowball cannon so the snowball will land on the blue stone and then step on the green stone and use the green lever to get up to the next section of The Frozen Hinterland.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 7Step 7ย – now you clear your path here and go to the north.

You will see the boss here but without using the special weapon there’s no way you can beat this 5x Talene setup right now.

No worries, it will get easier later ๐Ÿ™‚

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 8Step 8ย – also make sure to get this camp and chest, otherwise you can’t reach it later and need an extra run just for that normal chest.

After you have defeated all of them, use the portal there back to the ground of The Frozen Hinterland.

Step 9 – now it’s time to get the blue laser stopped by the snowball on the blue stone. To do this, you will walk from the portal to the red lever again and put it to the ground, step on it and go up.

After that, go to the blue lever there and use it. After that, use the portal to get back to the ground level.

Step 10ย – I know it’s a lot of walking stuff but now you do lower the red lever again and then go to the green stone and use the green lever to get back up again.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 10now walk to the very right side where you see a camp, a chest and the yellow lever.

Fight the camp, collect the chest and use the yellow lever.

This will lower the boss fight but before you can do that you will need more relics to get stronger.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 11Step 11ย – walk to the north where you find some camps that you take out and at the end there you will find the secondary boss fight of The Frozen Hinterland. This boss fight shouldn’t be a problem and the setup is quite alright.

If you have problems then you probably had some bad relics and you might need to re-run The Frozen Hinterland but I hadn’t had any issues with that at all.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough step 12Step 12ย – now get back to the portal that will take you to ground level and it’s time for the main boss fight. The 5x Talene is not beatable, no matter what relics you got but you can make them disappear now by going to the cannon at the bottom and using it.

The cannon will straight fire at the boss and make it disappear. Nice job ๐Ÿ™‚

Step 13ย – the problem now is that we need to change levers again so you can reach the chest with the Stargazer Cards. To do that, go to the green lever again, walk over to the very right side of map and use the yellow lever and then you can simply collect the chest.

afk arena frozen hinterland walkthrough bonus chestHidden 777 Diamonds Chestย – as I said, there’s now one hidden chest left that will give you 777 Diamonds.

To get there you need to go through the blue portal and then the orange portal three times in a row.

When done correctly, you then will find yourself in the spot behind this last camp.

Now you have to fight the 5x Talene but they are really low level so there’s nothing special about beating them if you have a carry hero like Shemira.

To collect the chest you need then to step on the tile where the camp was (the white tile) and the hidden chest will appear ๐Ÿ™‚

Alternatively you can also reset the first snowball so it doesn#t block that blue laser and go through the blue portal and walk up there. /Thanks Cy for mentioning this in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. For the hidden chest part: when you finished everything else on the map, just simply reset the first snowball so it doesn’t block the laser beam. Let it fall off the cliff. Then go through the blue portal, and you’re at the spot you’re supposed to be.
    You don’t have to go through the portals 3 times in a row…

  2. I think some of the things in your guide are backwards literally in the wrong order. The 5 Talines i practically one shotted when I went to fight them. however now that I have eliminated them and collected the chest there can’t find my way out of it. So I’ve no room to brag. Lol

  3. Great guide! Was literally thinking so hard how to beat those impossible bosses and you gave me the answer!Thanks!

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