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The Frozen Pass Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

Finally a new realm in the Voyage of Wonders after quite some weeks since the last Voyage of Wonders realm, the Frosted Expanse, was released. This realm, called The Frozen Pass, has some mediocre puzzles and isn’t hard or easy for also some mediocre rewards – bet, hey, it’s all for free so why complaining, right? 😀

So, as always, I have here my step-by-step walkthrough for this realm that you can follow along if you got stuck or simply follow along if you don’t want to solve the puzzles yourself at all 🙂

Frozen Pass General & Rewards

As I said, the puzzles aren’t that complicated. It’s basically firing up some obstacles and pulling them into the right spots but that’s it. There’s no way to get stuck that forces you to restart all over or anything.

The enemies can be challenging and you will need Vurk to ultimately defeat the Frozen Pass. If you don’t have him you need to get him borrowed by your friends or clanmates. That’s the part that sucks a little bit in my opinion.

What’s The Reward In The Frozen Pass?

Alright, enough of that talk and let’s get down to the important things, right?

afk arena frozen pass rewardsIn terms of rewards, you will get some boosters for hero EXP and dust plus one card that will give you one random epic hero from a faction that you can choose (Lightbearer, Mauler, Wilder or Graveborn). I now see people complaining but after all, it’s a free epic so why complain?

Frozen Pass Walkthrough

Alright, time to walk through the Frozen Pass step-by-step, right?

Unlike earlier Voyage of Wonders realms, there are also no situations that can get you stuck.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 1Step 1 – You will start off at the beginning and after a short but non-telling story you will see one Magic Turret right at the beginning that you will need to use 2 times.

The first time will destroy the snowballs and the second time will light up the next Magic Turret on the other side that you will need later.

After that you can collect the treasure chest at the left side and then go to the right side where you will find some camps. There’s no other way than going there.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 2Step 2 – As I said, go to the right side through the camps and do the battles there to get some relics and treasure chests as well.

The battles there aren’t that and if you run a setup with a strong carrier like Shemira you shouldn’t have any problems defeating them.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 3Step 3 – At the end of that path you need to go left where you will find the Magic Turret that you lit up at the beginning of the Frozen Pass…

Move both railroad wagons to the left position (#1 and #2) and then use the upper Magical Turret (#3).

This will destroy the lower wagon and make the path clear to fire at the snowball below it and clear the path.

But don’t take that path, yet!

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 4To make that happen now move the upper wagon back to the right spot (#4) and then use the magic Turret again (#5).

This will trigger all the dynamite at the bottom and remove all the obstacles that have blocked your path to the right lane.

Clearing the right lane is important because you need the relics there to strengthen up enough to continue the below path!

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 4 1Step 4 – Here you will find two battles and two treasure chests that you should collect now.

The fights aren’t that hard and you should hope for some nice relic options (normally they are blue…) to get some extra power.

After you cleared that part you need to go back to the left part that you cleared in Step 3.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 5Step 5 – Now you need to fight through the two camps here.

The fights should be fine by now, although the second one with Skreg and Tasi can be annoying at times and you might need multiple runs to get it done. This varies on your team and the relics you’ve pulled so far, of course…

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 6Step 6 – after this section you will find another railway and a Magical Turret that you need to set on fire.

Change the position of the magical Turret to the middle one so you can lit it up with the Turret from Step 3 (let the upper Turret stay in its position).

Now you change the Magical Turret you see in the image to the bottom position and use it again, this will destroy a barrel that blocks a path.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 7-1Step 7 – Now here comes the only small puzzle part of the Frozen Pass…

In the first step you will need to set the railroad wagon with the portal to the upper position (#1) so you can reach the Magical Turret in the middle to use it.

After you have done that, go to the camp below (#2) and take it down. This is the elemental part of solving this.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 8Step 8 – Behind that camp that you just took out in Step 7 you will fidn another portal and another Magic Turret on the railroad.

Use the switch to drag the Magic Turret to the left position so it will face the portal there directly.

After that go back.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 9Step 9 – now it’s time to have some fun!

Follow the instructions on the image – in detail, that’s pointing the left Magic Turret to the upper position (#1) and using it to light up the Magic Turret in the middle of the lakes. After that, use the snowball cannon (#2) to freeze the lake in the middle so you can use the Magic Turret there (#3).

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 10Step 10 – so, now we finish this puzzle and continue our path in the Frozen Pass.

In the last step you have used the portal to lit up the lower Magical Turret.

Now it’s time to get the upper portal (on the wagon) to the bottom position and use the Magical Turret at the lower portal again to free the path from the snowballs.

You can see the positions in the image on the left, use this setup and fire the #2 Magical Turret and this puzzle is done with and you can enter the next section of the Frozen Pass realm 🙂

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 11Step 11 – now it’s time to clear up the path that we just opened.

The battles here can get challenging and I needed several tries on them. Maybe if you only got bad relics you might need to restart the Frozen Pass but you can also manage without that, simply do a couple of tries (and don’t forget the multiple Healing Fountains that you passed already, you can use them as well if you need them!)

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 12Step 12 – now here’s the only deal of this whole realm. The next fight behind that tome that I tagged you int he image is the one where you need a special animal.

2020 is the year of the rat so it indicates that you need Vurk for this fight. Well, it doesn’t indicate it, you actually need Vurk or Skreg to be on your team when battling this camp or the path behind it won’t open up!

So, if you don’t have him (or only without any good ascension tier), you can also use him from your friend mercenary for this fight. But he has to be in your team during the fight when you complete that battle!

After that battle, follow the path to the very end and battle all camps and collect all treasure chests.

afk arena frozen pass walkthrough step 13Step 13 – Alright, time to finish the Frozen Pass, right?

Go to the right side where you will find the boss fight and the big final chests.

First of all you need to put the Magical Turret (#1) to the very right positon and then the one with the 2 dynamites (#2) also to the very right position.

It’s important that you put it to the very right position, otherwise you won’t get the second Crystal Chest!!!

Do it like you can see in the image here 🙂

After using the Magical Turret then you can walk to the top and collect the Crystal Chest with the 10 Summon Scrolls and then do the boss fight for the final price. Done 🙂


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