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The Golden Isles Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Golden Isles and its actually a fairly easy and straightforward one without any surprising turns.

This Voyage of Wonders is closed now, please see here the most recent Voyage of Wonders – Frozen Lava.

The Golden Isles General & Rewards

As always, I won’t spoil anything about the storyline in my guide so feel free to use it if you want to go through the storyline yourself. Basically, you will see on the map exclamation marks that will guide you and show you where to go next, what camp to beat and what item to pick up.

Overall you don’t have to expect any difficult/unforeseen/surprising parts this time

Let’s talk about the rewards first:

afk arena golden isales rewards

As you can see, the rewards are pretty underwhelming, with 10x Faction Scrolls and 10x Regular Summon Scrolls as the main reward, so I think most players won’t like that too much.

Other than that there are some shards and emblems and the boosters for Gold, EXP and Dust as we always get them. I mean The Golden Isles aren’t that difficult overall so every player will be able to clear it quite easily but i’d rather have seen a little more twist and better rewards (or at least some Diamonds).

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The Golden Isles Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Golden Isles.

By the way, if you have problems please also check out my bi-weekly updated tier list of heroes (with Signature Item, Artifact, Furniture and Engraving recommendation) here that could give you some hints what heroes are good or maybe also my guide on the best teams in AFK Arena here.

Step 1 – right at the start of The Golden Isles you will see some Dwellings with the yellow exclamation marks on top (1) and you need to talk to all of them. Then you will see Smithy as the next step (2), so talk to him and beat the camp he tells you and then talk to him again. After that, you will see the next step on the left side where you need to talk to the Villagers, beat the camp and pick up the item (3) before talking to the next Villagers.

The map also focus on your next step which makes it quite straightforward.

Step 2 – go back to the Market at the starting position of The Golden Isles and talk to them. They will highlight a tree piece but you will need to talk to the Blacksmith first (1) who will send you to talk to the Mine Boss. The Mine Boss will highlight a camp but you need to pick up the treasure from the forest tile first (2) and then beat the camp the Mine Boss highlighted (3).

Now talk to the Mine Boss again, pick up the item from the Sore Mine and go back to talk to the people at the Market.

Step 3 – the villagers at the Market will send you to the south where you need to fight through two camps and you will get the first of two Crystal Chests of The Golden Isles (1). Then fight your way back to the starting point and talk to Smithy again. He will send you to the right where you have to beat the two boss camps (2) and then return to him and talk to him again.

Next up talk to the Fisherman right next to Smithy and he will put you on a boat and you need to cross the lake straight to the next Fisherman (3) on the opposite side and go ashore there.

Step 4 – you need to go to the left side but there’s no way to win this battle against Raku right now! What you do is going to the right and beat the first camp there (1). Then you have to lose on purpose the fight against Raku (2) two times. You can use single heroes that you don’t mind losing, DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN COMP AS RAKU HAS SO MUCH HASTE THERE’S NO WAY TO WIN THE FIGHT! Then he will disappear and you can continue to the left. Now you can pick the plums from the forest (3):

Step 5 – go back to the right side and use your main comp to fight through the enemies until you reach the last two, you will that they are “out of reach” even when you stand right in front of them. You need to talk to the Adventurer now first (1) and he will clear them up for you. Make sure you have collected the item!

Use the fisherman now to get back to the starting point of The Golden Isles (2) and talk to the people at The Market. It’s not flagged but that’s when you can finish the storyline. They will mark you a spot in the middle of the lake. Take the boat again and click on it (3) and you will see the remaining Golden Chests and the second Crystal Chest appear.

Congratulations, you’ve just beaten The Golden Isles.

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