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The Lucent Vault Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

Voyage of Wonders is back and offers a new realm that is called The Lucent Vault – and like all other Voyage of Wonders realms it also is a puzzle that you probably need a lot of tries to solve for. Well, you would if you are not reading my guide below 😉

I have below all the steps and more tips that will help you to solve this realm.

Lucent Vault General & Rewards

The crucial point of clearing the Lucent Vault is that the pathways towards the outside parts where all the rewards are will shrink with every single battle you do.

lucent vault guide strategy

You can, however, restore them with the trigger in the middle but you will have to fight against a tough team after the first battle so every time you need to restore the paths you will have a tough battle.

The bottleneck is that there are no Healing Fountains or resurrections available in the Lucent Vault so this will make your team weaker each time.

lucent vault rewradsIf you’re able to clear the realm you will get a chest that gives you an epic copy of one of the heroes shown in the picture here.

I don’t think that I need to tell you, but Tasi is for sure the best choice here unless you have her full ascended (what I doubt that many people have haha).

So, if you follow the below guide you will be able to clear this realm quite quickly compared to the last Voyage of Wonders realm that was a huge pain.

Step-By-Step Guide To Clear The Lucent Vault

So, here is the best way to clear the Lucent Vault.

Best Team

So no healing fountains here and no mercenary camps so you will need a team that will be able to beat the camps and also durable enough to survive every single fight.

You will need a healing character along with strong frontline heroes and good crows control heroes.

Staying alive is the highest priority here.

If you have a close fight you can cancel the fight and re-run it again if you lost a hero or got serious damage on all of your heroes. You won’t lose any hero if you re-run a fight 🙂

important peak of time tip

Step 1 – Clear The Inner Ring & Collect Rings

As I said, the path to the outside will shrink with every battle you fight and restoring will give you a relatively tough fight in the middle after the first reset.

The tactic is to not have to do this more than you need.

So, first step is clearing the inner ring, use the triggers and collect the relics. Here Is the best order to do it:

lucent vault guide step 1

You will do the fights at #1, #2 and #3 and then go out there to trigger the stones and collect the relics. When you choose the relics always aim for those that will restore health or shield or heroes so you team becomes super hard to die.

When you did the battle at #4 you won’t be able to collect the relic because the path already has shrunken too much so you need to do the battle in the center and reset the path (#5).

lucent vault guide step 2

The first time doing this the battle is quite easy and it will restore the full path. After that you can collect the relic behind #4.

Step 2 – Stop The Paths From Disappearing

lucent vault guide step 3When you use all the seals in the inner rings the paths won’t disappear after additional fights anymore so let’s do this now.

First you can walk to the top left section where you have a chest and another relic that you can get without any fight.

Collect that relic and the Golden Chest now and head back to the middle.

lucent vault guide step 4Now you need to walk to the opposite side where you can also get one relic and use another stone with only one fight in front of you.

If your team is in good shape by now you have great chances to finish the Lucent Vault – if not, you probably need a different setup and need to work on your teams durability.

The enemies won’t get stronger and automatically adapt to your strength so it’s possible to beat it and leveling up will only give you tougher enemies 😉

So, now the last step and the path won’t disappear anymore and you can start cleaing the realm.

Go to this section, clear the camp and collect the relic and use the last stone trigger:

lucent vault guide step 5

Great, now it’s time to finish.

Step 3 – Clear The Realm

Now it’s time to clear the outside rings and you can choose an order that you like.

The fights appear easier on the map than they actually are and the enemy teams use some strong synergies so take care and don’t lose any hero.

You also should have picked several relics that support your heroes health or life leech, otherwise, it’s impossible.

Sometimes relics simply drop bad and if you only have seen some semi-helpful relics so far you might need to restart the Lucent Vault and hole for better relics to drop.

After you have cleared all possible ones you’ll be automatically teleported to the boss fight, this is the one:

lucent vault guide step 6 boss fight

After beating it you will get your reward.


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