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The Parade Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Parade and it is packed with some puzzles, rewards and also a storyline that I really enjoyed.

The Parade General & Rewards

As always, I don’t spoiler anything of the storyline in my guide so feel free to use it if you want to go through the storyline yourself. It has some interesting spots that are not that obvious on the first look and quite fun to do.

There’s also some camps that you need to avoid as they are not beatable (at least for most players) but let’s have a look at the rewards first:


Let’s talk about the rewards in The Parade. Now we’re luckily back on track with the main reward being 10x Stargazer Cards so everyone can use them and no Time Emblems this time.

The other rewards are the usual booster, emblems, coins and cores as we see them with every Voyage of Wonders, The Parade is no exception here.

So decent rewards for a Voyage of Wonders, ignoring the fact how little amount of cores you get looking how much you need for Engravings but that’s a different story.

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The Parade Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Parade.

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Step 1 – the start is fairly easy and after a short storyline introduction you will see several camps that you get relics from and that have Golden Chest behind it. Simply follow the path (1) and then to the right (2) until you hit that decorated fountain (3) to pick up more Golden Chests:

From here go up to the city and find the manor (4) and talk to the Rosa and Oscar there. They will kick off the storyline and tell you that you will need to pick up everyone for the banquet of The Parade. After that, go to the right where you have quite a long path and at the end turn up and you will find yourself in front of some camps at the canyon (5). From here follow the pathway down and clear all the camps you see there. Important, do not turn back and continue down the pathway (6), even though camps will appear behind you!

Step 2 – at the end of the pathway ignore the boss camp, you will not be able to beat it but make sure to collect the Golden Chest next to it (1). Then turn right and follow the pathway where you find the 3 Golden Chests with the two boss camps. Beat the top boss camp (2) and also ignore the left one. Then follow the path and talk to Raine in the tent (3) and then use the hole (3) next to it to teleport back to the entrance part of the Canyon so you don’t have to fight through those camps for nothing.

Step 3 – now head back to the doorway section (1). Turn on the light there and make sure all lights are turned on (1). Then follow the doors to the next one and also make sure that you turn on all the lights there as well (2). After that, you will find a small castle that you need to talk to (3).

Now head back to the first part and open the door there (4). When you pass through, there are two Suspicious Bushes (the shaking ones) that you will need to rummage in the order you pass them (5 +6).

Now there’s one left to the left (7) before you need to head back to The Manor (8) and talk to the people there. Once done, head north to the village and talk to the people there in the Cozy Log Cabin twice (9):

Step 4 – again, you needed to talk to the Lucretia in the Cozy Log Cabin twice to be able to proceed with the storyline of The Parade so make sure you did this. Now you need to buy from Market (1) twice as well. After that, you need to head to the right where you can pick up some cranberries (2) and this will unlock the Crystal Chest of The Parade next to the Manor (3) that you can now collect.

It’s now time to head north of the city to the fisherman (4) and talk to him 3 times. Then you can head to the kitchen (5) and talk to the chef there. After that, go back to the fisherman (6) and talk to him once and then select the option ‘B’ when talking to him again 3 times in a row.

Step 5 – now you got teleported to the next fisherman (1) that you need to talk to to get what you want and then you will get teleported back to the first fisherman. From here you can head down and collect the remaining two Golden Chests (2) that will make your progress complete. You can optionally check out ‘The Parade’ at the spot next to the 2nd fisherman if you want to.

Other than that, you have successfully solved The Parade here.

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