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The Price of Rebirth Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Price of Rebirth. This time we have some interesting puzzle features in it that I really enjoyed while solving it on the test servers.

The Price of Rebirth General & Rewards

The main objective is to build a paths through the map of The Price of Rebirth and you need to use a tornado. The interesting thing is that the tornado will remove anything in its path so you need to plan his path very well or you might remove rewards or other important items.

I think the rewards are fine for this quite short Voyage of Wonders, you have a main Crystal Chest with 10x Stargazing Cards. The Golden Chests have boosters but also emblems (including 10x Faction Emblem Choice Chest) as well as some Soulstones (regular and epic ones).

So, reward-wise, I’m really okay with this realm.

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The Price of Rebirth Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Price of Rebirth.

One last note here – if you mess up something or miss a chest accidentally you can still finish the realm and snipe for it in a second run.

Step 1 – there’s a total of 4 islands and the first one is fairly short. Use the Lever (1) and set it to red. This will put a shield around the Golden Chest so it won’t get destroyed by the tornado. Then use the Wind Altar (2) to call the tornado to clear your path with the laser:

Yes, the tornado will destroy the relic chest, but there’s no other way to get that Golden Chest. Now clear everything (fight camp, collect Golden Chests and set Lever back to blue for the other Golden Chest). Then leave the first island of The Price of Rebirth with the yellow altar portal on the left side.

Step 2 – now you’re on the 2nd island and here you can potentially make a mistake so make sure to stick to my walkthrough if you want to solve The Price of Rebirth in one single run.

First of all, use the upper Wind Altar (1) to call the tornado. The Golden Chest in the middle is protected by the red shield so no worries here. Once the tornado is on top, use the Lever next to it and turn it to blue (1) and collect the Golden Chest in the center.

With the blue shield around the right Golden Chest, you can activate the right hand side Wind Altar (2) and send the tornado there. Then use the Lever again and set it to red to collect the right Golden Chest.

Next, use the Wind Altar on the left side (3) and activate it. This will open the last part of this island and you can collect the bottom camp and Golden Chest before leaving the island through the yellow portal on the left side towards the third island.

Step 3 – welcome to the third island of The Price of Rebirth! The first thing to do is to use the upper-right Wind Altar (1) to call the tornado. Then you need to use the bottom center Wind Altar (2) next to the laser. No worries, the tornado will make the path next to that center Golden Chest. From here fight that camp in front of the Lever (3) and then turn the Lever blue.

Step 4 – clear the bottom camp and Golden Chest and then use the center-right Wind Altar (1) to call the tornado. Again, the Lever should be set to blue at this point or the tornado will destroy that Golden Chest! Once done, collect the center Golden Chest and turn the Lever to red again to collect the other Golden Chest as well.

Then, use the Wind Altar on the left side next to the yellow portal to call the tornado (2). Now you need to turn the Lever back to red and after making sure that you have collected everything on this island you can use the yellow portal to go to the fourth and last island of The Price of Rebirth.

Step 5 – this is the difficult island and the first thing to do here is to create some paths without destroying anything important:

Follow this order… first the Wind Altar top center of the island (1), then the one bottom center (2) and the the one next to the starting point where you are (3). This will create you paths and you will not mess anything up.

Step 6 – from here you need to use the bottom left Wind Altar (1) and then the top left Wind Altar (2). Now you can use the Lever (3) and turn it blue:

Now collect all the Golden Chest you can reach. Don’t forget to collect the one in the top right corner:

afk arena voyage of wonders Price of rebirth walkthrough step 6-4

Now that you have collected all chests, you can go left to the final boss camp and get the Crystal Chest behind it to claim your final reward of 10x Stargazing Cards.

Congratulations, you’ve finished The Price of Rebirth! If you have missed any chest or accidentally destroyed one, re-start and snipe for that chest.

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