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The Sealing Sword Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Sealing Sword. We have a storyline, a huge map, loads of camps and decent rewards, so let’s go.

The Sealing Sword General & Rewards

The storyline of The Sealing Sword is quite linear without much aspects to look left and right but one that is good. It’s not overwhelming and we had better ones before but I was enjoying my time I spent in the realm. All you do is going from story points to story point and clearing the map on your path.

The main reward is the same as the past realms offered, that’s 10x Stargazing Cards.

afk arena voyage of wonders the sealing sword rewards

In the choice chests you will have the choice between boosters for dust, gold or exp. Also some coins for furniture, engravings and 60x Epic Soulstones for one epic hero card. I think it’s alright looking at the difficulty level of this Voyage of Wonders realm.

The Sealing Sword Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Sealing Sword.

Step 1 – walk to the left and talk to the mayor (“The Mayor’s House”, looks like a mercenary camp but those are the storypoints) and proceed to the left where you will find the Witch (1) and talk to her as well. Then go to the city and defeat the camps and collect the 2 Golden Chests (2) before going to the top and then right where you should collect the next Golden Chest (3)

Step 2 – further to the top you will have another Golden Chest on the right side that you should collect (1) and then go to the left where you have a boss camp that you need to defeat (2). This will give you a legendary relic but also trigger the next point of the storyline.

Once you’ve beaten it, go back to the city at the starting point where you will see the Mayor’s House now (3), talking to him will let you progress in the story.

Step 3 – to proceed, you need some water to take out the flames that block your path. To do that, walk to the tile next to the water (1) and you will automatically fill the bucket of water the Mayor just gave you. Now walk to the tile that’s on fire and tap on it (2) and you will be able to extinguish it.

Then go back to the water tile and fill the bucket with water again (1) and walk to the next flaming tile (3) and extinguish this as well.

Step 4 – follow that path to the north and take out all the camps needed to collect all the Golden Chests. At the end you will have the boss camp in front of the Crystal Chest (1). It’s a fight against 5x Mezoth and you will lose this battle. No worries, lose this battle on purpose to proceed with the storyline. You will get teleported back to the entry point after you’ve lost that boss battle and your team is alive again. Now you can talk to the Mayor again (2) and then to the “burnt” camp (3):


Step 5 – follow the path to the top right of the map of The Sealing Sword and collect all the Golden Chests there. At the very top you will find one more boss camp that you need to beat and then collect the Witch Relic behind it (1). This relic will give you the possibility to walk over water. Go to the bottom section where you filled the bucket with water and you will be able to walk over the water (2). At the right you have the Floating Treasure (3) that you can collect now.

Step 6 – now walk to the north over the water to the last section of The Sealing Sword and follow that path there, collecting all the Golden Chests you find. At the end of the path you will find another boss camp (1) that you need to beat. Behind it there’s the Witch Camp that you need to talk to (2).

Then walk back to the initial starting point’s city and talk to the Mayor again (3). He will tell you more about the sword you got from the Treasure of the Lake.

With that sword you’re able to beat the boss camp in front of the Crystal Chest now.

afk arena voyage of wonders the sealing sword walkthrough - step 6-4

If you have collected all Golden Chests, you now have successfully beaten The Sealing Sword realm, otherwise you will need to collect the missing ones.

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