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The Setting Sun Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Setting Sun and it’s one of the rather short ones compared what we’ve seen recently in Voyage of Wonders.

The Setting Sun General & Rewards

The Setting Sun is rather a story-heavy than a puzzle-heavy Voyage of Wonders realm and I don’t want to spoiler that story now. Most of the time you will walk around the map, talk to different people to continue the storyline and so some small puzzles with levers here and there, that’s basically it.

Rewards have been ups and downs recently with rather tough downs and not that big highs. The good news is, the rewards in The Setting Sun are better than the last time but the rewards couldn’t have been worst than that.

Main reward will be, at least, 10x Stargazing Cards complemented by the usual Elemental Cores/Shards, Booster Choice Chests along with some regular Summon Scrolls. Also 10x Faction Emblems Choice Chest is included.

afk arena setting sun rewards

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The Setting Sun Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Setting Sun.

Please mind that I don’t mention every Golden Chest that you need to collect individually. If you see one, take it 🙂

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Step 1 – right at the starting point beat the two camps and collect the Golden CHest (1) before heading to the left and using the blue lever (2). Then you can walk into the city where you have to defeat the two camps you see there:

From here you need to talk to the citizens (4 & 5) before walking out of the city to the bottom of the map where you need to fight through the camps (6):

Step 2 – now you need to pull the blue lever once more (1) before you can use the bouncer with the stone ball (2). Once the stone has landed below, use the next one (3) to destroy the fence with it:

collect the artifact inside the lake now (4) that will be mandatory to proceed the storyline of The Setting Sun. Now go to the top left of the map and defeat all camps there (5 & 6) and collect the Golden Chests.

Step 3 – now click on the ruins (1) and you will get the next artifact. Now head back to the city of The Setting Sun and cleat the camps in the center top section (2) and collect the Golden Chests. Then talk to the commando point there (3) and you will get the next artifact as well as unlocking the final boss fight.

But before heading to the final fight, there are some more things to do… use the yellow lever at your position (1) and then go to the right and clear the camps there (2) and collect the Golden Chests. Then walk down to the right and talk to the citizens there (3)

They will turn into camps that you need to defeat as well so you can collect the Golden Chest with the Faction Emblems.

Step 4 – now talk to the blacksmith of The Setting Sun (1) and you will get another artifact that you need for the final fight and use the yellow lever again (2) that will open the path to the end boss.

Now fight the end boss (3) which shouldn’t be a problem with all the artifacts you collected and then you can collect the final Crystal Chest with the Targazing Cards.

You’ve beaten The Setting Sun successfully now 🙂

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