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The Void Rift Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called The Void Rift. This time the puzzle aspect isn’t that much and it’s more about battles.

The Void Rift General & Rewards

Going through the map of The Void Rift is pretty straightforward, you need to battle through several enemy camp lines. After the first section, you will get Morael as mercenary hero and you will also get a debuff relic that will make all of your heroes deal 90% less damage, except Morael.

You need to use Morael as carry and the other heroes you have basically to buff and protect her and keep her alive.

The rewards are pretty much the same as last time, with 10x Stargazing Cards as the main reward in the final Crystal Chest. The Golden Chests have boosters but also emblems (including 10x Faction Emblem Choice Chest) as well as some Soulstones (regular and epic ones).

I think it’s fine for the difficulty level of The Void Rift and Stargazing Cards can be useful to anyone, right?

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The Void Rift Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for The Void Rift.

Step 1 – right at the start you need to fight through one camp and then you have a mercenary camp on the right side where you get Morael as a mercenary hero for your team.

afk arena voyage of wonders void rift walkthrough step 1

Get her directly as she will be really strong here and your main carry as you will get 3 legendary relics that will buff Morael as well at this point. Once you have her, clear the grassland section with the leftover camps and the Golden Chests.

Step 2 – as soon as you will leave the grass and enter the stoneland, you will get the debuff relic that will make all allied heroes except Morael deal 90% less damage.

afk arena voyage of wonders void rift walkthrough step 2-2

This is the point where you need to use a team that will support Morael so she can deal all the damage, your job will be to keep her alive through the full clearing of The Void Rift.

afk arena voyage of wonders void rift walkthrough step 2

Using heroes like Skriath, Lyca, Eironn will work really well with Morael.

Step 3 – the next Chief Enemy Camp is too strong if you don’t beat the regular camps, so start clearing all the regular camps now around that Crystal:

Then, you can destroy the Crystal by tapping on it.

Step 4 – now go to the right side and you will find more regular camps, Golden Chests and the 2nd Crystal that you need to destroy in the same way as the 1st one:

afk arena voyage of wonders void rift walkthrough step 4

So, if you have cleared all camps, collected all Golden Chests and destroyed both Crystals you can approach the Chief Enemy Camp now:

afk arena voyage of wonders void rift walkthrough step 4-2

Step 5 – behind that Chief Enemy Camp you will find several other camps and Golden Chest that you need to clear now. Once you’ve cleared them all there’s one final Chief Enemy Camp left to beat and you can get the final Crystal Chest:

afk arena voyage of wonders void rift walkthrough step 5

That’s it, you’ve successfully solved The Void Rift.


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