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Tundra Trouble Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

The new realm in Voyage of Wonders is coming and it’s called Tundra Trouble and it’s overall a nice realm in VoW that I actually enjoyed, including the few surprises it had.

Tundra Trouble General & Rewards

There are laser beams that can change color, a Balloon that will fly you around and portals that can only be used into one direction. That’s all the stuff you will see here and as I personally enjoy the puzzles in Voyage of Wonders, I haven’t been disappointed with this one.

Reward-wise, it’s pretty nice. There are 10x Stargazing Cars as well as 1000x Diamonds and soulstones, boosters, coins and so on.

With all the disappointment about the rewards in Voyage of Wonders, Tundra Trouble will make things differently and it’s absolutely fine. Even the 1000x extra Diamonds are the cherry on top for me, even without I’d appreciated the rewards for sure.

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Tundra Trouble Walkthrough

As always, you will find a full walkthrough for the realm here. With that being said, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the walkthrough for Tundra Trouble.

Please mind that I don’t mention every Golden Chest that you need to collect individually. If you see one, take it 🙂

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Step 1 – after the introduction conversation at the beginning you need to go down, beat the camp and use the blue lever and use the portal there (1). Then use the portal to summon the fire demon (2) and then tap on the wood so the fire demon will burn it down. Once the wood is burnt down, use the blue lever on the right side (3):


Step 2 – next use the portal again and the fire demon will disappear and the ice deamon will appear (1). Then tap the frozen tiles below the burnt wood (2) and the ice demon will freeze them so you can walk through them. Then clear the camp below (3) there by using the ice demon on the ice tiles there as well and grab the Golden Chest as well:

This is how you summon the demons (either ice or fire) in Tundra Trouble, depends what laser beam you have been pointing on the portal.

Step 3 – then use the portal on your left side and summon the fire demon (1) and make it burn down the woods below. Then walk in there and open + close the valve (2). Now you can also use the fire demon (3) to burn the woods below.

Step 4 – then go dow and burn the tiles there as well (1). You will see a ton of bandits appear but no worries, beating one of them is enough and in the storyline the others will disappear as well. Then you can also burn the woods behind that as well (2). Then go back to the valve and open it (3)

Step 5 – now use the portal again to summon the ice demon (1) and then close the valve (2) again to be able to walk downwards. Then use the ice demon to freeze the tiles (3):

Behind these ice tiles, you will find the next portal (4) that you need to use to summon the fire demon again and directly use it to burn the woods right behind it. Then use the valve left to your position (5) and summon the ice demon. Then freeze the tiles (6) you can see in the image below and the ones behind that:

Step 6 – then you will come to the point where woods are blocking your path again so go back and summon the fire demon again (1) and burn the woods (2) and use the portal as well. Then open the valve there once more (3):

then go back to the valve you’ve been to at Step 5 and open it once more (4) and summon the ice demon there at the portal (5) again. Then go to the house in the middle of the map of Tundra Trouble and freeze the tiles there (6):

Step 7 – walk back and close the valve from the previous step again (1) and summon the fire demon again as well (2) and then use it to also burn the woods at the house in the center of the map (3)

Then visit the house which will continue the storyline. Once you’ve talked to the Old Fella in the house, go north and you will find a crystal that you need to use to absorb the ice energy (1). Now you can freeze the following ponds at once (2). Freeze the tiles shown below and then tap on the woods there and you will find a balloon. Use the balloon to go south and freeze a tile there and tap on the woods to proceed the storyline (3).

Sorry I don’t want to spoiler the storyline so some expressions here are a little bit clumsy.

Step 8 – now you can go around and collect all the leftover Golden Chests within the balloon (1). Once you have all of them collected, also collect the Crystal Chest in the middle next to the Old Fella’s House (2) and then you will get the final Crystal Chest by tapping on the tile shown below (3):

That’s it, you just solved Tundra Trouble and you can enjoy the rewards.

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