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Windfall Gorge Guide (Voyage of Wonders)

A new realm in Voyage of Wonders is out and it’s called Windfall Gorge. It’s no really difficult realm but the last boss fight might require you to weaken and send a second team in to finish them, but overall it will be doable for everyone. Again, we have a nice puzzle to solve here as well 🙂

Windfall Gorge General & Rewards

The main objective in the Windfall Gorge is to use the lasers right to activate the portal that will take you to the final section. It’s actually pretty straightforward and no way to get stuck.

The key is to use the orbs right to convert the red lasers into blue lasers to get the right combination to unlock the portal.

What’s The Reward In Windfall Gorge?

afk arena windfall gorge rewardsRewards are alright in my opinion. The main reward are 10x Faction Summon Scrolls and also 10x Stargazer Cards.

It’s no guaranteed hero but very likely that you will get one from them.

There’s, like every time, also coins, booster and purple and gold emblems in the Golden Chests available as well.

The Track of the Sands Walkthrough

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the walkthrough where I show you step-by-step how to solve the Windfall Gorge.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 1Step 1 – right after the start you need to follow the path and fight the two camps and get the two Golden Chests here.

No surprise, there’s no other way 🙂

Then you will reach the blue laser that you need to pull down with the railroad switch and you will see it activating the blue portal.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 2Step 2 – now walk to the right side and fight the camp there and you will get to another blue laser and railroad switch.

Here you need to move the laser to the upper position and you’ll see how the purple orb will convert the blue laser into a red laser that will deactivate another laser.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 3Step 3 – now you can proceed to the right and follow the path there where you will find several more camps and Golden Chests that you need to clear.

Follow that path to the north and you will enter the next section where you also need to clear the camp and get the chest.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 4Step 4 – here you need to move the orb to the very right position and it will convert the laser and block the blue laser.

This will allow you to proceed to the path in the north with the next camp and Golden Chest.

As you saw now, this is how you will clear the ultimate path to the final reward, but there are some more steps now.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 5Step 5 – as you proceed the path here, make sure that you do use the railroad switch at least once when passing it do take the orb out of the equation again.

It’s not that this will block you anything if you forget it, but it’s annoying when you forget to do it and you need to go back later when you see that you forgot it 🙂

Proceed the path and clear the camps on your path, the relics got better and better and you shouldn’t have any problems here.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 5-1There’s one camp next to the portal that might get you into trouble, you can also skip that for now if you see that you can’t beat it without losing heroes at this point.

If you can beat it now, beat it. Otherwise, wait until you got more relics to get it done.

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 6Step 6 – as you reach the next section, there’s some more puzzle time.

Move the right red laser to the upper position and the left orb to the lower position so it will unblock you that camp in the corner. You need now every relic you can get and this one and the one on top are the next-easiest ones you can get.

Follow the path to the top now and you get the first Crystal Chest of the Windfall Gorge!

afk arena windfall gorge walkthrough step 7Step 7 – now it’s time to activate the portal that will take you to the final section.

If you followed my steps you only need to set the left red laser to activate the triangle and the orb to the top. This will activate the portal and all you need to do is clearing the camp in front of it (from Step 5, if you skipped it, now you’re strong enough for sure).

Then walk straight into the portal and you’re in the final section.

Step 8 – what should I say, you’re in the final section and there’s one camp and the final boss fight 🙂 The fight can be annoying with 2x Orthos in there, but I hadn’t had much trouble on the test server beating it and my team wasn’t that overpowered. As I said in the beginning, you can also use a strong team to get 1-2 heroes down first and then send in another team to finish the boss if you have tried many times and can’t beat the boss in a single fight.

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