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AFK Arena Eternal Engravings Priority Tier List (2022)

Engravings are the new tool to improve heroes and a pretty long-term grind. Engravings have been getting enabled during the previous updates and now that they are full available for all factions I have created a priority tier list that makes sense and should give you a general blueprint in what order you want to spend on your heroes.

First, a couple of things before we get into the tier list of engravings…

I haven’t released any Engravings tier list right away until I saw all the engravings for all factions for the reason to put them into the right order. Engravings are the next big long-term grind after furniture and I wanted to make sure that I can give you a proper order, for F2P and for spenders.

Another thing is that I don’t wanted to give you a big list what Engravings unlock what ability, you can check that in the game and I want to make this tier list as on-point as possible, showing you a clear priority list how to invest and not building a wiki article here.

In the Level column you find the sweet-spot, the level of engraving that gives the most meaningful impact versus the investment and should be you goal once started investing into that heroes’s engravings.

Engravings Priority Tier List

Please mind that I also have included the essential data in the tier list of the best heroes here.

Hero Level Comment

Highest Priority Overall

No questions asked, these heroes are absolutely worth the investment

Lucretia E60 Lucretia is so top-notch and dominates already, enhancing her total kit as it is with all stats makes total sense especially as you will reduce the damage she’s taking with both, E30 and E60. Investing fully into her is the primary thing to do with Engravings.
Ainz E60 Ainz is a machine and so useful in so many setups and situations and his engravings do improve him even further. Not a total game-changer but useful for sure and improving the hero you use a lot is a smart idea. You might keep in mind that he is slowly dropping out of the meta (he’s still really effective but there’s a slight trend), so double-think about going all-in here. E41 can be a hybrid solution with a good boost without taking him to E60 all the way.
grezhulGrezhul E60 Grezhul gains a lot with the new engravings as well, giving him a lot more protection to make him more stable. he’s amazing already and adding some sustain makes him even better, he’s the most stable carry in AFK Arena for a reason!
E41 (60) Raku is already strong in many setups and his engravings are not totally changing him but it’s a nice addition that makes him better. His total kit is already working fine so why change him, right? Only go for his E60 if you want the single-target damage, otherwise you can leave that out…
E44 PvE Primarily! Kren’s E30 engraving make him generate energy a lot faster and boosting him quite a lot. His E60 engraving sounds nice with the damage reduction but the trigger is not happening enough to make it worth that investment right now.
Oden E41 The way his kit works and the mechanics make him unique and versatile at the same time. By investing, you will boost all the stats that are important to him so this makes a top tier Engraving investment for as well.
Awakened Thane E60 PvP killer machine and so strong. Awakened Thane is a high-invest hero and his Engravings are part of it that will contribute to his overall kit well.
Awakened Brutus E60 So versatile in pretty much all modes and wrecks. If you decide to invest in him, that’s also worth he engravings!
Awakened Solise E60 Also a really strong awakened hero and if you go for her, what I can just recommend, you will need to make that invest to unlock her full potential!

Strong Priority

These heroes are really valuable and should be the next on your list

zolrathZolrath  E41-44 If you think that Zolrath is already hard to kill… his engravings make him even immune to control abilities for 12 seconds when he turns back the time. This is really nasty to deal with. He’s a nightmare to deal with in PvP and also really strong in PvE so for sure worth the invest.
twinsTwins E30 Primarily do the investment for the extra haste which will benefit the whole kit of the Twins and make them ultimate faster. would also take E30 although it’s no game-changer it will give some extra shield/damage but their ue in the game is still there and it makes it worth the investment for me.
Haelus E60 A rather new hero here but strong support and his pseudo damage dealing capabilities have proven that he’s good for bossing in AFK Arena and investing in him will pay off in the long run. The effect of E30 is already good but the benefits you will get from the min Dura’s Call for any shielded ally is just too good to leave on the table.
Mishka E60 A little overlooked at the beginning, Mishka has proven that her tanking and rebuffing make her really valuable and I’m sure that we will see a lot of her in upcoming months’ meta. The extra stats she gets from Engraving just delivers great towards her overall kit.

Good Heroes

These heroes won’t benefit that much from engraves but their base kit is strong and you will use them frequently to get something out of it.

feraelFerael  E30 Ferael can already control enemies quite well but with his engravings, he becomes just insane. E30 adds a stun and E60 increases the duration his spirits remain on the battlefield. Depends how much you*re passionate about him to decide if E30 or E60 is the best spot for you.
Silas E60 Silas becomes a lot more versatile with the engraving, adding more healing and also his damage reduction buff that makes him a top choice. His gas clouds give him 10% damage mitigation but that doesn’t stack with other clouds, that’s why I moved him down a little bit in the Engraving Priority List.
Audrae E60 Getting her base kit stronger and also increasing her debuff in the way you use her and her kit works is a good investment for sure. Might even change her ranking higher if she will become more meta in the coming months as I expect.
Hodgkin E30 His niche campaign use might give you the thought that he’s not worth it, but running multiple teams in different game modes along with the fact that he’s a great bossing hero makes it worth it. Keep in mind it’s only about the extra stats here.
afk arena leonardo iconLeonardo E30 Flexible cc based hero and immediately resetting cooldown of Evacuation with E30 is really useful and going slightly beyond E40 for the extra stats wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Rosaline E30 Haste is so helpful with her to get her abilities rolling and keep them active. Would also take E30 as it’s close to the sweet spot in stats and give a little bonus. Will actually make her a more decent option for the frontline.
Melusina E60 I know it might be a little bit quick to give advice about her, but her Engravings bonus is really sweet and I expect that Melusina will make it in 2022’s meta so for sure no problem to run her and make the investment.

Abyssal Expedition & PvP

These heroes should be on your list if you’re interested in rolling well in Abyssal Expedition or PvP

Daimon E30 Abyssal Expedition! Already pretty strong and with the additional stats plus the additional damage from E30 and E60 makes this engraving absolutely worth the investment and useful to run him in Abyssal Expedition. Not a game-changer, but Daimon is already strong kit that becomes stronger with it.
thaneThane E60 Abyssal Expedition! One of the bread-and-butter heroes you have to have in your roaster in Abyssal Expedition if you’re taking it seriously. The extra buff and stacking of critical strikes make him so much more valuable here.
Drez E60 Abyssal Expedition! Similar reason to Thane, actually pretty much the same. Stacking mechanics are quite similar.
Zaphrael E60 PvP! Will increase the damage with E30 which is alright but not that dramatic, E60 will lower the trigger for Static Charge and make a nice difference and proccs more often.
Mortas E30 PvP! Actually gets Attack Speed instead of Haste from engravings. This increases the frequency of normal attacks which makes Mortas benefit with his Greed passive ability.
ezizhEzizh E60 PvP! Not really for the Engraving bonuses but more for the stats that make his kit overall better.
Theowyn E60 Abyssal Expedition! Overall some nice additional enhancements but not a change in her overall mechanics. If you do Abyssal Expedition you already know how important she is.
Antandra E40 Abyssal Expedition! Nice additional damage and overall stats that makes it worth the investment. The E60 sounds more powerful than it is and you don’t actually have to go there.
Zikis E30 Abyssal Expedition! Nice extra buff you get and Zikis is important in Abyssal Expedition so take this as well.
Albedo E30 PvP! Go not beyond E30 for the extra stats with her and the Shield Lord buff can also be useful.
Flora E30 PvP! Actually a combination of two things here with Flora. The extra haste is helping her and with E30 you will get the small shield for allies that doesn’t change the world but also can change small outcomes. In combination, E30 engraving is worth the investment.
Talene E30 PvP! Gaining haste and making her Phoenix Rise deal more damage is useful but her kit is already what it is, for that reason Talene is that low on this list.
estrildaEstrilda E30 Abyssal Expedition! the additional buff she provides at E30 is amazing and worth running.
Merlin E30 PvP! The reduced damage received while in spirit form from the E60 engraving is useful but not worth that investment. I’d rather recommend going after the tats at stay at E30.
Treznor E30 PvP! Nice healing block at E30 that we all know is important in PvP.
athaliaAthalia E60 PvP! Only invest in Athalia’s engravings if you do PvP frequently and use her, this will give her some nice extra benefits that are worth it in terms of survivability. Otherwise ignore her, for PvE players she’s not worth the investment.

Honorable Mentions

These heroes are strong for certain things, only work on them if you have done the ones above

Morael E60 Overall a strong her outside campaign so it’s for sure to mistake to invest in her, she’s going to be around here and there for quite some time I’m sure about that.
Belinda E60 She’s just amazing for bossing and Guild Hunts and provides a huge attack boost to allies at E60
Alna E30 The E30 will make enemies lose more dodge points and is actually the sweetspot for Alna’s Engravings. The increased damage for E60 is not worth the investment right now. HP and defense are also really helpful for Alna. Good option for PvP later.
Arthur E30 Would only recommend investing for the stats but taking the E30 level if you’re close is not a bad idea. Still, only adds some more damage multiplier to his aura so nothing crazy, just like the E60 engraving that is not worth the invest.
Rowan E30 The extra haste is really welcome and Rown is already an allrounder. E30 is alright and reduced the cooldown so one hero can take a potion faster which doesn’t change much in most situations but can be useful still and the stats really help Rowan when he’s in the frontline.
Cecilia E60 Her E60 is really unique and will make her a lot stronger and close to say that shes the hero that gains most from Engravings so that had to be mentioned here. With E60 becomes quite strong actually.
Astar E60 Yes, she’s pretty new but chances are really high that she will become a lot more important in the future so I really wanted her to be on this list.

The Other Heroes

I don’t want to say they are not worth the investment but the once listed above are simply more effective in the long run and most players will probably not even get to the point to do the heroes listed above.


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