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AFK Arena Eternal Engravings Priority Tier List

Engravings are the new tool to improve heroes and a pretty long-term grind. Engravings have been getting enabled during the previous updates and now that they are full available for all factions I have created a priority tier list that makes sense and should give you a general blueprint in what order you want to spend on your heroes.

First, a couple of things before we get into the tier list of engravings…

I haven’t released any Engravings tier list right away until I saw all the engravings for all factions for the reason to put them into the right order. Engravings are the next big long-term grind after furniture and I wanted to make sure that I can give you a proper order, for F2P and for spenders.

Another thing is that I don’t wanted to give you a big list what Engravings unlock what ability, you can check that in the game and I want to make this tier list as on-point as possible, showing you a clear priority list how to invest and not building a wiki article here.

In the Level column you find the sweet-spot, the level of engraving that gives the most meaningful impact versus the investment and should be you goal once started investing into that heroes’s engravings.

Engravings Priority Tier List

Please mind that I will update this subsequentially in the coming weeks with descriptions and also merge it with the tier list for the heroes. This is a little more “work in progress” because I want to give you the priority rather now than in a few weeks when I’m able to have all comments ready 🙂

Hero Level Comment

Highest Priority Overall

No questions asked, these heroes are absolutely worth the investment

Lucretia E60 Lucretia is so top notch and dominates already, enhancing her makes totally sense especially as you will reduce the damage she’s taking with both, E30 and E60. 
Ainz E60 Ainz is a machine and so useful in so many setups and situations and his engravings do improve him even further. Not a total game-changer but useful for sure and improving the hero you use a lot is a smart idea.
grezhulGrezhul E60 Grezhul gains a lot with the new engravings as well, giving him a lot more protection to make him more stable. he’s amazing already and adding some sustain makes him even better.
Silas E60 Silas becomes a lot more versatile with the engraving, adding more healing and also his damage reduction buff that makes him a top choice. His gas clouds give him 10% damage mitigation with also stacks with other clouds.
feraelFerael E60 Ferael can already control enemies quite well but with his engravings, he becomes just insane. E30 adds a stun and E60 increases the duration his spirits remain on the battlefield.
zolrathZolrath E41-44 If you think that Zolrath is already hard to kill… his engravings make him even immune to control abilities for 12 seconds when he turns back the time. This is really nasty to deal with.

Top Priority (either PvP or PvE)

Tese heroes are really valuable in either PvE or PvP. Choose according to your focus in AFK Arena

Raku E41-44 PvE Primarily! Raku is already strong in many setups and his engravings are not totally changing him but it’s a nice addition that make him better. The E60 is not worth the investment right now, though.
Kren E41-44 PvE Primarily! Kren’s E30 engraving make him generate energy a lot faster and boosting him quite a lot. His E60 engraving sounds nice with the damage reduction but the trigger is not happening enough to make it worth that investment right now.
thoranThoran E13 PvE Primarily! E30/E60 are not worth it but his major glyph with attack/accuracy and minor glyph with accuracy/crit are worth investing to boost his stats. Otherwise, his kit is absolutely fine to do what he has to do.

For PvP you want to get his engravings to E60!!

athaliaAthalia E60 PvP Primarily! Only invest in Athalia’s engravings if you do PvP frequently and use her, this will give her some nice extra benefits that are worth it in terms of survivability. Otherwise ignore her, for PvE players she’s not worth the investment.
Zaphrael E60 PvP Primarily! Will increase the damage with E30 which is alright but not that dramatic, E60 will lower the trigger for Static Charge and make a nice difference and proccs more often.
Alna E30 PvP Primarily! The E30 will make enemies lose more dodge points and is actually the sweetspot for Alna’s Engravings. The increased damage for E60 is not worth the investment right now. HP and defense are also really helpful for Alna.
Respen E60 PvP Primarily! Will increase the damage with E30 which is okay but no game-changer. The E60 added shield, however, is making a huge difference in survivability of Respen.

Good Heroes

These heroes won’t benefit that much from engraves but their base kit is strong and you will use them frequently to get something out of it.

Oden E60 Buffs his stats really nicely and the full E50 Engraving will add some nice extra attack rating and haste into his Eye of Evil ability.
Ezio E60 Bice buffs for his abilities Smoke Bomb and Evasion and overall nice extra stats from engravings as well.
Desira E60 Adds more health recovery to her abilities which will make her overall slightly better, although the extra healing won’t normally make a huge difference. Still, go in for the stats as well.
Albedo E41-44 Go slightly beyond E40 for the extra stats with her and the Shield Lord buff can also be useful. Wouldn’t invest further than E44 right now.
Eluard E30 Nice stats and also the enhanced duration of Prayer of Protection from engraving E30 is worth it.
Daimon E60 Already super strong and with the additional stats plus the additional damage from E30 and E60 makes this engraving absolutely worth the investment. Not a game-changer, but Daimon is already strong kit that becomes stronger with it.
Merlin E60 The reduced damage received while in spirit form from the E60 engraving is useful and the extra stats from all engravings welcome.
afk arena leonardo iconLeonardo E41-44 Immediately resetting cooldown of Evacuation with E30 is really useful and going slight beyond E40 for the extra stats recommended.

Haste Benefitters

These heroes will benefit most from getting additional haste from engraves

Mortas E41-44 ACtually gets Attack Speed instead of Haste from engravings. This increases the frequency of normal attacks which makes Mortas benefit with his Greed passive ability.
twinsTwins E30 Primarily do the investment for the extra haste which will benefit the whole kit of the Twins. would also take E30 although it’s no game-changer it will give some extra shield/damage.
ezizhEzizh E60 Extra haste from engravings helps him a lot to keep his abilities active and cycle his ultimate. The bonus from E30 and E60 is basically not changing anything but the haste is what you’re after here.
Flora E30 Actually a combination of two things here with Flora. The extra haste is helping her and with E30 you will get the small shield for allies that doesn’t change the world but also can change small outcomes. In combination, E30 engraving is worth the investment.
Khazard E13 Just for E13 for the additional haste, everything beyond that is not smart right now.
Mehira E13 Just for E13 for the additional haste, everything beyond that is not smart right now.
TasiTasi E30 The extra haste helps her overall kit a lot and I’d also take the E30 bonus which makes sense when you’re already close to that engraving.
Rosaline E30 Haste is so helpful with her to get her abilities rolling and keep them active. Would also take E30 as it’s close to the sweet spot in stats and give a little bonus.
Rowan E30 The extra haste is really welcome and Rown is already an allrounder. E30 is alright and reduced the cooldown so one hero can take a potion faster which doesn’t change much in most situations but can be useful still and the stats really help Rowan.
EironnEironn E13 Just for E13 for the additional haste, everything beyond that is not smart right now.
Pippa E13 Just for E13 for the additional haste, everything beyond that is not smart right now.

Niche Heroes

These heroes are strong for certain things, only work on them if you have done the ones above + use them really frequently

Arthur E30 Would only recommend investing for the stats but taking the E30 level if you’re close is not a bad idea. Still, only adds some more damage multiplier to his aura so nothing crazy, just like the E60 engraving that is not worth the invest.
Prince E30 PvP Only! Engraving Level 30 is nice to make the Wall Dive ability a lot more effective and overall gaining good stats. Don’t invest higher, the Engraving Level 60 ability only gives a little more energy and that’s by far not worth it.
Titus E30 More damage from his Spiral ability plus the stats make the E30 a solid investment for Titus. Wouldn’t invest higher as the expenses then don’t justify the benefits but E30 is the sweetspot for Titus’ engravings.
JOKER E30 PvP Only! E30 will increase his damage from the Concentrated Fire ability. Not a game-changer and JOKER will primarily benefit from the additional stats you gain from the engravings and not the enhanced ability
Hodgkin E60 E30 increases the damage from his AoE ability but the real deal is his E60 improvement of Reviler’s Defiance, removing the timer for the blocking and increasing the percentage damage Hodgkin deals back to the enemy. This makes him stronger in a way that you will feel that on the battlefield.
gwynethGwyneth E30 PvP Only! The E30 bonus will extend the stun effect of Lightning Arrows and in PvP this will interrupt the enemies a lot better and more effectively. Worth it at this place.
kelthurKelthur E60 With Kelthur the whole kit get improved by Engravings quite well, especially the abilities as well as Kelthur benefitting from the additional stats nicely as well.
Fawkes E30 PvP Only! With his Engraving Level 30 you will make FAwkes lock the enemy right away when entering the battlefield. Really useful in PvP but other than that not worth the investment because you won’t use Fawkes that much actually.
Mezoth E60 His Engravings make the whole kit stronger, improving his abilities at the right ends and also the additional stats make them worth the invest at this point. Still, we’re quite low on the list here so you’re not F2P or low-spender if you’re reading this.
Morrow E30 PvP Only! Extending the Demonic Murmur duration with E30 is useful for PvP only but there you can really need it, along with th e additional stats. If you’re not doing PvP skip Morrow’s Engravings.
Talene E30 Gaining haste and making her Phoenix Rise dealing more damage is useful but her kit is already what it is, for that reason Talene is that low on this list.
hendrikHendrik E30 PvP Only
Skreg E30 Nice stats increase and enhance the Iron Skin ability with E30 to debuff haste when enemies strike Skreg. Wouldn#t take it further with him , especially with his low priority here, but the E30 is worth it when you’ve done the investment above.
NumisuNumisu E60 PvP Only
Lyca E30
Lorsan E30
isabellaIsabella E60
Orthros E60
Granit E30

Boss & Faction Tower

These heroes are used primarily for Abyssal Expedition, Twisted Realm bosses or Faction Tower, so they should have the lowest priority to you engraving.

Antandra E60
Morael E60
saurusSaurus E60
thaneThane E60
Belinda E41-44
Cecilia E60
Peggy E30
Leofric E60
Theowyn E60
Zikis E30
ShemiraShemira E41-44
Baden E60
estrildaEstrilda E30
Drez E60
Raine E60
Tidus E60
Vurk E30
kazKaz E60
Satrana E30
Gorvo E30
Solise E60
Thali E30
Izold E41-44


Sad but true but these heroes are not worth any investment in terms of engravings right now.

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