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The Best Teams In AFK Arena

In this guide here I want to show you several team builds in AFK Arena that work really well and will give you an additional boost.

I know that you likely don’t have all the heroes but you can also use this as a strategy to plan which heroes you’re going to level up and ascend.

You will find the best teams in the sections:

  • PvE/Campaign
  • PvP/Arena
  • Faction Tower
  • Guild Hunt
  • Twisted Realm Bosses

Best Campaign Team (PvE) In AFK Arena

Strongest Team (Whale P2W)

Without any doubts, this is the strongest team to use in the campaign map with Talene as the main carry. Seh can’t die and will revive all the time while the other heroes will cycle through their ultimate. With the haste boost, Ezizh will keep the enemy team shut down so they will never use their ultimate while your team uses crows control all the time and it’s impossible to kill this team. Downside is, obviously, it’s impossible to build this team without spending a lot of money on AFK Arena Stargazing.

Follow Up PvE Team

This team is not as strong as the one above but you can actually build it more easily with only 2 Hypelestial faction heroes, Mehira and Khazard. It’s not really a F2P team but it will be a lot easier to get if you spend some money on AFK Arena without going all-in.

Khazard will be your carry hero here with Arthur buffing his crits up. Mehira will draw a ton of health and energy during the battle and pop her ultimate a lot of times while Lucius keeps shielding and Rosalina make the whole team cycle through ults really fast (depends what hero has the highest rating).

Very Strong PvE Teams (F2P Friendly)

Now we get to the teams that you can build as a F2P

This team uses Eironn to pull the enemy heroes together and get them into Safiyas burst that can eliminate all of them and debuffs them heavily. Rowan will help to keep your team alive with his potions that also work when he’s down and Lyca buffs your team while Tasi works great for crowd control in this lineup.

You probably heard of this team setup here called “Thoran Cheese” and it also uses Eironn to pull and group up enemies but unlike the above setup using Thoran so they will go into his Retaliation skill and get massive return damage and can be wiped out really fast.

This is also a popular team setup that is designed to get the most damage out of Gwyneth. Arthur buffs her stats, Rowan buffing the team and keeping alive while Rosalina will keep Gwyneth cycling through her ultimate as often as possible. Talene is a good choice if you get her to Mythic (possible as F2P with focusing on Stargazer for some time getting only her). Alternatively you can run Estrilda or Hendrik instead of Talene for the full team buff and pushing enemies away.

Main PvE Teams (F2P)

Here are the best teams that most F2P players have success with and you can run them until the very last chapters of the campaign map, the last ones will get squishy with a lot of RNG but possible to beat.

This team lineup combines grouping enemy heroes with Eironn and a huge damage blast from Belinda. Take care that Rosalina follows Belinda in your setup or it won’t work! Rowan will keep your team alive and buff and Lyca will also give a very solid buff. Fast and clean killing without relying on long battles.

This setup gained a lot of momentum with the Elder Tree stacking and you need Lyca’s Signature Item to deal the damage in this lineup, with Ferael keeping enemies from building energy and crowd control by Rowan and Tasi. Eironn also deals a huge part of the damage here but this setup can lead to timeout against compositions that have a long-lasting setup with healing and shielding.

The most classic F2P lineup here with Lucius shielding and Ferael keeping the enemies from building energy. Rowan keeps the team alive and buffs and Arthur gets the most additional buffing done for Gwyneth who deals the main damage. Solid lineup, but without Rosaline it sometimes just misses that big hammering burst damage from double ultimate of Gwyneth.

Teams Until Chapter 30

These teams here are standard teams for the mid-game but won’t really work higher than Chapter 30

Lucius does the shield and Rowan the healing while Fawkes take out one of the enemy heroes and helps breaking through a shield when you face a lineup with another Lucius. Ferael helps keeping the enemy energy level lower and when Shemira uses her ultimate you normally get the enemy team down. Problem with this lineup is that higher Chapter 30 Shemira will just not deal enough damage anymore to get the enemies down.

This lineup here works as well really well with Rosalina getting Belinda to use her ultimate twice for a high burst damage while Fawkes take out one enemy and Lucius keeps a shield on your team and Rowan supports with potions and buffing.

Best PvP Teams

I always update this list based on the recent Legend’s Champion Season by usage and win rate of the teams.

Super viable team with Talene that can’t die and keeps getting stronger and healing all the time. Orthros can take out several enemies and reduce their haste while using his freezing effect. Athalia can easily snipe out one enemy while Farael does reduce the enemy energy generation and Nara will also snipe another backline here.

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Switch Orthros with Thoran
  • Switch Talene with Wu Kong

This is the other meta PvP team relying on Ezizh in combination with the Twins and Rowan to cycle his silencing all the time and shut down the enemy team all the time so they can’t use their ultimates.

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Switch Lucius with Talene
  • Switch Wu Kong with Mehira, Khazard, Fawkes, Rosalina or Tasi

This setup relies on Eironn pulling enemies together into Safiyas burst to take them all out at once while Tasi uses crowd control and Layca buffing everyone. Nemora can be really important for the passive healing and might even get her ultimate healing through. Big bang burst can be really effective in PvP as well.

This is also a hit-and-run team setup for PvP with Eironn dragging enemy heroes together and Lorsan with Lyca buffing a lot on Gwyneth with the connection and raw stat buff so she can take out most of them at once. Zolrath can be really annoying for the enemy when resetting the battle completely unless the enemy team takes him out fast, which is really hard. oftent times they need to fight that setup more than once and fail.

Best Faction Tower Setups

The Faction Tower requires you to build and use setups with one faction only, which can be tricky. These setups here worked best for most players and you can use mercenaries well here to get strong heroes that you haven’t ascended much so far.

Lightbearer Tower

This team makes most sense with Lucius as the tank with providing shield, Rowan hitting up healing and the energy boost from his Signature Item. Fawkes takes out one enemy and makes sure to remove enemy buffs and Rosalina and Belinda will do the double-burst damage that normally win the fight when they get through with it.

Mauler Tower

Brutus with his last stance ability is one of your tanks and makes sure to survive and also takes out summoned things with lower hitpoints. Safiya will make sure to get a high burst on the enemy teams and Skreg can make a nice secondary tank with his knockback. For damage you can choose whatever Maulers you have, I personally like Skriath for his sandstorm and Khasos/Vurk for nice damage output from the back

Wilders Tower

Tasi is mandatory for crowd control, otherwise you can get smacked really hard by some setups. Eironn is a nice damage dealer and drags enemies together and you can either take Nemora for healing or Lyca for the buffs. With Wilders you have a little problems getting solid tanks so use the ones you have ascended the most. Seirus and Ulmus are my choices but Grovo can also work.

Graveborn Tower

Thoran and Grezhul should be your tanks in the first line and Shemira will be the hero that deals the damage and needs to get her ultimate off in the Graveborn Tower. Best choice now is using Ferael to reduce enemy energy generation and Nara as she can snipe a backline here.

Best Guild Hunting Teams *UPDATED*

Standard Wrizz Team

The best lineup that most people run now is around Saurus who will deal insane damage to Wrizz along with Rosalina and Twins buffing constantly. Belinda deals also great damage and you shouldn’t have problems dealing with Wrizz special abilities here. This team will get you the highest damage output, even if you don’t have all of the ascended.

Possible Alternatives here:

  • the only mandatory heroes are Saurus and Twins
  • replace heroes with Rowan and/or Warek if you don’t have them or they are at a low ascension level

Standard Soren Team

Warek will be the bread and butter hero here that will keep Soren from striking your whole team and Talene will deal nice damage and heals up here and there. Saurus is a great damage dealer and the Twins will constantly buff your team and Baden summons his phantoms that stack up. The best team out there and with alternatives for Talene also viable for every player.

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Warek is mandatory
  • you can replace Talene/Baden with Rosalina, Rowan, Cecilia or Lorasan

Best Twisted Realm Boss Teams


You want Talene to deal the most damage to be the first hero that Kane kills straight (she can re-vive anyway) and then Belinda with Rosalina have plenty of time to deal massive damage, buffed by Rowan and the Twins.

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Wu Kong for Talene (Kane only kills 1 copy)
  • Shemira instead of Talene, so either Belinda or Shemira will survive the first kill

Demonic Entity

Shemira is vital here and with Rosalina following her the mandatory setup. Rowan will heal some and buff and the twins also do their job. Estrilda as tank is also working well here because she also deals some nice damage and makes the faction buff complete.

The Unhinged

Baden works great here because his shadows are very likely to catch the lightning strikes while Shemira’s silence really keeps damage off your team. Rowan can interrupt abilities and should be in front line.

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Belinda instead of Baden for higher damage output (but less viability)

Ice Shemira

Ezizh will suppress Ice Shemiras ability while the Twins can dispell her debuff. Talene can be the main damage dealer here while Rosaline and Twins keep Ezizh ult rolling

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Shemira/Belinda instead of Talene
  • Solisa/Skriath instead of Ezizh

Burning Brute

Talene can dive under the dome and deal full damage all the time while Ezizh is able to deflect the ability while Rowan Twins and Rosaline keep them rolling

Possible Alternatives here:

  • Cecilia instead of Talene
  • Wu Kong instead of Talene


So, this is my personal best team builds that I’ve tested for a long time and saw the best results with – I know that most heroes are not that easy to get but if you focus on them they will bring you a lot of joy in the future 🙂


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  1. You know what would be useful, a date in the article saying when it was created or last updated.
    Is this information still up to date ?

  2. Hey can you help me with my lineup?
    i got some elites like Baden, Shemira, Tasi, Hogan, Antandra, Gorvo, Cecilia,Tidus, Hendrik, Rosaline, Nara, Niru, Golus

    • Shemira and Tasi are rellay helpful so work on them. Shemira with Lab runs in the Lan Store is doable. Hogane and Hendrick are okayish as tanks early so take hogan to legendary+ and food him to lucius (who you should get through events and so on as early as possible). Baden is useful for boss fights and guild hunt later but no priority early game. Rosaline is useful so work on her as well, she can work really well with Shemira. The other heroes you mentioned should not play a role early in the game for you. But check my tier list to see what heroes are worth using 😊

  3. For the Brutus Tasi Lyca adren and Nemora team did you keep them all the same level while leveling them up or did you put more levels into one of them ? I figured you would level Brutus the most caz he would be doing a majority of ur dps

    • If you’re early in the game (lower Level 160) that’s right. At that point you will start doing your heroes with the highest ascension tier into the Resonation Crystal and level them up. Brutus will not be the main carry hero past level 160 but leveling him now isn’t that much of a problem tbh

  4. Hello, what regarding the PVE team that you have in this post, who should I prioritize levelling? Brutus, Nemora, Tasi, Lyca or Arden? Thanks in Advance

    • You might also refer to the current tier list what heroes work well, also later in the game.
      About leveling (not ascending) is to take the heroes with your highest ascension level and put them in the Resonation Crystal so all your heroes have the highest level possible. Then you put all your EXp into those 5 heroes, no other heroes. This is the fastest way to get all your heroes to the highest level simultaneously. There’s no difference if you level up a hero manually with EXp or have him/her in the Resonation Crystal 🙂

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