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How To Always Have Full Friends List (With Active People)

Having friends is important, in real-life as well as in AFK Arena. In this guide we talk primarily about friends in AFK Arena, specifically about how you can always have a full friend list, why you should have that and how to maintain a list of 30 active friends without searching around for hours.

Full & Active Friend List – The Struggle

Having the 30 friends in AFK Arena is important because you can donate each one a heart every day and also get one – this will give you up to 3 additional friend summons in the tavern.

afk arena friends guide

So, although the friend summons has a lot lower chances to get you an epic summon it’s additional free summon for fooder heroes or at least some Barrack Tokens that you can also use later to get an epic hero.

Bottom line it’s important and there’s no reason to discuss that.

afk arena friends listThe problem is – you probably won’t know 30 people that play AFK Arena, right? You might maybe not know more than a handful. And also some of them started playing once but quit and can’t donate you the summon points on a daily base.

I have found a strategy that will keep your friend list full of people that are online every day and that you can adapt easily – and it doesn’t even require searching around online in forums or on Reddit to eventually find people you an add.

How To Fill Your Friend List (Without Forums, Reddit, etc.)

The biggest struggles when searching online sources are in general that a lot of people posted their ID there months ago and they very likely have quit playing AFK Arena – this discounts them as potential friends for you because you search for those that are online every day.

You probably spend hours to copy their ID’s to only see 2-3 of them being still active – and with them having posted their ID online it’s also likely that their friend’s list is filled and you can’t send them a request…

The Solution -> Unlimited Friends

I started looking around in the game where I can find other players that are active and there are several spots where you can start.

find friends in other guilde afk arenaOther Guilds

Always look out in your guild to have the active players in there on your friend list as well – especially if you need a lot more friends it’s a nice place to start off and will help for sure.

You can also go into the guide search (when you select your guild ground and go to “manage guide” you can search guilds).

Here you can actually take a peek at every guild there and you see the players in each guild with when they have been online the last time.

Simply bomb as many of the ones that have been active in the last 24 hours a request and your list should fill quite fast ????

find friends in arena record afk arenaArena Log

Even better is the Record in Arena of Heroes – this will show you people that attacked you in the past time – and this indicates activity, right?

The cool thing here is that you can simply tap their icon and go to the player info tab and you see the “Add Friend” button.

You can use that on a few every day until you have your list filled.

Cleankeeping Your Friends List

So, finding active friends is one thing – but it’s also very likely that some of them will stop playing AFK Arena in the future so you see some of them having not been online for 7 days (maybe even longer, AFK Arena doesn’t record longer than 7 days).

If you see that it’s very unlikely that they will return soon so remove them from your friend list and use the above technique to fill back with active players.

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