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  • afk arena soren guide and best team
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    Guide For Soren & Best Heroes To Use

    Soren is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting. I know that many people have problems with their performance against him and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Soren – especially since there are fewer attacks you can do against him […] More

  • afk arena abyssal expedition guide
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    Abyssal Expedition Guide

    I know that there are multiple guides out there for Abyssal Expedition, some really in-depth while others are super general so it’s hard to really take out anything. What I wanted to do is writing you guys a guide that will help you in your next Abyssal Expedition with team and path recommendations and other […] More

  • best teams in afk arena
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    The Best Teams In AFK Arena

    In this guide here I want to show you several team builds in AFK Arena that work really well and will give you an additional boost. I know that you likely don’t have all the heroes but you can also use this as a strategy to plan which heroes you’re going to level up and […] More

  • afk arena furniture tier list guide
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    AFK Arena Furniture Tier & Priority List (Oak Inn)

    The Oak Inn offers a way to give your heroes additional individual bonuses that you can unlock via furniture. Mythic furniture for individual heroes can unlock special abilities that can be either really helpful or not that helpful. In this guide, I want to give you some tips how you can handle your furniture well […] More

  • afk arena store buying guide
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    Store Buying Guide – What You MUST Buy First

    The store in AFK Arena offers different things and it will become, long-term, a very reliable source to boost your progress in AFK Arena. With that being said, you need to have a good strategy and priority what you buy in the store that will work along your progress. I have written this guide to […] More

  • afk arena wrizz guide and best team
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    Guide For Wrizz & Best Heroes To Use

    Wrizz is a special enemy that you will fight on a daily base in Guild Hunting but also in the Arcane Labyrinth in the 3rd floor if you choose Hard Mode. I know that many people struggle and ask how to get a better setup for a higher damage output against Wrizz so I decided […] More

  • afk arena all heroes counter list
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    Hero Weakness & Counter Guide

    How often does it happen that you’re facing a battle where one single enemy hero seems to give you the trouble? Probably a lot, especially at the earlier stages of AFK Arena where it’s hard to keep track of all the 100+ different heroes and know what their ultimates do. For that reason, I started […] More

  • afk arena faction guide
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    AFK Arena Faction Priority & Hero Priority

    Let’s talk about factions in AFK Arena, specifically what factions to choose. To put it straight, what faction you should prioritize at what stage in the game and how your hero priority for each faction should look like. To get more details about the hero ascension priority, check out my guide about ascending here. Factions […] More

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