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Best Tanks In AFK Arena

Do you struggle which tank hero you should focus on in AFK Arena? There are several options and I wanted to give you a solid overview so you can see which tank is worth investing or ascending – and which one might not be a great fit.

Let’s go 🙂

Why Using A Tank

There are several approaches, also depending what stage in AFK Arena you are.

In the ealry stages (Lower Level 160) you can just put all EXP into one hero like Saveas that will carry you through the first stages easily. You will not have to use a tank here because your carrier hero will take down the whole other team.

In Level 160-220 you will see that enemy teams get a lot harder and also the EXP you need to level up a hero will rise a lot – bottom line, you’re not able to level one hero exclusively that will carry you through everything. This is the point where team balance will catch up and this is also the point where you will need to start using a tank.

So, even if you don’t need a tank right now… you will need one later, that much can every other player tell you 🙂

Best Tanks In AFK Arena

This is going to be a list of tanks that you will use mid-endgame in AFK Arena – in early game you will simply have your most-overleveled hero in the front line and just keep him do the job.

Now we come to the tanks that you actually need for tanking.


In most lists referred to as the #1 tank in AFK Arena, but in my opinion there’s a thing when talking about him as a tank.

Lucius is, without any doubt, one of the strongest heroes in AFK Arena and the reason for that is his incredible strong shielding and how great he improves your whole teams’ survivability. Especially mid-game you will find, unless you have him ascended, that he will die off real quick and often times can’t even use his shield ultimate when facing a team with a high burst damage.

So, using him in your team is extremely great but he is not the main tank unless he’s ascended well enough.


Brutus is really interesting and he is, from his stas, less a main tank as he deals more damage and hasn’t the highest def rating.

Still, he’s a great tank for the simple reason that he will survive a first fatal blast and shields himself and heals himself up again while dealing a nice amount of damage. I really like him because there’s not much counter to that and against teams that use high burst damage you will be sure that Brutus will stand long enough for your other heroes to fill energy.

If you use a setup with two tanks you really want to have Brutus in that setup, but be careful when using him as your only tank – when his shield is down he won’t make it long against a full team tanking.


You might find him in various top lists but for me, Grezhul will be more like a niche tank. Don’t get me wrong, he can do the tank job for sure but his durability is not the greatest.

In my opinion, he shines most when he can make real use of his summoned skeletons that can prevent AoE damage hitting your whole team and distract casters.

Still, if you can get him ascended you will have a great time with him, especially when you have a team that can stay alive without a full tank some time and has heroes with Life Leech and healing)


If you’re not end-game, don’t bother much about Skreg. If you’re about to head that Level 220+ range with your team you have to bother about Skreg.

He is insane as a tank and in my opinion one of the best choices you have end-game in AFK Arena.

He is durable and with his ultimate he can simply take out enemy heroes by the blink of an eye. However, most of you reading this article here won#t be that far but keep in mind when having the option for an epic Skreg copy that you will be really happy about him later in the game 🙂


With this hero you can really start a fight in a room full of AFK Arena players 😀 I personally still don’t know where to put Thoran actually.

He is tagged as tank but isn’t that durable to be actually a tank. Still, when he recharges and appears again he can, with the right timing, just take out an entire team.

I find him interesting for PvP like the arena in a defense lineup to catch attackers off guard but as a classical tank that should keep the rest of your team save he isn’t working that well, to be honest.

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